The daily life of middle-aged couples

   Throughout the whole day of Qixi Festival , I was stimulated by the various shows of affection from my colleagues and friends. Early in the morning, my colleague, Sister Li, posted a screenshot on the WeChat Moments: a transfer of 1,314 yuan was a red envelope of love sent to her by her husband. At noon, her best friend Manman posted a photo of her carrying a brand-name bag, with a line of text: “Thank you, husband, cure all diseases.” In the evening, Jia Wen, a college classmate, posted a set of nine-square photos of a five-star hotel. The luxurious buffet, Jia Wen and her husband put their heads on their heads, smiled sweetly, and made a heart gesture to the camera.
   Looking at these photos, I couldn’t help turning my head and glanced at my husband Li Dabao, who was reclining on the sofa. He was holding his mobile phone and swiping videos at this time, and he didn’t know what funny scenes he saw. Suddenly, he opened his mouth wide and became silly alone.
   I turned my head to look at the table again, and there were a lot of dirty dishes and dishes waiting for me to wash. I couldn’t help but get angry and yelled at him: “Li Dabao, you are too much!” My sudden roar startled him, and he said inexplicably: “How did I provoke you to mess with you?” I Sneer: “You didn’t provoke me, because you don’t have me in your heart now.” Before he could speak, I slammed the phone in front of him.
   He picked up the phone and looked at it carefully for a long time. His expression was puzzled, then embarrassed, and finally turned back to calm and composed, and said, “Isn’t it the Qixi Festival, why do so many things? If you want me to say that they are hypocritical, they are looking for trouble!”
   He The disapproval tone made me angry enough. I pointed at him and said, “You don’t take your wife to heart, and you want to slander others. You’re outrageous.”
   Hearing me stammered with anger, Li Dabao realized the seriousness of the problem. Li muttered, “Isn’t it just a red envelope!”
   After I heard a “ding”, I glanced at my phone, and he sent me a red envelope of 520 yuan. I curled my lips, shouldn’t Qixi Festival send 777 yuan? Think again, forget it, it’s better to send it than not to send it, let’s take it first and then talk about it.
   After receiving the red envelopes, I angrily went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, feeling aggrieved while doing the washing. Having been married to Li Dabao for many years, I feel that he takes me less and less seriously. He never remembers romantic days such as “5.20” and Qixi Festival, let alone flowers, gifts and red envelopes.
   In fact, when he was young, he was quite romantic. In order to make me happy, he would rather save the money early to buy flowers for me. However, after more than ten years of marriage, these bridges are all over the province. Occasionally, I was in a bad mood to mention it, and he said, “I’m an old man and an old wife, what are you doing with those bells and whistles?” Sometimes I think about it, the stalk of the middle-aged couple’s current situation, “the toilet is not closed, the clothes are changed, and the fart please smell”, it really vividly tells the real world of the couple.    2
A few days later, when I got home from work, I suddenly saw a half-human-high machine in the corner of the wall.
“What is this?” I asked Li Dabao angrily, “What are you spending money on?”
   “What is spending money.” He gave me a look, then picked up the machine proudly and showed me, “Washing mop How about the all-in-one ground machine, is it great?”
   My anger immediately came up: “It cost a lot of money again?” Li Dabao had a calm expression on his face: “It’s only four or five thousand yuan.”” Four or five thousand yuan?” I widened my eyes and stared at him angrily, “Are you panicking with money? Four or five thousand yuan is enough for our family’s food for a month and a half.”
   Li Dabao shook his head: ” You can’t count the account like this, with it, you will be much more relaxed in the future, you don’t have to kneel on the ground to wipe the floor every time…” I didn’t appreciate it: “Thank you, I’d rather kneel on the ground and wipe the floor than waste this money. “Li Dabao looked at me in disbelief: “Last time, who said that cleaning the floor will kill you, and you can’t even straighten your waist.” I raised my head: “I said that, so what, then I I didn’t let you spend money indiscriminately.” Li Dabao could only shake his head desperately: “It’s unreasonable!”
