Unicorn dancer

  I want to describe something that never existed, a legendary beast.
  I mean unicorn. Have you seen it? A silent old man suddenly said, “I’ll let you see it!”
  Behind the old man is an ancient village that dates back more than a thousand years.
  Walking into the village, only camphor trees still grow everywhere. There are very few Hakka people living under the camphor tree, and many people have moved out, but this old man is willing to live here, quietly and very stubbornly, sitting at the door of his old house.
  His Hakka dialect is difficult to understand. I know, that’s the purest ancient Chinese pronunciation, but I don’t understand it. His hand gestured in the air, and I finally understood, he meant unicorn.
  Later, I gradually realized that if there is no unicorn, you will never be able to enter a real Hakka village.
  I also slowly learned that as long as you approached this old man, he would yell at you, “I’ll let you see!”
  His ears were almost deaf. He thought that everyone who approached him was inquiring about Qilin. Perhaps, in his eyes, the unicorn is real. It’s not belief, it’s belief. The unicorn is the spiritual totem of the Hakka people. Every road that the Hakka people traveled, it was Qilin who walked out first. In order to escape the endless battles and killings in the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties, the Hakka people, under the guidance of the kylin, traveled all the way from the Yellow River Basin to the land of their destiny, Zhangmutou. Thousands of years of living and working in peace and contentment convinced them that it was the unicorn that brought them peace and happiness, and that wherever the unicorn stepped on, it would be peaceful and auspicious. However, now, suddenly there are too many tempting things, who still has a unicorn in their heart? Seeing that, tying unicorns and dancing unicorns are about to become the old man’s unique craftsmanship. He is old, and he has predicted his own age very accurately, but he can’t find a qilin descendant in this village!
  The old man’s eyes widened: “I’ll let you see!”
  He didn’t stop his hand when he said this. His hands, thin and black, were especially composed and dexterous. The yellow bamboo in my hand, the sunlight swaying from the opposite side, turned into a golden piece in my eyes. This is a magical process. The old man first used yellow bamboo to tie the head of the unicorn. It looks simple, but there are too many details. To draw the bright patterns that the Hakka people like… This process is very cumbersome and very long. Now, apart from this old man, who else would have such patience and spend such energy to do a very tedious and long thing? I looked and thought, my eyes were getting darker and darker, but his eyes were getting brighter. He secretly set up a small organ in the unicorn’s head, and when he touched it lightly, the unicorn’s mouth could be dexterously closed, and the unicorn’s eyes began to turn, and the eyeballs were extremely black. This unicorn is alive at once! I felt the thrill of a thing before it was born, but I didn’t dare to cry out. The old man glanced at me silently, his eyes were bloodshot and looked blood red. With a swipe, he pulled over a red cloth and covered Qilin’s eyes.
  I know this is just the beginning. It took about a month before I saw a full-fleshed unicorn…
  ”I’ll let you see it!”
  Behind the unicorn, I saw the old man, his eyes were no longer blood red, his Tears filled his eyes. That day, the empty yard was crowded with Hakka people returning from all over the place. There are so many people surrounding a unicorn, all admiring it; so many people are waiting for a major event to happen – consecrate the unicorn!
  it’s time. The old man nodded, and more than a dozen Hakka descendants held up the unicorn, which was the grandest ceremony of the Hakka people. They came under an ancient camphor tree pre-selected by the old man, and offered the unicorn and Hakka ancestors’ shrines. At this time, everyone looked at the old man, the old man picked up the wine, a cup to the heaven and earth, a cup to the unicorn, and a cup to everyone. Then, the old man looked at everyone silently. Brush – The old man lifted the red cloth covering the unicorn’s eyes, the gongs and drums rang in an instant, a strange force made my blood boil, I saw the unicorn, and both eyes shot Yiyi clean.
  This unicorn will dance through the old houses of every Hakka family. The old man is also a unicorn dancer. Wherever the unicorn goes, every family sets off firecrackers, and every family goes out to welcome them. At this moment, you see the old man waving the colorful chuan, dancing and singing, you don’t know whether he is a man or a god.
  The place where the unicorn dances is an absolutely holy forbidden area.
  At this time, the night sky was high and clear. Suddenly a black figure broke into the restricted area, holding a tree stick in his hand, imitating the old man’s movements, twisting and singing. When people reacted, they realized that it was a lunatic wandering from nowhere, wearing a scruffy ripped suit and a tie funny. He ignored everyone’s astonishment and just danced and sang by himself. It seems that such a thing has never happened. This is a blasphemy to the Hakka spirits! There were so many people and so many hands, I didn’t see who shot it. The sudden blow made me shudder for a moment. He fell to the hard ground and his crazy dance suddenly ended. But soon, he actually got up again, singing and dancing. In addition to madness, there is blood in his dance. There is blood in his singing. The moonlight illuminated the scene just now. This time, his movements were more violent. His thin body was lifted upside down and thrown to a far away place. With a “boom”, it was a headbutt to the ground. sound. He…wouldn’t…die? My heart was sinking…
  At this moment, I saw that the old man’s eyes became blood red again, and for the first time his eyes left the unicorn he had been looking at reverently, and turned to the madman. He looked at this lunatic who didn’t know where he came from in silence. My eyes were fixed on the old man’s hand, and I saw him slowly reaching out to the lunatic lying on the ground. I felt the power of this hand, that madman was pulled up by him, I felt myself being pulled up by him, my sinking heart was saved in time by this hand.
  Later, the old man took in this lunatic and became his own closed disciple. I used to go there to watch old people teach crazy craftsmanship. Speaking of this apprentice, the old man was very happy: “Don’t look at him as a lunatic, he can use his heart, you don’t need to teach many things, he will understand after seeing it, his heart is bright!” The old man has already laughed. Can’t close my mouth.
  This is the kind of truth I want to describe, that the legendary unicorn is nothing but a Hakka old man. I also really felt the existence of this Hakka village. The unicorn is the soul of the Hakka people, and the unicorn dance is the dance of the Hakka people’s soul. – Her soul is still there.

  It is said that one person needs to mobilize more than thirty facial muscles to smile sincerely at another person; one person must have the courage to say “I love you” to another person, and at least consume the calories that three apples can provide; And when a person decides to meet another person and grow old with him, it will take about twenty years to wait, and it will take sixty or seventy years to complete it.
  It is said that the salt contained in the sweat and tears of a person’s life is enough to cook dozens of dishes for relatives and friends; the road a person with healthy legs and feet has to walk in his life can add up to more than 70 times around the earth’s equator; This vast world has a 1 in 10,000,000 chance of meeting another person, about a 1 in 200,000,000 chance of being a friend, and a 1 in 5,000,000,000 chance of being a lifelong partner. …
  If we see many seemingly mundane things as hard-earned, we will cherish them even more.