“Weird girl” was forced into a grudge by the richest man, who else can stand the madman Musk

   At the end of September 2021, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, once again announced that he would be single again and broke up with his girlfriend, Grimes, who had been dating for three years, but said that he still loves each other and they will raise their sons together. As for the reason for the breakup, Musk said, the main reason is that the two work places are too far apart, and they get together and stay together. On the surface, their relationship seems to have been lost to the “long-distance relationship”, but Musk and Grimes once had a deep affection and called each other their soul mates. Will they really break up because of a long-distance relationship?
   Musk has interacted with various types of girls, most of them are excellent, but in the end they have reached the same goal: they have all become resentful puppets, and all of them are resentful…and why?    Elon Musk, born in June 1971
  because of a cold joke
, is the president of Space Exploration Technology Corporation and Tesla, and the chairman of the board of directors of Suncity Corporation. He is extremely successful in his career, and his love history is also quite rich, and he has attracted attention. He had two wives and a famous ex-girlfriend, Aimee Bo, all of whom were talented women. Every relationship of Musk is also vigorous, but in the end it ended dismal.
   In early 2018, Musk was asked about relationship issues in an interview with a magazine. Musk suddenly reduced his smile and said, “Do you believe it? It’s actually very difficult for me to find a girlfriend.” He told reporters that he experienced parental divorce since he was a child and was particularly lonely in his childhood. When he grows up, he will only feel it when he is in love. Happy, because it makes him feel loved. Although Musk is rich and eager to fall in love, he is not a person who can date women casually. He said seriously: “What I want is a serious, long-term relationship. I don’t want a one-night stand.”
   In April 2018, Musk, who has always disliked artificial intelligence, came up with a whim and posted a silly joke about artificial intelligence on the Internet. This cold joke has only two simple words, which most people cannot understand. It is inspired by the “Rocco Basilisk Thought Experiment”. In a brain hole forum in the United States, a person named Rocco proposed a thought experiment: one day in the future there will be an almost omnipotent super artificial intelligence, which will be traced back to all people who did not support artificial intelligence research, and then Punish them, just like the magical basilisk with “you will die as long as you see it” in the legend.
   What Musk didn’t expect was that after he finished his tweet, he searched it casually and found that this extremely incomprehensible cold joke he had come up with was thought of by someone three years ago, exactly the same as his thoughts. This person is Grimes!
   Musk couldn’t help but became very interested in Grimes and looked up information about her on the Internet. After understanding, Musk discovered that Grimes, 17 years younger than him, is a very individual girl. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, and studied brain neuroscience at McGill University. She is a schoolmaster. Later, he entered the entertainment industry and became a maverick singer. Her personality is the same as her songs, quirky, highly sought after by the trend circle, and has the title of “weird girl” in the entertainment circle.
   Looking at the picture of Grimes, Musk was very excited and immediately tried to contact Grimes.
   It didn’t take long for Musk to get in touch with Grimes. Musk excitedly explained to Grimes about the “cold joke” and said with a smile: “I really didn’t expect that in the vast universe, I finally found another person who can laugh at artificial intelligence with me. ”
   This passage sounds a bit ambiguous, and Grimes can’t help but feel a little moved when he is pleasantly surprised, and feels like meeting a soul mate.
   After having contact information, Musk’s offensive was very fierce. He took time to date with Grimes for dinner, chat with Grimes on the Internet, imagine the future, and explore plans to travel the universe. Grimes is always interested in Musk’s topics. Although the two are 17 years apart, they communicate smoothly. When Musk said to her: “You are a woman who understands me, it’s rare.” Grimes was shocked.
   And when Musk confessed to her face to face two days later, Grimes couldn’t think of the reason for rejection. She put aside the secular prejudice against Musk, put aside the age gap, and happily agreed.
   Musk and Grimes became acquainted with a cold joke about artificial intelligence, and then to frequent contact, and then to passionate love, which lasted less than a month. The two happily fell in love with no one else.
   In May 2018, Musk and Grimes appeared hand in hand at the Charity Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, making their first public appearance as a couple. Musk was wearing a white suit, and others smiled and asked him: “Do you want to be a prince charming for Grimes?” He smiled silently, which was regarded as acquiescence. And Grimes next to her is dressed in Gothic. At first glance, it doesn’t match Musk’s style. But a closer look reveals that her body is full of elements related to Musk. From accessories to dresses, Musk’s logo is everywhere.
   That night, “Prince White” and “Dark Princess” were the two people who laughed happily at the ball.