   When I was still feeling distressed about these four or five thousand yuan, when I was resting at home on the next Saturday, another courier arrived. When I saw the words on the big cardboard box, my anger rose again: “Smart cooking machine? Li Dabao, you can really toss. The two or three thousand yuan frying pan at home is well used, why did you buy this again? Li Dabao shook his head: “Don’t criticize if you don’t understand, okay? This pot is simple and easy to cook. You don’t need to worry about putting the dishes and seasonings in it, and you don’t have to worry about oil splashing, which saves you the trouble of cleaning the stove. Free your hands.” I covered my chest in anger, this man is getting less and less able to live, who doesn’t use the gas stove when cooking? Does this dish taste delicious without frying it?
   For this, Li Dabao and I got into a cold war. All day, I sat at ease on the sofa in the living room watching TV, and watched him busy with his work, mopping the floor with the mopping machine, and cooking with the food processor.
   It wasn’t until dinner time that I took a seat at the table leisurely. Although Li Dabao also had a stern face, he still pushed the dish in front of me. The implication was obvious: “Do you taste the taste of this dish?” I pretended not to see his facial expression, I took a chopstick of braised water bean curd in oil and slowly put it into my mouth. Not to mention, it tasted really good, not at all worse than I usually do, and it seemed to be slightly better. I didn’t say it, but the speed of picking vegetables in my hands was significantly faster. Li Dabao glanced at me, and there was a sly smile in his eyes.
   For a few days, I lived a life of wearing clothes to stretch out my hands, and meals to open my mouth. I was so happy. Without comparison, there is no harm. I suddenly realized that I had really worked too hard before. Now I’m a lot more at ease, and I can finally do the things I always wanted to do but didn’t have time to do: read books, practice yoga, and chat with my girlfriends on the phone.
   One weekend, after lunch, I was opening a newly bought novel when Li Dabao suddenly shouted that he wanted to dye his hair and asked me to help him. I felt strange: “Why did you suddenly remember to dye your hair, is there something going on outside?” He glared at me: “Next week is our university class reunion, I have to pay attention to my appearance.”
   When Li Dabao said this, he draped a disposable tablecloth over his body, saying that it was to prevent the hair dye from staining his clothes. He had just smeared the hair dye on his head, but before it was completely wiped off, it was half black and half white, and the whole person’s image was a bit funny. However, I found myself unable to laugh. Li Dabao is old, and I seem to have just realized this. His hair had been graying four or five years ago, first a little, then more and more. Later, in order to cover up the gray hair, he always shaved his hair very short so that he couldn’t see it. Li Dabao also bought hair dye before, but I do not recommend him to use it, because he is afraid that the hair dye will affect his health. At that time, I used to tease him: “You don’t need to dye, and I don’t despise you.” And Li Dabao always replied to me: “Then don’t lose weight, and I don’t despise you either.”
   After middle age, I can’t stop it . The ground has grown fat, although it is not a big belly and a sturdy waist, but compared to the youthful beauty and slenderness, it is really a sky and an underground. For this reason, I often cry about losing weight.
   Li Dabao wouldn’t let me lose weight, he said it was terrifying to see the women around him who lost weight. They don’t eat any staple food and worry about gaining weight easily. But as the saying goes: “Man is iron, and rice is steel. If you don’t eat a meal, you will be hungry.” Wouldn’t it be too pitiful to not be able to eat enough? In order to lose weight, some people desperately eat high-protein foods, and they end up with high blood lipids. “To lose weight, even ruining your health is not worth it.” Li Dabao kept shaking his head when he said this.
   Li Dabao once said to me seriously: “I don’t want you to be beautiful. As long as you are healthy, I like it even if you are a little fat.” At that time, I always felt that he did not understand women’s hearts, and sometimes he would eat quietly without telling him. Order meal replacements. However, when I saw his white hair, I realized that this was the most beautiful love story Li Dabao ever said to me, just like I told him that I didn’t dislike his white hair.
   When we were young, we always cared about those external things, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, and romantic. But after entering marriage and living together day and night for many years, how can there be so much mystery and romance, living down-to-earth life is our middle-aged daily life.
   Red envelopes and luxury goods are not necessities. The sentence “I don’t dislike your old age, you don’t dislike me for being fat” is the most reassuring. Because it means that no matter what kind of environment you are in, the person around you will always be there for you. Think about it, such a middle-aged couple is actually quite good.