Olympic Witnessed Love

   At the age of 35, Samaranch became a celebrity in Spain for leading the roller skating team to the World Championship and for his outstanding performance in organizing the 2nd Mediterranean Games in Barcelona. An IOC member excitedly said: “I found a rare new star, he should enter the IOC.”
   Samaranch only had a soft spot for sports until a friend introduced him to Maria. Maria is tall and beautiful, proficient in many languages, can play the piano well, and likes photography and art. Samaranch fell in love with the 23-year-old Maria at first sight. And his name, Maria has long been heard. During the conversation, she appreciated his humor, eloquence and wisdom. They had dinner together, and when they said goodbye, he sent an invitation: “There is a roller hockey game tomorrow, shall we go to watch it together?” The
   relationship began, and half a year later, they held a wedding. Maria was wearing a white wedding dress and Samaranch was wearing a black dress. On that day, they promised to love each other until they died.
  At the critical moment, he only had her in his mind.
   “Sports are part of Samaranch, and sometimes he is in it for 7 days. I married him and knew exactly what I should do as a wife of a sports fan.” Maranci continued to work hard for sports, leading the Spanish team to international competitions. And Maria silently took care of him and supported him. Samaranch loves to eat finfish and yogurt, two of which have become her best cooking skills.
   Traveling around the world, Samaranch is full of power just thinking about Maria. One time on his way back home, his plane suddenly malfunctioned. In the sound of prayers around, Samaranch quickly took out a pen and paper and hurriedly wrote: “Maria, my dear, I love you! No force is possible. Separate us!” Fortunately, there was no near miss.
   After the birth of two children, the home has become the most nostalgic place for Samaranch. “We had our own well-decorated house that could create a fantastic atmosphere, and it was a fantastic couple of years,” he said.
   In 1966, Samaranch was elected to the International Olympic Committee. However, his journey to the International Olympic Committee was not all smooth sailing. Some people maliciously slandered him, and some accused him for no reason. When thousands of people shouted “Samaranci get out”, Maria was always by his side and spent his life with him. darkest hour. In order to support the sports cause he loves, despite the opposition of his brothers, Samaranch sold his shares in the family business, against his father’s last wish, to invest in the banking industry. The only one who supports him is Maria. On every occasion she should appear, Maria always smiled and behaved appropriately. She conquered opponents with her graceful manner and friendly attitude.
   Her smile was the source of his courage and strength.
   In 1973, Samaranch finally survived the cold winter and served as vice-president of the International Olympic Committee. In 1980, on the eve of the Moscow Olympics, Samaranch was elected president of the International Olympic Committee. When the news came, Maria was very excited: “I feel extremely happy, he has worked hard for several years to achieve this goal. I see his success as a reward for his hard work and sacrifice. I clearly I know this because I accompanied him through it all.” With
   no yachts, no cars, and no private jets, Samaranch lives a simple life in Lausanne, Switzerland, the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. Although he has been flying for most of his life and often absent from family gatherings, he knows that under the leadership of Maria, the “first family of the Olympic Committee” has always supported him behind his back. On his desk sits a card clock inlaid with a picture of Maria, whose smile is the source of his courage and strength.
   Samaranch has been in charge of the International Olympic Committee for 20 years, and the Olympic Games has developed from the embattled to a truly global event. For sports, Samaranch paid all. The only one who owes it is Maria. In 2000, Maria was seriously ill and knew that Samaranch was about to resign. In order not to leave him with regrets, she still supported him to go to Sydney to host the Olympic Games despite her own end of life. However, he missed his final farewell to her. “She is a perfect woman, I not only love her, but also respect her.” At the funeral, Samaranch burst into tears. His hand was always on the position of his heart.
   In 2010, Samaranch died of illness. On the homepage of the IOC official website, a line of words was striking: “Savon dedicated his life to sports”. In the history of the Olympic Games, Samaranch left a deep impression, together with his touching love with Maria.

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