Autumn title page

  The title page of autumn is static and dynamic; it is silent and sound; it is sad and cheerful.
  On the title page of autumn, there is a picture of autumn light in warm tones – a bright field on a golden field. The colors of the harvest have madly dyed the ravines, streams, farms, and orchards. The autumn light is clear, like a glass mirror, giving the grass and trees a shiny wax glow. The bright red persimmons, the bright yellow Yamanashi, and the mighty blue gauze tents all paint a delightful idyllic autumn color. It is destined that such a title page will arouse people’s eagerness to “read”, and search for their favorite chapters according to the directory index. So, read autumn, starting from a warm feeling.
  A sycamore tree must stand on the title page of autumn. Although it is no longer lush and leaves at this time, although it has become an oracle bone script that shows mountains and dew, I think that the horned tree is more dry and more autumnal. As the autumn cools down, the big yellow leaves begin to leave their branches. At first, one or two of them suddenly fell off, and then a large number of them flew in groups. In the end, there were very few leaves left, hanging on the branches, drifting with human sadness. Autumn melancholy. There was a young man who bent down from time to time to pick up the leaves of the parasol tree that he thought was the most beautiful. In the end, he smiled knowingly. I know that he met a sycamore leaf that he liked. Looking at his fading back, I instantly woke up to the sadness of the passing of my youth.
  The title page of autumn can also be an autumn rain, which is endless and fluttering. Some people say: Autumn rain is like an elegy, with the autumn rain, that faint sadness hits my heart. This is too negative. In fact, the autumn rain is like a girl who has just bloomed with cardamom. Under the graceful and quiet surface, there is a deep passion. Listening to the autumn rain, the sound of ticking tiles, took me into the distant memory, like a song of the past, vivid in my eyes. On autumn rainy nights, I can’t sleep by the window, just listening to the sound of rain outside the window in the night, will fill my heart with poetry. There is no need to write, the paper is already full of poetry.
  On the title page of autumn is an empty and distant autumn mountain, either in the early morning or in the evening, with a haze of smoke, and it is impossible to distinguish the time sequence. The mountain road is winding and lingering among the mountains. The mountain air is cool and the spirit is healthy. The old man with a cane walks by the side of the mountain stream, playing with the autumn mood in the mountains, and is free and unrestrained. He must be a hermit, or from the Wei and Jin Dynasties, or from the Tang and Song Dynasties, or from the present day.
  If you have to write a few poems on the title page of autumn, you must write a Tang poem and a Song poem. The best selection of Tang poems is Li Bai’s “Autumn Dengxuancheng Xieyu North Building”: “In the river city is picturesque, the mountains are looking at the clear sky. Whoever recites the North Upstairs, Linfeng embraces Xie Gong.” And the best Song poems were selected, only Li Qingzhao’s “Partridge Sky: Cold Sun Xiaoxiao Shang Suo Window”: “Cold day Xiao Xiao Shang Suo window, Indus should hate the frost in the night. The wine is more like the bitter tea, and the dream is broken
  . Take me into the amorous autumn day and be a poetic person.

  The fisherman’s head stood on the ice, the way it stood a thousand years ago, and the way it stood a hundred years ago. He is an osprey in Chagan Lake, and he has the whole big lake in his heart.
  Some people saw the huge waves that stirred up the lake in summer, and it is said that a big fish and a harpoon confronted him.
  Everyone is looking forward to the big fish, but the main event of this winter’s catch, the master is determined not to come.
  As soon as winter entered, the master took another team to Inner Mongolia. He said to the head of the fisherman in an unquestionable tone: “Chagan, I’ll leave it to you!” This reminded him that the big bird left the forest after feeding the small bird.
  The cold froze the world and the great lake together, the galloping horses slashed the north wind like a sword, the chariots and horses broke through the cut, and the shadows of the horses ran in the ice. The horses turned their backs to the light, their heads turned to the light, and their breath rose like a flame. Before the sun rises, the men and horses are ready, and the battle is imminent. Horses neigh, dogs bark, and in the sound of horns, the head is a general, leading everything.
