Old man on snowy night

  Snowflakes fell one after another and fell on my face, piercing my skin like needles. This pain tells me that I am still alive in this city.
  Three years, more than 1,000 days and nights, I bid farewell to my parents three times, and went to another country to start my own business in this city. But in the end, the outcome of the three startups was that the original ambition became the only fifteen dollars left in the pocket tonight. I laughed lightly, and simply exchanged the fifteen dollars for three cans of beer, nothing, probably, but that’s it.
  I took out my phone and suddenly felt the urge to talk. But who to call? parents? Absolutely not. friend? How many people can speak the truth? Why don’t you talk about it? Who wants to listen? The night is getting deeper and deeper, and I am alone facing this vast night, with snowflakes flying all over the sky.
  I don’t know when, an old man came on the bench opposite. I was immersed in the three years of starting a business, and I couldn’t tell which was snow and which was tears. The old man has been sitting across from me, occasionally looking at me with his eyes, like greetings, like caring, and it seems that he has no intention of leaving. I gradually became a little curious about this old man. I wonder if it was a coincidence that he sat facing me like this, or if he had other intentions.
  I read the newspaper a few days ago and said that a nearby community has set up an elderly service team, which specializes in providing services to strangers who need help within their ability. Could it be that he is a member of this service team, afraid that I can’t think about it for a while and do something stupid? Or is it because I look like his child, and he once saw his child tearful and bruised in front of life in the middle of the night, and this scene brought back memories in his heart?
  I let my imagination run wild with black humor, hoping for some solace. But in the end, sadness hit me like a snowflake, and the pain of life surrounded me again. Finally, it was dark and it was time to leave. I stood up and walked towards my rental room. Before taking a few steps, I faintly noticed that the old man behind him also stood up. I turned my head, and in a trance, I saw the old man staggering to the bench, bent over, picked up three empty beer cans on the ground, greeted me slightly, and left the park quietly. I stood there in a daze, and suddenly understood, but I couldn’t believe it – this was an old scavenger, who spent the night waiting in the snow in exchange for three soda cans.
  I looked in the direction the old man had gone, and suddenly remembered his stubbornness as he sat on a park bench and let the snow fall. Perhaps, in his life, he had experienced countless nights like this, where snowflakes could fall on his head and pierce his skin, but the heavy snow never buried him.
  The snow was getting tighter. I called my mother and told her that the business did not do well this year, but there was a heavy snowfall in the city where I live. The old people often said that the year of Ruixue is a good year, and next year will definitely be a good year.
  (This article is selected for the 2021 Shaoyang High School Entrance Examination, Hunan Province, and the article is abridged)
  Ye Qi: His works have been published in nearly 100 newspapers and periodicals such as Selected Novels and Beijing Literature, and won the 43rd Hong Kong Youth Literature Award. His works have been selected for the Chinese test papers in various places, and he is the author of a collection of short stories “Old Bottles, New Wine Records”.
  ”Yilin”: Why do you think this article was selected for the reading question of modern Chinese in the senior high school entrance examination?
  Ye Qi: I think the most desirable thing about this article is that it is not deliberate or pretentious. When the mystery is revealed, everything is reasonable, but it is refreshing. This point, middle school students can learn from when writing, we have to lay a foreshadowing in the article, but keep calm, wait for it to accumulate enough power, then uncover it, detonate it, and let it explode enough shock waves and shocks force.
  Yilin: I often read your articles, how do you choose your writing materials?
  Ye Qi: The initial trigger point of many articles is very small, as small as a sentence or an inconspicuous picture. What is loneliness? A netizen said that loneliness is when you eat a bowl of noodles alone, but you don’t dare to wash your eyes, because you take away the noodles as soon as you leave the boss. This sentence touched me so deeply that I wrote a short novel “The Man in the Trash”, which later entered the annual mini-fiction list. Many middle school students feel that their literary thoughts are exhausted. In fact, what we lack is just a heart that is good at understanding and comprehending life.
  Yilin: Do you have any advice for middle school students to read?
  Ye Qi: I think reading for middle school students can be divided into two levels, one is reading literary classics, the other is reading excellent works of peers. Everyone often forgets the friends around you, the same topic, the same level of thinking, how the excellent friends write, where are their own shortcomings, the stones of other mountains can be used to attack jade, and more comparisons will lead to new discoveries. ,promote.

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