  Three views of the same lover
   almost the beginning of each segment relationship is the best time. Grimes is obsessed with Musk’s whims and always looks at Musk with appreciation.
   Once, when Grimes was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, when asked by reporters what kind of person Musk was, she smiled and said: “Musk is a super funny damn person.” The reporter continued to ask: ” But many people say that he is not easy to get along with, especially not suitable for being a husband or boyfriend. He spends all day thinking about things in another world.” Unexpectedly, Grimes smiled and said: “Yes, going to Mars is Musk’s ultimate career, but it’s also one of my main goals. If someone spends all their funds on research and development, gets up early and sleeps late every day, regardless of vacation, every penny is spent on making the world a better place. , Musk is such a person. I admire him very much, think he is great, he does not conflict with my three views.”
   Grimes said that she and Musk are soul mates, those who think it is not suitable to be with him The people are because they are inconsistent with Musk.
   Since being with Musk, Grimes has changed a lot. She became more tolerant and willing to sacrifice for love. Because Musk is a workaholic, working more than 100 hours a week, only about 10 hours to accompany her. In order to make the most of his time, when Musk was dating Grimes, he would often bring the 5 children born to him and his ex-wife. Because of this, he not only accompanied his girlfriend, but also accompanied the children.
   Grimes has no regrets about this, and feels that he is very responsible for the children while realizing his great dreams. In order to reduce Musk’s burden, Grimes is willing to sacrifice his rest time to help take care of Musk’s five children. For this, Musk is very grateful: “Thank you for your love for me and for your dedication to the children.” Musk also said that Grimes will definitely be a good mother in the future.
   At this time, Grimes is 31 years old, and he has a stable relationship with Musk, and he really wants a child of his own. Musk has always liked children. He said: “We are soul mates. If we can have a child, it will be perfect.”

   After listening to Grimes, he immediately stopped his music career and actively prepared for pregnancy. In May 2020, they gave birth to the love crystallization of the two. After the son was born, Grimes gave him a full-featured name “X&A-12”, and explained the reason for the name on the Internet, saying that it was a combination of her and Musk’s favorite reconnaissance aircraft. .
   Unexpectedly, just after Grimes tweeted, Musk publicly pointed out on the Internet that Grimes had written the wrong model of the aircraft, and wrongly written SR-71 as SR-17. This is the first time that Musk has made Grimes furious. She angrily replied to Musk: “I just had an operation and I am dying, but you are correcting my spelling mistake!” Musk hurriedly called to Grimes. Apologized and said that he would immediately go back to see her and her son.
   Because Musk was busy at work, he accompanies his son for three days before returning to the company in a hurry. Grimes took it for granted, and had to take care of his son.
   Having just become a mother, Grimes put all his mind on raising his son. With her personality, she is also different from ordinary people in raising children. When his son was 6 months old, Grimes accompanied him to read books on outer space. In addition, she accompanied her son to watch the blockbuster war film “Apocalypse Now” directed by Coppola. When Grimes discovered that his son was facing radical art, he showed excitement, and he was even more happy, feeling that the child was connected with him.
   However, it is extremely exhausting to take a child alone. Once, Grimes smiled bitterly in an interview and said: “Before I had children, I was very prejudiced against full-time mothers and felt that I was misogynistic. Now that I am a mother, I can’t believe I would think that way before. It is too difficult to be a full-time mother or single mother without foreign aid. This is an extreme sleep deprivation. This society actually devalues ​​a full-time mother into free labor. In fact, it is the most difficult job.”
   Although Grimes had grievances in his heart and spoke out through the media, Musk still did not squeeze more time to accompany Grimes and his young son. One day, Grimes couldn’t help complaining to him on the phone: “The son is mine and yours. Can’t you do something that a father should do?” Unexpectedly, Musk said: “The child only now Can eat, pull, sleep, there is nothing I can do. When he grows up, I can play a role.”
   Grimston was speechless and hung up the phone silently. At that moment, she fully understood that Musk was not an ordinary father, and he would not care about the little things of the child. The son’s poor sleep caused Grimes to suffer from a severe lack of sleep, but she had to figure out a solution on her own.
   Fortunately, Grimes is a smart woman. In order for her son to sleep better, she thought of a technology company. After communication, Grimes collaborated with this technology company to produce an artificial intelligence lullaby. After that, the son really slept better, and Grimes was also relieved.
   Because Musk is indifferent to his son, he also lacks meticulous care for Grimes. Slowly, Grimes’ love for Musk gradually faltered. And a series of things that happened later turned this pair of lovers who claimed to have the same three views into a pair of resentment.