  Put your head on the ice and look for pearly bubbles in the ice. “Fish knows water, and people know fish! You pant, so do fish!” The fisherman thought back to his master lying on the ice many years ago, looking for the air bubbles spit out by the big fish. The cold did not stiffen the man’s blood, and the master’s face was cracked and bleeding from the cold. He let his head spray shochu on his face, and then shouted hard at Dahu, and then he lay down on the ice again.
  This year’s ice layer has never been more bizarre. The air bubbles that the fish breathe are deeply locked by the ice layer. What you can see through the ice surface are all strangely shaped patterns. These visions make people even more fanciful about the appearance of the big fish.
  The wind was blowing so violently that his heart was a little confused, but he couldn’t let people see his confusion!
  The master has been carrying the ice on his head for many years. Whenever Dongchau encounters a situation, the master is there, and the heart of the head will fall to the bottom. “The public handed this matter to us, and we have to afford it!” The master said this sentence every winter.
  In the days before the winter catch, the master took his head to the ice every day to explore the ice. How many people are there in the Chagan Lake fishing grounds, and half of their days depend on winter fishing. Where to dig an ice hole during a winter hunt is as important as digging a well to find water holes. He remembered that many days before the winter arrest, the alcoholic master did not drink a drop of alcohol. It was not until the moment when the ice eye was selected and the lake water was cut out that the master took out the jug and poured it vigorously. He grabbed the jug. His hands were shaking violently.
  At this moment, the hand holding the head is also shaking.
  There are hills and valleys on the ice. I recognize the small hills with my head, a wave of water arches a hill, and the message of fish will erupt under the hill. In the past, when he was unsure of the position of the water eye, the master always said: “You must believe in yourself, half of your experience and half of your faith, in order to find the fish!” He finally chose an ice layer and slammed the fish shovel firmly. , in the bloom of ice flowers, inquiring about the quietness of the lake. He chiseled a spring like drilling wood to make fire, and the black lake water gushed out like fresh blood.
  The chiseled ice caves were lined up, and four horses pulled the winch and dragged the big net to the lake. The water froze into transparent jade, and the net could be seen swimming a few feet below. Follow the net, like chasing a bird. The big bird spreads its wings and relaxes freely, as if to cover the entire lake. The nets enter the big lake vertically and horizontally across Narita, and fish like seedlings stand in the middle. Each mesh is only four inches in size.
  People, horses, dogs stomping on the ice, chaotic dawning mornings. Dozens of people work hard on the frozen lake, asking for big fish that grow fat in summer and autumn. When the sun shines on people’s heads, it’s time to start the net. The fish came out of the water with the heat wrapped in the net. Holding his head on the first fish out of the water, he smiled in front of the camera. People cheered and would lift their heads and throw them into the air. But knowing that, more people are eagerly waiting for the legendary big fish.
  Yu got his head into the tent with a bottle of soju, and like a master, he unscrewed the bottle with trembling hands and poured the wine down. The smile in front of the camera just now faded away, and he was not sure of catching the big fish.
  The sound of gongs and drums, human voices, singing and dancing outside, a wave overwhelmed a wave. Head to know that those lively are not their own. He sat lonely in the seat where the master had sat, grinned, and opened the lid of a bottle of wine with his teeth.
  He remembered one time, but also failed to catch more big fish as people hoped. At that time, the head of the fisherman was still young and a little dejected, and he didn’t even want to drink the wine that the master handed over.
  The master took a few sips by himself, and suddenly told him about the past: “When I was sixteen, I heard that there were big fish in Heilongjiang, so we ran there from Baiyangdian. I didn’t expect that halfway, the train was stopped by the flood. Now, we got off the car at Chagan Lake. Unexpectedly, the car stopped here for a lifetime! People say that a flood stopped me, but it was actually the big lake that stopped me.”
  Yuhao sighed. Tone: “Everyone is shy about big fish. You have been catching fish all your life, but who knows where the big fish is!”
  ”Remember, people can’t survive the lake! Big fish are always in the lake!” At
  that moment, The two stood in the center of Chagan Lake, like big fish swimming in the boundless lake water.