When we made an appointment by phone, I heard Master Xue’s strong voice, so he decided to move for us. After seeing a real person, I realized that it is unscientific to hear the sound of a person’s height or strength: Master Xue, who was expected to be 1.8 meters, was only about 1.65 meters, and he was lean. There were only four people in his moving company—his wife, his tall hirelings, and a guy with glasses with white-rimmed prints on his face. Master Xue instructed that heavy things should not be greeted on the boy’s back: “He is my son, and he will be a sophomore after this summer vacation. This is his first time helping me.”
  I laughed and said the heaviest and highest Big cabinets, of course for his tall man to hire. Master Xue hurriedly said: “The tallest wardrobe is going to greet my wife and me on the back. The big one is not as solid as our small one. Also, in an old building like yours, the floor height is tightly stuck at 2.6 meters, and the tall one carries a large cabinet on his back. , you will be stuck on the stairs above, remember!”
  He saw that he was familiar with this line of work, and he was a long and wide cloth tape and a roll of wide tape. As soon as he came in, he tore off the tape and fastened the wardrobe door up and down. On a day of 37 degrees Celsius, sweat immediately poured out, but the person carrying the cabinet must not free his hands to wipe the sweat, because such a heavy and tall solid wood wardrobe finally fits the body in place. , may go wrong. Therefore, Master Xue told his son in advance: “In our line of work, we should pay attention to one go, and no matter how difficult it is, you can’t give up halfway to rest. This is to ensure the safety of the family and the safety of yourself.
  ” It was Master Xue who went downstairs with the solid wood bookcase on his back, and his son went downstairs one step later with the desk on his back. When the father pays attention to his feet and looks up at his son’s every move, he can also open his mouth and give pointers: “I’m about to turn, bend my waist again, and remember to put my hand on the waist and eye; Put the weight on your neck, lower it a little, on the muscle that connects your neck and shoulders, by the way, let’s exhale evenly now, right?”
  When I got downstairs and unloaded the heavy housework, I dared to laugh at him: “Master Xue, you asked a college student to do this, and your wife is willing to do it?” Master Xue flicked his eyebrows: “Why can’t you bear it? I said, come and taste the taste of breaking eight petals with a drop of sweat, work with me for a day, and get a day’s salary like a big man. After 3 days of working, this kid is covered with plaster all over his body, and he can sleep to death without air conditioning. Shen. After working for two weeks, I didn’t cry anymore. I learned to grit my teeth on the shoulders of any weight. He used to be a little puffy, but now he has tendons. This is the man. After 5 years, I haven’t had the strength to stand up.” The
  furniture was moved, and finally the piano was lifted. Master Xue greeted four people to start together, two people on the bottom and two people on the top. Master Xue used a wide cloth belt on his shoulders to hold the pedals of the piano. At the same time, he grabbed the handle on the back of the piano and the bottom of the keyboard. The back of the piano was facing the wall and the keyboard was facing the handrail of the stairs. Master Xue’s son kept beckoning everyone to lift up, saying that the pedals must not bump the stairs. When he got into the car, the young man carefully took out an old cotton tire, shook it out, wrapped the piano, and said that driving should be steady and slow, not to brake suddenly, otherwise the piano will shake back and forth, and the internal parts will be easy damage, the pitch will also be affected.

  In fairy tales, Snow White ate a poisoned apple and was put into a crystal coffin by the dwarfs. Later, I don’t know if it was the prince’s kiss or the coffin was flipped, and the poisoned apple she ate came out of her throat, and Snow White was resurrected. I can’t help thinking: The poisonous queen’s poisonous apple works very quickly, and it becomes poisonous after a bite. Apparently, Snow White didn’t have time to chew it. This kind of poison occurs when it is put into the body, and disappears immediately after leaving the body. It is really a miraculous poison.
  In fairy tales, it is easy to come back from the dead, and the human body is like a container with clear boundaries.
  In “Little Red Riding Hood”, the wolf devoured Little Red Riding Hood and his grandmother, and the hunter cut open the wolf’s belly, and they were able to jump out intact, just as they were before, not even stained with blood or gastric juices. Not only did the wolf not die because of excessive blood loss, but he didn’t even notice it. Little Red Riding Hood and the hunter also stuffed the wolf’s belly with stones and sewed it up so that the wolf would move around before it would be life-threatening. The wolf is like a plush toy, with a zipper on the belly, easy to open and close, no sticky blood, and children can operate.
  It reminds me of an old sketch: the old aunt wanted to invent a machine, drive pigs into the machine, and ham, leather jackets and brushes come out at the other end. If you’re not satisfied with the product, put the ham, leather jacket, and brush back in, and that one can drive out a live pig.
  In “Pinocchio”, it is understandable that Pinocchio was swallowed by a whale. He is made of wood, which is not easy to digest. Unexpectedly, Pinocchio’s father, the old carpenter, was also in the belly of the whale, and the family was reunited like this. Pinocchio happily threw himself into his father’s arms. The father and son started a fire in the whale’s belly. The smoke dispersed. The whale sneezed violently, and the old carpenter and Pinocchio spit out of the whale’s nostrils. Baleen whales have no teeth and can’t chew, and generally swallow them raw. If someone is accidentally eaten together with the fish and shrimp, they have to stay in its big mouth for a while, maybe they will survive.
  There are also indigestible foods in classical Chinese stories. The deepest impression is that in “Journey to the West”, the king of Zhu Ziguo and the empress of Jinsheng Palace were eating rice dumplings and watching the dragon boat on the Dragon Boat Festival in the imperial garden. Suddenly, the monster Sai Taisui came and kidnapped the empress of Jinsheng Palace. From then on, the king couldn’t get sick again, and he sought medical treatment everywhere, but he didn’t get better. It was not until the four monks and apprentices of Tang Dynasty came and recovered by eating “Wujin Dan” made of rhubarb, croton, pot bottom ashes and white dragon horse urine. “When the king swallowed Wujindan, he poured out filthy phlegm and saliva, and there was a lump of glutinous rice in it” – when he dared to eat zongzi, he was frightened and accumulated food, which could exist whole for so long.
  The more magical setting in “Journey to the West” is that Sun Wukong turns into insects and food at every turn, burrows into the monster’s stomach, and then turns the world upside down, subduing the monster and begging for mercy. The most classic scene took place in Lion Camel Ridge, where Sun Wukong was swallowed by the Lion Demon King and made a fuss. The old demon first planned to starve Sun Wukong to death by not eating all the time, but Sun Wukong replied that he had brought his own pot, so he could cook chopped offal, and chose the location – “a good pot on the three-wishbone”. The old demon took medicine, wine and medicine, all of which were drunk by Sun Wukong, and he even started a drunken madness, grabbing the liver flower and hitting the swing. After the farce, no one was damaged, and it was full of carnival feeling.
  This is also a kind of fairy tale. Only in fairy tales can there be lightness that can be turned back.

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