We talk about death in the cafe

  In a solo exhibition at 75 Faubourg Gallery in Paris in 2018, his 640 portraits of artists constituted an art star map in the era of globalization; in February 2020, he was still in Uganda and sent me a message, saying it was in a hotel. I ran into my fans here.
  Simon took a portrait of me for the first time in Maoyue on the Bund, which I like. I didn’t wear makeup at the time. I don’t remember what I said. Anyway, I was very nervous and someone took me. Then he seemed to ask me who I think is the best Look, I said I like Kate Moss. At this moment, I can still see him playing with the camera and whispering: I have photographed her, she has nothing to look good… Then every time I meet in China, I am in a hurry, because we He is always shooting, and he rarely speaks at work. Once in Shanghai, where the temperature is 39 degrees Celsius, halfway through the shooting, he finally said: Today is really hot like a novel!
  He said that he likes to work with me, referring to the work we both play by ourselves. In 2011, in Beijing, after filming the artists, he asked me to go to a place we didn’t know where it was at the time. There was an abandoned “palace”-like building in the wilderness. He was going to shoot the artists. I saw this building on the road, he was going to shoot me there. He has photographed the most outstanding architect and the most famous building in the world, but he really likes this wilderness. I walked around there. He was very happy to take pictures. It was very windy that day. Now one of this group of photos has been left forever on his page. It is a Polaroid snapshot. Below the photo is a paragraph of text:
  Every image in the past is not recognized as one of their concerns by the current person. It may disappear irretrievably-
  Walter B.
  In 2013, I gave him a Black Magic camera in Shanghai, and I asked him to take pictures of the boats on the river outside the window in his room at the Bund in Maoyue, especially after the lights were turned off. As a result, the window of the hotel was magically unlocked that night, and he kept photographing the Huangpu River in the early morning. He completely shot the Shanghai I want to shoot, and those images are my personal most precious records. After that, after the work in Paris, the two of us went to the manor of the Enrico Navarra Gallery in southern France. I fried him with tomato scrambled eggs that time, and he liked it very much. It was that time when he wore that brown-gray cowboy hat. In winter, everyone was in Paris. There were only butlers in the manor. We were playing and shooting among Mr. Enrico’s artworks. Among them, I wanted to shoot myself and say something like this: I finally watched your movie. That girl is always waiting for the phone. That perfectly reproduces what we have to face when we face the most troublesome relationship in life. It is very dramatic and unhealthy, very intense, frustrated and “Fa Kete Granny”, but also very truthful and honest-we have filmed many times, and I have never fully stated the words in this piece of my own novel once.
  The last time he took a “blockbuster” for me, I repeatedly reminded him to take my face smaller, but I soon discovered that he would not take my face the way I want because of his relationship with me. He told me that my face was big but very interesting. I secretly thought it was impossible for him to take a small shot to make my face small, so I said: Is this okay, I’m walking in the woods, you look for me in a far place, and when you find me, take a picture of me, in the composition I just need to be very small… Naive he immediately thought it was a good idea, he wouldn’t think it was because I just wanted him to slap my face smaller. The most important thing is that we took a batch of perfect photos that time. The tiny me in nature still seems thoughtful and full of gratitude to me.
  I thought about a lot of our good time in Cannes, and I realized that I was completely exhausted by Cannes.
  Driving from Enrico’s home to all these places requires a lot of energy (even if I am not driving).
  It will take time to fully recover.
  Seb and I watched Godard’s new movie in Paris. This is awesome.
  I realized that the best movies for me are those that keep me in the dark and work through my subconscious mind… The
  great movies are those that make me want to sleep;
  you really are a diamond , A gem of Shanghai, I also miss you very much.
  Heartfelt love
  when we find ourselves on the same night gave you send a message, Seb and I am quite surprised. Your music is ringing in our hearts.
  About Marfa’s story… The third issue will be finalized in early October and printed in November. The number of words is entirely up to you…I am sending you a selection of pictures that Alex and I did for the first chapter of this issue.
  Your help means the world to me, my dearest.
  Heartfelt love and a beautiful retreat
  Simon told me in June 2020: “I have been thinking of you lately… I almost wrote you a letter, but there are so many mistakes so I wait…” Then I continued to talk about me What I wanted to say at the time was still about photos. Most of our conversations consisted of me asking him for photos… I just said at the time: Really? cool! You should write, you know I love to read your letters. Then I started talking about photos again. In November, he sent me two pages of his story. He said that he was going to make a short film about death. There was no one talking in the film, but he temporarily decided to write a description that would make a super old smoke. Jean Pierre Kalfon in his voice read out that the story is about “Nothing is long-lasting, not even death.” He asked me if it was possible to help him see what he had written, or if I could write. My problem is that I always keep my friends at the age when I knew them, so I felt that Simon was still young and could have fun and discuss death with him later. I did think that death was a serious topic at the time. I changed the two-page statement he wrote. But I missed the opportunity to discuss death seriously with him. In the future, no matter to whom, no matter how old the other party is, no matter what the circumstances, I will never miss another opportunity to discuss death.