Can you tell me about your past?

me? I have nothing to say. My life experience is very bland and dull.

Just say it, I like to hear it. I said everything I should have said, but you didn’t say anything. After being with you for so many years, I still don’t know anything about you.

What is there to say. I have been growing up on campus: kindergarten, primary school, middle school, cram school, university, and I was assigned to the current unit after graduation, and I have never moved to the nest. Aren’t you the same?

I know you don’t like to talk about things in the unit, and I’m also upset when I hear it. Then you can talk about the campus.

School, what do you want to hear, puppy love? I’m not that lucky.

Just say your most memorable thing.

memorable? There is such a thing.

I knew that you must have, must have. Su Mei’s eyes lit up and she clapped her hands excitedly.

It’s not a good thing, say you don’t laugh at me. Xie Hongchen said that it was in the 1990s, and the leaders arranged for me to go to study for two years off-the-job.

I know this, when diplomas were hot. It seems that the unit leaders treat you well.

Only later did I know that the leadership was eyeing my position. As soon as I left, I put on top of his relatives. This is not worth mentioning. I can’t wait to go out and hang out. At that time, I was able to get reimbursed for car travel expenses after full-time training, and there was food allowance every day. What a good thing. What I want to say is that in the first semester of study, there was a murder in the school, and a female student died in the flowerbed behind the library building. The gardener finds it in the morning, and we know it in the afternoon. When I rushed over to check, I couldn’t see anything at the scene except a torn yellow ribbon and messy flowers and trees. On that day, the whole school was discussing this matter mysteriously. What everyone discussed the most was whether the girl committed suicide or homicide, and in the end it came down to whether it was love or not. At night, everyone was lying in bed, not resting. The lights are off, but people can’t sleep. The darkness is terrifying, and the night seems to be exciting. When the window slammed outside, everyone was shocked. In the dormitory, the boss who had been silent for a long time suddenly opened his mouth and said, why do we care so much, I want to know now——

Speaking of which, the boss has nothing to say. This is his usual style. Want to know what, boss? The brothers couldn’t hold back. I just want to know, now, at this moment, the boss has opened his mouth, who else has the courage to go to the scene. The boss said, let’s make a bet, whoever dares to go, I will give him a pack of “Hongta Mountain”. At that time, “Hongta Mountain” was still a very popular high-end smoke. Several younger brothers immediately got up and sent the cigarettes to the scene of the crime. But no one paid attention. No one said a word, the boss had no choice but to call. The boss has always been a little bit against me, so he called my name first and asked me if I dared. I said there is nothing to dare, I will go.

The library is originally very partial, and the back of the building is usually gloomy, but I feel very cordial. During my studies, most of my time was wasted in the library. Now, it lurks in the dark like a monster. A limited number of lights are its sleepy eyes. After seven rounds and eight rounds, I stepped into the flowerbed with one foot and advanced into the depths. Now, the library is mine, and so is this flowerbed. I am the master of this small world. With every breath, I can feel the breath of animals, insects, flowers and trees, and maybe the girl’s breath. I searched for a long time and couldn’t find it. I suspect that the boss is lying to me, and I think it is unlikely. I was not in a hurry, I walked around the flowerbed twice, took out a small flashlight, and set the target on the tree. Finally, among the tree branches, I found the bag of “Hongta Mountain”. Immediately unpacked, took out one, lit it, and finished smoking it contentedly, leaning against the slender tree.

Back in the dormitory, everyone was still waiting for me. I sent one to everyone and said, “Boss, why don’t you send someone to check it out.” The boss said, no need. I said, let’s take a look, in case it wasn’t your cigarette. The boss said, how is it possible, I made a mark on the cigarette case.

Later, Su Mei asked.

later? Hehe, this is the evidence that they reported me.

report you, why?

You think, such a big thing happened in the school, a fresh life ended, but I still made a bet at the scene in the middle of the night for a pack of cigarettes. Isn’t this indifference and cold-blooded? My motives are impure and my outlook on life is questionable. So my party vote was withdrawn, and my future ended here.

Aren’t you having a good time now?

Yes, it’s pretty good.

Then you tell me this, is it to show off your courage, or because it affects your future, is it unforgettable?

neither. I often think that if the girl knew about the bet that happened later, maybe, she wouldn’t lose her mind.

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