Don’t give up life just for survival

  A reader left me a message: There’s been a lot of talk lately about being a fun person. But is fun really that easy? Reading, traveling, learning foreign languages, which one does not require money and time?
  Something similar was said to me by another girl a few months ago. She is still in college. Due to poor family conditions, she started to work part-time as soon as she entered school, and she did not rest during the winter and summer vacations.
  I’ve known her for years, and I’ve watched her triple her part-time salary from freshman to senior year, and she still tells me, “I don’t have time to think about other things, I still have to make money, make more money. To be at ease. The fun life is really good, but it’s too expensive for me to live.” When
  calculating the “price of fun,” I was reminded of what a friend said.
  After this friend succeeded in starting a business, he prepared a small public welfare project on a whim, and held free English training classes in the urban area every weekend. At first it was full of students, but within three months, more than half of the students left. She was in a hurry to get angry, and she found a few friends who were teachers to ask repeatedly: “Is our course design unreasonable? Or is there something wrong with the teacher’s teaching style?”
  A friend replied to her: “It’s not your problem, it’s Regarding the source of students, are the applicants generally not highly educated?” After confirming, she replied a little unhappily: “Isn’t it possible to progress without a high degree? Nowadays, the tuition fees for English training courses in society are often tens of thousands. Originally, I wanted to give these people who can’t afford high tuition a chance to learn new things and let them know that a better life is actually not that difficult and expensive.”
  She thought so until a little girl came to say goodbye to her. : “Sister, I won’t come from next week. Your training class is really good. Although I can’t continue to participate, I hope you can continue to do it.” The girl graduated from junior high school and worked in a local factory. The base salary is very low, and she earns all her money by working overtime. In order to come to class, she has been working overtime on weekends for several consecutive weeks and has been transferred to her colleagues. She said: “I don’t pay for classes, but every time I come, I have to spend tens of yuan, and I can’t earn overtime pay. Workers all say I’m stupid. Can I learn a few words of English for food? ”
  When this friend told me about this, he sighed: “In most cases, people with lower education have fewer choices and pay more attention to their immediate interests. Most of the people around them are people of similar level. Not only will it not help them, but sometimes it will throw cold water on their legs.”
  Becoming a fun person or living a better life is expensive, but it’s not a price tag, and it’s not real. Gold and silver or a lot of free time. Its real price lies in whether you can protect the capacity of your heart under the premise of scarcity of material resources.
  Immediate benefits and long-term progress are often not compatible, and sometimes even more cruel, you can’t be sure at all. In the face of this unknown outcome, whether you are willing to take care of the present or the future is the most important decision. It’s true that you don’t have to quit your job immediately for “interesting” to experience it, but in any case, taking half an hour to read a day is not necessarily a kind of openness. You may not have the money to travel the world, but choosing a different way to go home is not a new experience? You may not be able to spend a fortune to buy a collection of world famous books to keep at home, but it is not impossible to spend a few hours a week visiting the library.
  You may never be able to ride a horse, play golf, speak seven foreign languages, or learn to be rich, but even buying a bunch of flowers in a vase, stewing rice with lotus leaves, cutting leaves in an autumn park into different Bookmarks made of shapes are also a breakthrough in boring life.
  Those who reject fun on the grounds of “no money” and “no time” are rejecting more than just fun. They have long narrowed their careers to the narrowest point, so narrow that they can only see the point without seeing each other, and only see the present but not the future. They only care about survival, but they have already given up on life.

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