On an ordinary Friday afternoon, Teng Peng sent a message to Bullet and Prodigy, asking if there was anything going on at night. The answer he got was that it was all right, we could meet. Then they asked each other where to go and what to do. Teng Peng said first, and then went to Changjiang No. 5 to drink. Bullet retorted, what’s the point of drinking all day long! What can you see on the Yangtze River at night? Teng Peng reluctantly said that he went to the local restaurant in Jiangbei that he went to last time, and stayed in the mountains for another night. Both Bullet and Prodigy objected, saying it wasn’t worth the distance to run. Teng Peng had to say, should we invite He Jingjing out to dinner, the four of them happened to be playing cards. Bullet said that she was in Japan in the impression. The child prodigy said that even if she was willing to come out, her husband would follow him just like last time, sitting and watching without saying hello, it was so strange. Teng Peng said, forget it, she is not good at playing cards. The child prodigy said that it wasn’t that she was not playing well, but that the bullets would be smashed when they saw her.

They discussed several matters, including going back to school to find Ma Mengxiang for dinner, going to Qinhuai River to take a boat, going to the archery hall opened by Lao Luo’s girlfriend to shoot arrows, and even going to Shanghai to meet with monkeys. In addition, he also talked about about fifteen activities such as climbing the Purple Mountain, watching a play at the Pancake Club, watching a sports car, playing pool, etc., all of which were rejected because they were inconsistent or were absurd. From three to five in the afternoon, the three were still there talking and talking, like teenagers just addicted to social software. The three of them don’t have much family burden. Teng Peng works overtime so often that everything can be said to be working overtime. Bullet is divorced and has no children. The child prodigy’s situation is complicated. On the one hand, his wife is in Canada with her daughter in high school. On the other hand, the wife will make a video call to the child prodigy at 10:00 p.m. Beijing time. Squeeze in front of the camera and say a few words. In any case, it takes half an hour to make a video, which is unstoppable. This is also the reason why it is inconvenient for a prodigy to do certain things even though there is plenty of time at night.

Because the proposal is always rejected by the other person, the three start to attack each other, insulting and humiliating each other. They have always been like this, since they lived in the dormitory, and their friendship has reached a point where nothing will go wrong no matter what they say. Mainly bullets are reprimanding the prodigy, how can you tolerate your wife checking the post every night, not only checking the post, but also video, not only the video, but also up to half an hour. The bullet chattered endlessly, and the prodigy didn’t know if he was angry or it didn’t matter. After a long silence, he finally said: Because of love!

Teng Peng almost laughed, but he controlled it. He has been at the venue since three o’clock, and the group company held a mid-year business work meeting in the lecture hall on the forty-ninth floor. As the general manager of a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise, Teng Peng has both power and is not an unincorporated person, so he does not bear too much pressure. This is also reflected in the seat, where he sits in the second row, but to the side. His chairman sat in the middle of the second row, and in front were many leaders of the group company. Because of his deviation from the center stage, Teng Peng can chat all the time without sitting upright or nodding frequently.

At early five o’clock, the meeting entered the last few links. Two advanced individuals and group stars from the previous year came to the stage to speak. The first one was doing scientific research. He spoke incoherently for a while, then went down in applause, as if nothing had happened. Then came a 30-year-old lesbian, whom Teng Peng knew. I saw her wearing a glossy professional suit and walking towards the microphone with her head held high. From the side, she looked thinner, but she was full of energy and full of fighting spirit. When she was about to walk to the speaking seat, she paused slightly, then fell down and slammed her head on the position where she was supposed to stand.

The venue was in chaos, dozens of people rushed to the stage, and then someone picked up the microphone, please keep quiet, please don’t take pictures, don’t publish any news related to this, and everything will be announced by the group. Then a few colleagues who knew first aid rushed up and started the rescue. The leaders who had gone up earlier formed a circle, but they were very embarrassed. They didn’t know whether to witness the rescue scene or stand with their backs to the scene like bodyguards. In fact, some people looked at the rescue scene, some looked at everyone, and some people kept twisting their bodies to look from both sides. Time seemed to slow down, ticking, and no ambulance or other outside noises broke the silence. After a few minutes, several people stood up slumped, shook their heads at each other, and some burst into tears. Everyone understands that this comrade has passed away. The ambulance still on the way is late!

