A trip

Kelly wanted to jump off the bus, but the carriage was closed and the bus was passing through the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel. A woman on the right side of the line cast a sympathetic look, that’s all.

Kelly got on the bus from the starting station, the first row on the upper deck was already seated, and Kelly sat in the second row, in the back. A woman came before the drive, sat next to Kelly, and began to mumble.

Kelly didn’t dare to look at her.

The voices of the neighbors chanting came continuously, like a mouse eating Sheaffer Silver Sprout Crispy Noodles, eating and eating. The big mouse with pitch black, slender tail and mung bean eyes. It may be AIA’s insurance policy or Prudential’s, or the test questions for the first-level Putonghua test. If you pass the test, you will have a license to teach Hong Kong people Putonghua.

Kelly couldn’t hear clearly, and was really disturbed. After two stops, Kelly said sorry, stood up, and sat in the front row. The mouse woman suddenly recited aloud, eating, eating, and eating. The people in the three rows in front and back all raised their eyes and took a look. Everyone has earphones, and earphones are barriers.

In the front row is a fat guy, two people occupy one and a half, and a bulging pocket, another half. Kelly took a corner. Tachycardia. The fat guy is watching a Korean drama, taking notes while watching. The black ink pen is half full of paper.

Kelly didn’t dare to look at him.

The Korean drama guy’s pen fell to the ground, he immediately picked it up, dropped it, picked it up again, three times, and more. The fanny pack rubbed and rubbed against Kelly’s waist. Kelly was glad that she still had a waist. There were times when the fanny pack could not rub against her waist.

Kelly met a man Q in the spring, and they kissed for the first time in the summer. The lips were cold, and no one felt the temperature.

Kelly didn’t dare to look at him, even for a kiss.

They tried a second time. But really kissing is so ruthless. It’s cold, you can’t feel the temperature.

I have a cleanliness addiction, Q said. That’s what Q said.

Kelly said nothing.

They don’t see each other very often, four or five times from spring to summer? Maybe not more than three times.

The first time they walked a lot, the second time and the third time.

The third time, we now know it’s the last time, they don’t know, and of course we don’t know if it will be the last time, no one knows.

a trip.

From Hong Kong University, to the top of the mountain. No one is from HKU, Q is not, neither is Kelly. They just meet at the HKC and set off together. On the third step, Kelly regretted that she forgot to bring mosquito repellent. The steps are lush on both sides.

It rained suddenly, but fortunately, Kelly brought an umbrella, but did not bring mosquito repellent but brought an umbrella. But it didn’t open either, and brought an umbrella that didn’t seem to be brought. light rain. Xu is wet shirt, Q’s back is very wide.

Kelly was having trouble breathing. I can’t get up all the time, and I can’t get up if I can’t get up the mountain. If it wasn’t for Q, Kelly wouldn’t have climbed the mountain this time, a woman who would pant when she walked on the ground. It was raining and very hot.

To a small flat, Kelly drinks water. Q said he didn’t have to.

Now at halfway up the mountain, either go up again to the top of the mountain, or go down and go back to HKU.

Kelly suddenly wanted to jump off a cliff, but there was no cliff to jump, just a low Taiping Mountain, and it was on the mountainside. According to Hong Kong people, in the middle of the mountain, the rich live in the middle of the mountain. So the richest man lives on the top of the mountain? Kelly thought so.

Kelly drank the water, took a few steps forward, and took Q’s hand. He asked her to take his hand. The two of them held hands and stopped.

I saw some roofs, the roofs are broken, and the roofs of the rich are also broken. There’s also a tennis court where Kelly said she could play a little tennis, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t breathe. Q says he doesn’t play tennis.

Many people passed by with the big dog, and Kelly didn’t notice it at all. Kelly noticed that Q’s hand was also wide enough to wrap Kelly’s hand. Kelly imagines Q covering her if she goes to bed. Kelly stretched out her other hand and cupped Q’s face. Q didn’t move.

Great sadness.

If we could see those two people, we would see two people holding hands, but there was a great distance between them.

The two walked slowly for a while, turned a corner, and reached a small flat. Kelly saw some concrete holes with plastic flowers in them. Kelly didn’t let go of Q’s hand. More people and dogs passed them.

After walking for a while, suddenly there is a waterfall, the water is very fast and the sound is very loud. Kelly saw the waterfall for the first time in Hong Kong. If she stared at the waterfall, she would forget that she was in Hong Kong. Q also watched for a while, but neither of them took out their phones to take pictures. It seems that it is not the first time I have seen it, and I will see it in the future.

Kelly said go down the mountain, not going up. Q said that if it is this position, he does not know how to go down. But well, there is a way to go, and in the end you can always go.

Gradually there was no one, a road and no shade. holding hands. For a split second, Kelly wanted to have a tomorrow with Q. There was a warm current in my heart.

to Hong Kong Park. Flowers and plants, a red brick house, Kelly vaguely thinks that there is the marriage registration office, but she is not sure. I remembered that a friend came to Hong Kong to get married, but he didn’t tell her or invite her. If you have been there, you can be sure. Kelly has not been to the marriage registry.

A couple of newlyweds passed by. The wedding dress was a little dirty, but it was still white. Kelly glanced up slightly, South Asian, but there were a few differences in appearance, so Kelly felt that the sentence “humans’ joys and sorrows are not the same, I just think they are noisy” is wrong.

Have you watched “Man and Nature”?


Polar bears leap over thinning ice in spring, spewing mist from their heavy breaths.

A mother bear?

The male bear, his heavy breathing spewed mist.