  The soul mate turns resentment
   One day in February 2021, Musk went to Berlin on a business trip. In an interview with the media, he was asked about his career and all the answers were fluent. But when the other party asked: “How is X&A-12?” Musk was stunned. He didn’t want to reveal the matter of his younger son, but almost forgot his son’s name.
   Musk asked with a blank face: “Who do you think is doing well?” The reporter had to ask again: “You and Grimes’ son X&A-12, how is he doing?” Musk said “Oh”. , This is the reaction. However, he couldn’t tell what happened to his son, and he just dealt with a few words.
   Grimes was very angry when he saw this interview. She suddenly realized that the life she lived was no different from that of a single mother. And the things that made her even more angry are still to come.
   Although Musk became the world’s richest man at the beginning of 2021, his assets are all stocks and basically no cash. In the United States, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe, and Tesla has closed many factories. Musk needs cash, so he can only sell the mansion to fill the vacancy. He has a total of 6 luxury homes in California, all of which are listed for sale.
   Musk didn’t care about the sale of luxury houses. He said: “Property can only crush people. These tangible assets have become reasons for people to attack the rich. Moreover, I can’t live in so many houses. I believe someone will enjoy it more. They, make better use of them.” In Musk’s eyes, living in a mansion is not important, and spending time studying how to go to Mars is the most important thing.
   He sold all the mansions without even consulting Grimes. As a result, Grimes and the children can only rent houses. Musk basically sleeps on the company sofa or floor because of his busy schedule. Grimes exploded, feeling that Musk was too self-centered, completely disregarding her feelings. But Musk plausibly said that it was all his real estate and he had the right to freely dispose of it.
   It didn’t take long for Musk to make another move that caused Grimes to frustrate. He said that California’s strict epidemic prevention measures have often caused factories to stop production and high taxes. He has decided to move the factory to Texas.
   But Texas is full of large farms, and California is the center of the entertainment industry. For Grimes, moving to Texas is tantamount to quitting the entertainment industry. This time, Grimes finally furious, and said to Musk: “You can go to Texas, I must stay in California.”
   Since then, Musk and Grimes have been separated from each other, and the progress is not salty. Long distance relationship.
   Soon, Grimes accidentally contracted new coronary pneumonia while working. What makes her sad is that even if she was quarantined, Musk did not express his concern for her and blamed her. She should go to Texas with him and should not return to work. Otherwise, she will not be infected with new coronary pneumonia. Unable to look after the child for a long time.
   At that moment, Grimes felt ashamed and posted a message on the Internet saying that he enjoyed this time of illness. Because during this period, she thought about many things clearly. She remembered what Musk’s ex-wife said: “Extreme success requires extreme personality. Such success comes at the cost of other sacrifices. Musk only lives for his dreams, no matter how beautiful or how beautiful the other half is. Talented and connected with each other will eventually become a victim of emotions and become a resentful woman.” At this time, Grimes completely understood what Musk’s ex-wife said, and felt that he was dazzled by love at the beginning. Stuck in it.
   Grimes has a strong personality, so naturally he is not willing to be a bitter woman forever.
   After she recovered, she returned to work and completed the recording of the new album. In September 2021, she surprised the audience with her special look at an event known as the “Fashion Circle Oscar”. After the event, she left New York with Musk. But this time with Musk, Grimes has decided to break up with Musk. The soul mate has become a resentment spouse, and breaking up is the best solution.
   Grimes has decided to leave, and Musk has no alternative. Later, he announced on the Internet that he would be single again, but said that he still loves each other and they will raise their sons together. He attributed the breakup to the fact that the two work places were too far apart, and they gathered little and separated more. Grimes’ response was straightforward and unrelenting: “I will no longer ask for Musk’s money. I have no relationship with him and have nothing to do with him. He only needs to pay his son upbringing on time.”
   Netizen After seeing Grimes’ resentful response, we suddenly understood that they didn’t lose to a long-distance relationship, but Grimes had had enough of Musk. When the media ridiculed all the women around him running away, leaving only 6 children, Musk did not show too much sadness. Instead, he smiled and replied: “We need to beware of the collapse of the global population. In terms of having children, I To set a good example, my goal is to have 10 children, and there are already 6 of them.”
   Some people say that with Musk’s charm and wealth, there will definitely be many women willing to be with Musk. But if Musk still refuses to make changes and concessions in love, I believe those beautiful and smart women will eventually choose to stop losses in time and leave him.

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