Teng Peng didn’t move, he didn’t dare to step forward, but there were discussions all around. He sent a message to the bullet and the prodigy, saying, go downstairs at the prodigy’s house at night, you two must come, and I will tell you a big event when you arrive. At the same time that Shindong and Bullet replied to agree, someone announced the meeting. The management and backbone of the entire group were all silent. Some people left silently, as if they had just attended the memorial service. Some people couldn’t bear to leave and stayed in their seats, continuing to wait for the ambulance and the miracle.

When Teng Peng returned to his office on the 29th floor, he turned a blind eye to many subordinates and colleagues he encountered on the way. Everyone knew what happened at the venue and understood Mr. Teng’s performance. Teng Peng pulled out a stack of company letterheads from the bookshelf, brought two black pens, and asked the driver to take him to the “Bottle Restaurant” downstairs from the child prodigy’s house.

After the bullet and the prodigy arrived, Teng Peng responded to the two people’s questions while ordering. Why did he have to come? What is the difference between going here after a long discussion and going home?

After ordering the dishes quickly, after the waiter left, Teng Peng said, the three of us should make a will and be a witness to each other. In the astonishment of the bullet and the prodigy, the prodigy said what happened in the afternoon, took out his mobile phone again, and pulled out some news for them to read, confirming that he was not talking nonsense. There are many photos of the deceased girl, from the news, from the inside of the group, and from herself, all of which are capable of temperament and have an excellent image. There are also a few photos of the scene and the concise exclamations of some colleagues. These photos and words also stimulated the prodigy and bullet. Such a beautiful and promising person will have an accident. Those of us in our 40s and 40s should indeed face some serious problems.

My will is handed over to Bullet, I take photos with Prodigy and keep it, the bullet is given to Prodigy, and the Prodigy is given to me. Write it down. If you can’t write it well, treat it as a draft, and write it here tomorrow. The dishes came one after another, and they were all Teng Peng’s favorites. He didn’t ask more about bullets and prodigies, because they weren’t particular about them anyway. Except for the charcoal grilled steak, the rest of the dishes are all stir-fried dishes with meat and vegetables, which is also the specialty of this restaurant. Teng Peng believes that the best dishes must be a combination of meat and vegetables, with a harmonious balance of yin and yang, and beef is a must-have food after middle age. Bullet discovered the secret of the dishes and said with a smile, why did you order so many dishes today, and they are all your favorites, not the last supper! Teng Peng laughed and said that he was too nervous and scared.

The child prodigy was the first to start writing. The first article he wrote was that after my death, all the properties under my name belonged to my sister Ma Yan, including Building 18, District D, Ziyang Villa, 3-2-1218 of Huayang Home, Room 2803 of Sunshine Jinsui Apartment, and Chuyang New Apartment 7-706, Shop 3-C-208, Changhong Shopping Mall, Fenyang Road… Bullet tilted his head and looked at it and said, “Why do you bird people have a yang character in every property, so you want to strengthen your yang?” Teng Peng also smiled and came over to see it. Prodigy wrote the second article: The beneficiary of the insurance I purchased is my sister Ma Yan, including Ping An Life Insurance and Taikang Life Insurance… Teng Peng suddenly asked, Prodigy, why don’t you give your most important property Siblings and nieces? The child prodigy stopped writing and said nothing. The bullet also shouted, yes, didn’t you just say, because of love! Oh love! The child prodigy still did not speak, and everyone fell into silence.

After a while, the child prodigy asked, “Fuck, are you still writing?”