Is it hungry?

It’s going to run wild.

This is the first time Kelly and Q met on a spring night, is there two minutes? Probably not yet.

Can you? Kelly asked in the first minute.

Can. Q is answered in the first minute.

I can’t. Kelly said, I rely on imagination.

Doesn’t look like it? Kelly said again.

Can this be seen from the looks? Q said. It’s already the second minute.

Yes, Kelly said. She also said yes in the second minute.

Have you watched “Man and Nature”? Polar bears breathe heavy mist over thinning ice in spring. The male bear’s heavy breathing spewed mist. It’s going to run wild. Q said.

advanced. She said senior. It’s already the third minute.

despair. Q said. The word Q said in the third minute was despair.

Especially empty. Q said again.

If such a dialogue is more than 10,000 words, no one wants to do it.

Damn it.

We can see here that the two are not pursuing the body anymore. can do. Can not do. That’s not despair. There is enough desire, but the body does not, it is despair. If you continue, be motivated. deduction. Spontaneous perceptual meridian responses. different from sexual arousal. You can try to trigger it by actually touching it.

Let’s think about it.

Maybe Kelly is gone, and Q is gone.

If there is nothing at all, we will not get together, why go to the hotel?

Maybe Kelly just wanted to struggle a little more and prove it again.

If there is nothing left, neither of them will go, and they both know the result.

Emotionally conquer? disembodied. The reaction of the body is also less concerned and less intense.

It can be like this: the purpose of both people is to do, but through dialogue to find out the necessity and meaning.

A little flirting? A little more advanced.

Tried to tune, but also very stiff. Desperately tuned.

Don’t do it yet.

It’s all coming, or it’s done? At least there is a purpose.

Damn it.

We’ll move on when we’ve built a female perspective.

Kelly thought that if such a conversation was more than 10,000 words, no one would want to do it.

They didn’t end up doing it. The body is very distant.

The kiss was in summer, the Avenue of Stars, the two leaned against the railing, opposite Hong Kong Island. There were many people behind, people came, people walked, they tried to kiss. It was icy cold, and no one felt the temperature. The rest of summer, windless nights.

This time, when the University of Hong Kong set off, it landed in Hong Kong Park. It seemed like it was going to be a play, but it was true.

Indefinite marriage registry, definite marriage.

Both of them bypassed the red brick house, bypassed the fish pond, bypassed the fountain, bypassed the Shangri-La Hotel, got off the elevator, and said goodbye at the Admiralty subway station.

The two of them held hands along the way.

The last moment of letting go, Kelly said, hug me.

Q hesitated for a moment. But stretched out his hand, in a very stiff posture.

What Kelly thought was that she should give Q a pill, before she came out.

Why should I take medicine? Q, what kind of medicine?

I heard a friend tell a story, Kelly said, a long time ago, before I came to Hong Kong.

My friend is unemployed and shares a lease with another friend. They have two computers and can play games. They often play games together. One day, a friend of a friend wanted to find the lady. In order to be more cost-effective, he took a medicine and set off. It was a winter night, quite cold. He walked and waited, waiting for the moment when the medicinal power evaporated. But don’t know why, maybe it’s too cold, all the places are closed. So after the medicinal power was finally exerted, he took a difficult step, walking everywhere, looking everywhere; looking everywhere, walking everywhere. It was too cold that winter.

Actually Q didn’t say anything, and of course Kelly didn’t say anything either. Q entered the gate, and Kelly turned around to take the bus. Kelly usually takes the bus, and Kelly doesn’t take the MTR, so the chance of hitting a pervert will be less than half.

The bus passed through the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel, and the carriage suddenly brightened. Kelly narrowed her eyes. There is also an undersea tunnel, with bright and dark and bright carriages. The way back to work every day.

Kelly stopped early and endured hard.

First, I placed an order M for self-pickup on the Panda APP. After I made the order, I remembered that I had bought a pineapple oil before getting on the bus. Only use pineapple oil for lunch.

After getting out of the car and passing by the mouse woman, out of the corner of the eye, he caught a green schoolbag and sat in her original seat. Kelly hurried down the steps, her legs were weak, and she fell to the ground one step further, and then looked up at the bus, where the mouse woman was staring at her from the window.

Kelly bowed her head in a guilty conscience. The bus jumped out.

The sky was cloudy, and it seemed like it was going to rain. If there was no such thing as today, I would not be afraid of the rain if I usually got off the bus and walked through the buildings. Now I have to go to Mji to get a meal. If it rains heavily in the middle, I can only recognize it.

I walked this road earlier, and I haven’t walked for a long time, but luckily I still remember the road. Passing a row of open-air cafes, a woman with flower arms, a plastic chair at the outermost side, a bowl of egg noodles, and a cigarette. Flower arms and vests make the arms look particularly flowery.

Kelly didn’t dare to look at her.

The road was much dirtier than before, and I regretted every step I took.

Passing through a narrow alley the size of one person, exiting to a side street, crossing the side street, and another. A stream of air-conditioned water suddenly fell, hitting the top of his head. Kelly only washed her hair in the morning. Although only she herself knew, the freshly washed hair and the air-conditioning water that fell like lightning.

M’s breakfast is the worst.

The Observatory hangs the No. 3 typhoon signal.

Kelly was called by the manager. At one o’clock at noon, she posted on a circle of friends, saying three times the number three changed to number eight, number three changed to number eight, number three changed to number eight. Forgot to block the manager.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, No. 3 changed to No. 8. Everyone gets off work. The pineapple oil was still in the bag, pressed flat like a sheet of paper.

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