problems and life

   Often faced with endless problems, young people feel very annoyed and do not know how to deal with them. I heard that in the camel team of merchants passing by, there was a respected old man who was good at giving advice and hurried to ask for advice: “My life is always unsatisfactory, and I am exhausted by torture every day. Can you tell me how to deal with it?” The
   old man smiled and said. “It’s not difficult, I’ll let you know the exact answer tomorrow morning, but now I need your help.” The young man was overjoyed, and repeatedly agreed: “Don’t worry, I will do my best.” The old man said, “Here There are a hundred camels, please take care of them tonight, put them all down, and you can go to sleep.” “It’s not difficult, I will be able to do it well, please rest assured.” The old man shook his head and said nothing.
   Early the next morning, seeing the tired look on the young man’s face, the old man asked, “How is it? Did you sleep for a while last night?” The young man responded miserably: “Forget it, take a nap. children have no time to get on the ground with great difficulty make this side of the camel, there’s stood up, and repeatedly do not know how many times, or standing tummy has simply no way. “.
   the old man said: “I know what will happen. Some camels will automatically lie down at night, some need to be forced to lie down, and some will not lie down even if forced.” The young man nodded repeatedly: “Yes, it is true. The
   old man said: “The same is true of problems in life. Some can be solved by themselves, some can be solved with effort, and some are difficult to solve even with hard work. Moreover, no matter what kind of problems will recur, they will never be solved once and for all. A method that can solve all problems. Problems and difficulties are an integral part of life, sometimes more and sometimes less, but never without. The duty of being a human being is to face up to problems and solve them, and this is the life process itself.” The young man nodded frequently and left contentedly.

   At the rear of the sentry box, there is an open field, empty. If you are lazy and save your steps, you are unwilling to park your car in the designated parking space, and you can save a long way by drilling into the open space. The property owner has a lot of headaches: the unit is loading and unloading trucks, just borrowing this open space to load and unload goods; the family of stray dogs, for a comfortable dream, always come to visit in the afternoon. Whether it is public or private, Lao Wang does not intend to compromise.
   The verbal greeting didn’t work, so Lao Wang decided to put up a slogan:
   “Don’t park your car!”
   This is the tone of the well water does not violate the river water. However, with little success.
   Lao Wang thought about it for a while, and then typed out the slogan again:
   “Stop here, you will be at your own risk!”
   Not everyone will consciously accept all the bluffs of intimidation.
   Lao Wang adjusted the slogan again:
   “Too much bird droppings, be careful with your car!”
   It turned out that the sentry box was backed by an acacia tree with a canopy like a cover. Only then did everyone clear their confusion: In that open field, there is no paper and no scraps, what exactly is Lao Wang cleaning every morning and evening?
   Too much bird droppings, be careful with your car, this is different! Listen, this is a kind reminder from a friend. What I care about is no longer whether it is appropriate to park here, but how worried I am that your car has been parked like this all day, how should you take care of your car!
   Such a good talk, who can’t listen to it! Pharaoh’s sentry box, under the acacia tree, the open field has been empty all the time.
   Slogans can be seen everywhere, about big things and small matters, or about dealing with people, the tone is that there is truth first, there are long-standing advice, every word is bitter, every sentence is heartfelt, if you don’t believe it, just ignore it.
   But this slogan, how can the speaker be attentive and the listener be attentive? If you are full of emotion, like an old friend’s advice, you will never get tired of listening to this sentence or that sentence.

   Whether the clothes fit or the shoes fit the feet can’t be imagined, only when you wear them will you know. So, without exception, the store that sells clothes and shoes only lets you try it out with confidence, whether you buy it or not is another story.
   Allergic skin, I do not know whether a certain brand of cosmetics is suitable for me. It doesn’t matter, try it first, then decide.
   Snack street, cake shop, fruit stand, you are invited to try it everywhere. Food has color and fragrance, one-third of it is color and fragrance, and seven-pointed is all about taste. Right or not, you can only taste it. The owner is undoubtedly confident, some people reject it, and more people like it. If you try it, you may lose some diners, and you will usher in a large wave of “foodies”.
   A new book, let you try it out before meeting you. Try reading one or two, as if the greetings are over, and when you hold the book, it is the time for deep discussion. Of course, a book that only needs to be read is a trial reading, and there will be no text.
   It is not difficult to find that life always encourages people to try.
   Toys, come and try it out; cars, you can make an appointment for a test drive; hotels on the way, you are welcome to test live; new subway lines, you are invited to test rides; Mingqian new tea, please try a cup first; jewelry, but also persuade you to choose from left to right , try them on one by one; there is also AR virtual, technology fitting, makeup, fitting… Trial and error, no longer expensive.
   Courage to try is not exclusive to adventurism, but to persuade with good words for life. The predecessors said earlier: a life of trial and error is more glorious and meaningful than a life of doing nothing. There is no way, try and try. What was originally hopeless, trying to try often succeeded.
   Try on, try, try… With all kinds of trials, life will naturally pay less for detours.
   However, not everything can be done by trial and error. If you don’t have enough love and time, it’s best not to try raising animals and plants. They are far more “sticky” than imagined. If there is ambiguity, it is best not to break into the marriage hastily. Trial and error, it may not be too late to mend the prison, but the hole in the prison has become a real scar.
   Love the world, please be careful with trial and error.

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