Teng Peng said with a smile, go on, go on! Bullet was also laughing and said excitedly, Prodigy, you can’t tell, you usually take care of your family the most, and Xiaoyan’s family has helped you a lot, right? Do you leave a little for them?

No, nothing will be left for them. I also have a girlfriend, and I give her savings, stocks, and a car… Teng Peng and Bullet fell into real silence, racking their brains to recall clues about the prodigy’s girlfriend, while trying to restrain their surprise and confusion. The child prodigy looked at the two of them, and pretended to be relaxed and said, don’t be nervous, anyway, I don’t have anything that violated the law and discipline of Teng Peng, you can write it too, don’t stare at me all alone.

Teng Peng cursed and wrote it with the bullet, wanting to write one by one. During a meal, the three of them basically didn’t touch the chopsticks, but they drank a lot of wine. Finally, the three of them started attacking each other again. Unknowingly it was ten o’clock, and Shentong’s phone rang on time, but he drank too much and yelled at the phone, “Fuck, is it necessary to video every day, I’m not answering today!”

The bullet said, “You haven’t picked it up yet, and your younger siblings can’t hear you.”

Teng Peng said, let me pick it up to save them from worrying. Saying that, he took the phone, turned sideways, put the prodigy bullet and himself into the camera, and told Xiaoyan that they were drinking, don’t worry, they drank a little too much, and I will be responsible for sending him home in a while, and the place to eat is upstairs Down. The child prodigy lowered his head and roared a few words in a low voice, then suddenly stood up and shouted to the door, waiter, waiter, pack these dishes for me!

Teng Peng took the time to say to his phone, “We have finished eating too, and several dishes have not been touched. Ma Jun will take it back to eat tomorrow, brother and sister, I won’t say more today, we are responsible for delivering Ma Jun safely home. After hanging up the phone, Teng Peng said with emotion, “Prodigy, you birdman is too tired. The child prodigy said unconvincingly, “Isn’t it tiring for bullets? They have been divorced for a few years, and they still have to leave the savings to He Ling. More than ten million yuan, how can there be such a good ex-husband in the world.” The bullet said, you missed a zero. The child prodigy was half sober, stood up straight and said, “Fuck! Fuck you, where did you get so much money? How can there be so much money! In the future, you will pay for every meal, and you will also pay for tobacco and alcohol, and you will also cover the travel expenses! Let me see again. Teng Peng said coldly, don’t just write numbers when writing money, you should add capital letters, don’t you understand?

Bullet and Prodigy stopped talking, as if they were students who were criticized by their teachers.

The next day, the three people who originally planned to eat at night changed it to noon, because the child prodigy strongly suggested to touch it at noon, and felt a little impatient. Bullet said, are you afraid that your younger brother and sister will call at night? The child prodigy said yes yes, did not want to be interrupted halfway through. After three o’clock, the three exchanged wills according to the plan, and took pictures to keep. When the group broke up, the three of them said goodbye to each other very abnormally. Teng Peng even reached out and shook hands with Bullet Prodigy, which was unprecedented for many years. In the past, when a person was about to leave, he would shout from a distance, “I’m leaving!” Then turned away. I don’t know if they suddenly feel that life and death are unpredictable, or something else.

At the party for the 20th anniversary of graduation, there happened to be three tables of people eating, and there was only one table for each of the three people. They were far apart, and no one wanted to find the other two to say something, and it seemed that the three of them had not seen each other for a long time. contacted. This secret was discovered by Lu Wenjie. He has always wanted to ask Teng Peng for help, but he has been refused, so this time he has been staring at Teng Peng maliciously. After two pots of wine, he suddenly shouted to the group, “Why are Teng Peng Shentong and Dian Dian sitting at a table by themselves? Isn’t it the Iron Triangle, isn’t it Liu Guanzhang, isn’t it Shaolin Sandu, why have they broken up?” ? His tone was ironic and full of concern, and it was unclear whether he was gloating or regretting. Bullet has always hated Lu Wenjie, and responded with a blushing face and a mouthful of alcohol: How can you understand the life of a rich man!