We talk about death in the cafe

  How do you prepare yourself to adapt to its environment and atmosphere?
  I do as much research as possible before I arrive. After I went, I realized that I couldn’t be fully prepared, so I let go. Letting go becomes the most exciting moment. I realized that I couldn’t be fully prepared, I could only rely on luck.
  Would you think about this trip this way, as an opportunity to face the limits of your loneliness?
  We are born alone and die alone. For me, facing loneliness is close to death. What I want to say is that when I was in Mongolia, I felt more energetic and it opened up a possibility for me. These trips gave me the strength to face loneliness. I believe that it is important for me to find this kind of power to confront my loneliness and confront myself, and to accept life.
  - “Mongolia”, I and Tan Yi summer 2014 interview with Simon Schwyzer’s
  a while back, when I dug Hunan Road Laodeng restaurant of a recording, the recording also turn to my father dying in the ward, recording Li’s father told me that he has been thinking a lot recently. First of all, he felt that “money is really meaningless”… It was a normal evening in a hospice, because I was there every day during that time. I always remember the despair on the faces of the patients in the hospice. They don’t seem to be afraid of death anymore, but they are desperate. Sometimes there will be a burst of crying from the hospice. At that moment, it is like an airport from life to death, and we are not sure about what might happen on this flight. My father sometimes trembles at that moment. , Although the father in my memory has never been afraid of anything. Our friend Yuanyuan once had a dream. He dreamed that we were talking about death in a place called Lanyue… I always believed that death requires careful investigation and study. I think it is different from all travels. .
  Before dinner on September 28th, I had been chatting with my old friend Zeng Tao from the Hard Rock Bar in Shanghai. He said that the place I lived at this time was a paradise, and I said that our previous memories were also my paradise. Now when I think of this dialogue, I think of a dream of my late friend Wu Yuqing. After his death, everyone discovered that he was an outstanding poet. I only met him in the 1990s, when we were all in our twenties. He was handsome and young in the light of the night in our dreams. I said he was still happy before. He smiled happily and nodded. In fact, in the past or at this time, here or there, there is no life that has been peaceful for years. It’s just that matter is not the most important thing before or at this time. After chatting with Zeng Tao, I said I was going to have some pao rice, and he said one more thing: what have you used pao rice? I said: pickled mustard. He said: I thought you had pickles. But mustard must be bridged. Next, I showed him the mustard tuber I ate, and he said: Fuling mustard tuber is second, and it’s getting old.
  After eating paofan, I suddenly wanted to post a picture and text introducing Simon’s work. I started to search for his name in my mailbox. I searched a lot of our previous letters. Since 2011, most of the letters are about At work, there are also a few letters about each other’s lives. As always, I like the shining details in his text. It took me a long time to look through these letters. I turned through the letters faster and faster. After reading through them quickly, his letters gave me an impression that he kept saying how happy it is to work with me and he hopes Find a fun job again to do it together… I turned to an email I sent him, and the subject of the email was: Good Memories. In this email, I photographed him on the train from Paris to Nice, and I told him: It’s great to have you taking pictures of me all the time, and I also like to be able to take pictures of you sometimes. In the end, I didn’t find any photos suitable for posting in the early morning. At that time, I thought he was too pretty in this group of “good memories”. I used to like to post pictures of beautiful boys, but now I don’t do that anymore. In the end, I really didn’t find out what to post. I liked the news of his new album on the publisher’s account. The publisher has designed a three-hundred-page picture album of Simon’s Keith Haring Sculpture Exhibition.
  A few minutes later, at 12:33 midnight, Sebastian, the president of the publishing house, sent me a message. He told me: Simon has passed away…
  I once said that one of my biggest nightmares was receiving news of a young man’s sudden death in the dark. At this time, Castel di Tora where I live is located on the top of the mountain. Every family is along the hillside and close to each other. I can’t cry loudly. I feel like I was shocked. A thought flashed past-except life and death, nothing really matters! I checked the phone and saw the last video he sent me on the 27th. In the video, Lenny had beautiful little long hair. He was holding a can of inkjet paint in his hand and he sprayed one on the wall. U”, he said a few words in German very happily. I haven’t found anyone to tell me what Lenny said. I’ve been panting, and I kept telling myself like I was in a movie: Its ok. Its ok! I also said to myself: Simon relax, relax Simon, let us find a way… When we talked to Tubby the
  next day, we immediately went back to the scene when our friend passed away… Those few days, I and Beard , Leroy, and Tubby have been talking, and then the microphone of my mobile phone was broken by me… I found that those conversations cannot be cut, and those conversations that start when we face the sudden departure of our friends cannot be Was cut into pieces. I can only skim through these conversations here with one sentence-Tubby said one sentence before all the conversations started, and he said: Once upon a time, we talked about death in cafes and bars…
  Just a few days ago, we still sighed that the white headlights in the small village all night were too expensive to use! After Simon left, even though it was so bright, I still felt that it was too dark and too dark… I had a series of situations, went to the pharmacy under the mountain, and shocked several friends. I wanted to leave Europe immediately and start Looking for various routes, I ate six packs of various brands of mustard (I can’t eat that much in a year). The most important thing is that in addition to chatting on WeChat, we also did things that we thought would still be helpful to Simon… Baschen invited us to write a text in Chinese for Lenny ten years later. I think besides I will tell him what kind of “treasure box” Simon is (the Simon in the eyes of the artist Beard), I will also tell him that these days I The brand of mustard tuber you eat, the color of the sun at noon on the day I am writing this column, and who I met on the way to the bakery. I will also tell him who I chatted with and how they helped. I, and what kind of prayers I have made, and what words that inspired me, even the ”
  Man in the High Castle”, “The Base”, and “Only the Building Has Murder”… Simon Schwyzer, born in Zurich in 1986, graduated from London School of Communication. In the past ten years, in addition to his personal art projects, he has taken at least 800 portraits for the Enrico Navarra Gallery’s World Art Series “Manufacturing” series. The actual workload has greatly exceeded this number. He has taken almost all important portraits. And young Chinese artists, musicians, designers, architects, publishers, writers, etc. “Made in Chinese”, “Made in Japan”, “Made in Thailand”, and “Made in Brazil”…He frequently and massively filmed all over the world, with unquestionable elegance, caution and honesty…He is the most precious recorder in the era of globalization. He suddenly left us when he was thirty-five years old.