Lilac blossoms

  It had just rained, the alley was quiet, and there was a faint mist in the air. There are a few lilac branches sticking out from the wall of the neighbor’s courtyard. Although the small cross flowers are inconspicuous, they are also full of flowers. The faint purple is dizzy on the branches
  . The lilac haze is ecstatic. Suddenly, a loud voice broke the tranquility of the alley. I closed my eyes and looked at the reputation. The people who spoke were a few migrant workers wearing hard hats. Their faces were dark, their gray work clothes were stained with stains, and their boots were covered with mud. Maybe they just got off work from the construction site at the back of the alley. They were talking and laughing smoking, and the smoke they exhaled was looming.
  The water mist gradually dissipated, and the green leaves behind the lilac branches that had been shadowy became dazzling, and the blue color was dotted among the lavender flowers, complementing each other… I was staring intently, the door was pushed open, and a figure suddenly appeared in front of me.
  ”Take two buckets of instant noodles.” A man wearing a yellow helmet came to the store. As soon as I saw the oil stains on his work clothes, I seemed to see the mud on his boots again, so I wanted to get rid of him quickly, took out two boxes of instant noodles and threw them on the counter.
  But he stopped outside the door for a while before entering the restaurant: “Oh, I’m sorry, my stomach is not good, I can’t eat this spicy food. Is there any stewed chicken with mushrooms? Pork ribs will also work.
  ” Three pick four? I looked at him disdainfully: a medium man, in his mid-forties, with his hard hat off, his unkempt gray hair revealed, his withered face shaggy, and his body exuding an unpleasant odor. I frowned and replaced two buckets of instant noodles from the shelf.
  While thanking the man, he rummaged for coins in his pocket, and said to himself with a face full of guilt: “My son is as old as you, I haven’t gone back to see him for a long time…”
  I took him lazily. The crumpled banknotes handed him over, thinking about how to clean up the ground he had soiled, and he couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted.
  As soon as he turned to leave, I walked out of the counter to look for a mop, but was surprised to find that the floor in the store was as clean as ever, and I was stunned for a moment. He looked up suspiciously: the muddy rain boots were taken off outside the door, the middle-aged man walked to the door with bare feet, stepping on the cold floor tiles, and put on the rain boots and walked straight to the other side of the alley.
  I would rather wrong myself than cause trouble for others. Looking at the back of the lilac tree, which is not tall and straight, and even a little humble, I was deeply shocked!
  Migrant workers, the indispensable builders of this city, have left their hometowns to work hard for the sake of their children and their families. They do dirty and tiring hard work, but they get meager wages; they live in rudimentary work sheds, sometimes sleeping in the open air, and they have to endure misunderstandings and strange eyes from others…
  but they are responsible, responsible, and rough. Their appearance does not affect their excellent qualities such as hard work, kindness, and consideration for others, but I judge people by their appearance and view them from a worldly perspective. I feel ashamed of my attitude just now.
  Outside the store, the migrant worker is like a lilac stained with urban dust, gradually drowning in the formwork and frames of the construction site, but his back is getting taller and taller in my heart, which makes me awestruck.
  After the rain passed, the sun showed a smiling face, and the little lilac flowers looked particularly charming, exuding bursts of fragrance in the sun…

  The wind in late spring is warm. The wind blows, and the branches and leaves grow together with thoughts.
  On that sunny day, she planted a purple hyacinth in my heart.
  She is my friend, her name is Xiaoyu. She doesn’t like to laugh, she often hangs her head, and her eyebrows bangs cover her hanging eyes, revealing only her thin lips and pale, thin chin. What a poor little malnourished!
  I was her only friend in the class. Only I have seen her bright smile – like the sun propped up the gloomy clouds, and the wild flowers of Asakusa hidden there are suddenly clear.
  She is arrogant and arrogant. The fusion of these two contradictory personalities made her extraordinarily withdrawn, so she suffered from indifference and exclusion. The squad leader is an arrogant girl who looks down on her very much, often ostracizing her, and even insulting her. Slowly, everyone alienated her intentionally or unintentionally. There seems to be a barrier between Xiao Yu and her classmates.
  I’m the only slit she can ventilate in the class. But I sealed the seam with my own hands, with her bright and fresh look.
  The early morning sun on Monday was sifted into splintered patches by the leaves. Xiao Yu, who has always had long hair, cut her hair short. She looked at the school gate and hesitated not to go in. I took her arm and walked in, and asked, “Why did you change your hairstyle?”
  She frantically lowered her eyelashes, a deep shadow blocked her eyes, and after a while she whispered, “It’s okay, just… just cut it. Don’t tell anyone else!” I was surprised: my hair is short, anyone with eyes will know it!
  I vaguely agreed.
  During the big class, the crowd is surging. Amidst the tumbling sound, a thunderous explosion sounded: “Xiao Yu has her head shaved!” The sea of ​​people boiled. They were like wolves smelling flesh, pushing and shoving each other, wanting to catch a glimpse, and there was a light in their eyes that I couldn’t understand.
  I finally squeezed into the crowd, Xiaoyu hung her head as always, her little head was like a lamp at night. Without her bangs, her pursed lips and trembling eyelashes were clearly visible on her pale face. The spectators whispered, exclaimed and laughed. In the farthest place, the monitor laughed the most wanton. She pointed to Xiaoyu and said to her followers, “Look at this braised egg, it’s so funny…” On the side, the black wig fell on the light-colored floor tiles, like a strip of dehydration fish.
  I felt a chill in my heart, and I dared not move forward as if roots had grown under my feet. I laughed dryly and ran away in embarrassment.
  Guilt made me unable to face Xiaoyu, so I avoided her until she changed schools; but the image of her curling her fingers and clutching the corners of her clothes was branded in my heart. This kind of shame is like wine, it gets stronger and stronger with time, it is the smell of purple fengxin.
  The cowardly spectator finally made up his mind to send Zi Fengxin’s letterhead to the distance, but suddenly found that the distance was already scattered in the torrent of memory.
  The wind in late spring gave birth to weeds, and the land designated for her was still barren, only the hyacinths watered with bitterness bloomed in the wind. There is also a purple wind letter in my heart – I’m sorry.