We talk about death in the cafe

  (When photographing motorcyclists, I did not communicate with them in public language… I would give them the Polaroids or instant photos I took. Once I did this, I seemed to be the most needed person in this place. People will spread news that there is a “long-haired” foreigner with a camera who can take instant photos for free, and they will bring their friends to see me.)
  On the second trip, with my father , We ride bicycles almost every day, an average of eight to ten hours. I took time again to explore these places (but this time with my father). I talked a lot with him and asked him about his youth and his relationship with his parents… We ate together, and then we ran out of water. We decided to drink water from the river. My father and I became sick one after another. At the end of the trip, we lost about 15 kilograms together.
  (I have to negotiate with him and give him my camera when I think it’s appropriate. I sometimes force him to take pictures of me. In the middle, I will see some motorcycle drivers I’ve photographed. That’s right A short escape from the first trip.)
  In the most recent time, I spent time preparing for a hike, entering a very cold environment, talking to anyone I met, trying to find a place to stay at night, and eating. I am not sick at all. I can’t smell anything outside, because it’s too cold I can only smell the cold.
  On the third trip, I was very active, getting up every morning before the sun rises in order to get the best light for my photos. I photographed motorcyclists again, but this time they let me ride their motorcycles for free in exchange for their Polaroid photos. I will also photograph other people who have nothing to do with motorcycles.
  ——”Mongolia Project”, Tan Yi and I interviewed Simon Schwyzer in the summer of 2014
  In the past few days, the owner of the commissary decided to take a two-week vacation. Yesterday was the first time I went to Forno Orsini, the bakery at the foot of the mountain, at noon. Maybe only Maria, the hostess of the bakery, knew I was a bit weird. I like her very much, and also like her bread and desserts, but yesterday was the fourth time I went there this year. Yesterday I wanted to buy pizza. Their pizza is very thin and soft, cut into cubes and sold. Anyway, I have never had such a delicious and simple pizza anywhere else. Today I told the artist Huddle about this kind of pizza. It’s very suitable for artists like us. After saying this, I was taken aback. But there was no pizza in the bakery yesterday, and I said I would come again the next day. Maria said: I can send it to you, I said: No, I will do it myself. Then she said: But the pizza will be sold soon. I said: Then I’ll come earlier. Maria said: Can you do it? Then I smiled and said: Yes, I was thinking about this question after I said this sentence myself. Later in the evening, I made up my mind. I told myself that I would go to the bakery to buy pizza the next day, as I had promised.
  On the way to the bakery today, I saw Sandro at the entrance of the village. He told me that his son had published a book about orphans (maybe it was about refugee orphans, and we communicated with gestures). I also saw this book in the bakery, which is great! On the way to the bakery, I also saw Massimo of La Riva del Lago, a lakeside restaurant. He called my name. He looked like James Joseph Gandolfini in “The Sopranos”. He drove a A big white truck said they were going to Sicily (their hometown is on an island called Salina in Sicily).
  Now, as a traveler and photographer, what is the biggest illusion for you these years?
  The romantic scenery I saw from the train window when I first arrived was an illusion in my mind before I passed this time.
  I have been in contact with the culture and people here, and they have been changing my understanding of this place.
  From a photographic point of view, it seems inappropriate to approach the countryside in a real way. A different understanding of thinking seems more appropriate. It is to find an intuitive way closer to unclassified.
  For me, the biggest illusion is to reach a complete state and/or a final statement of a problem. Everything is constantly evolving. For me, the most complete thing is always being able to adapt, listen hard, communicate with others, and re-examine my own views. I can go to a place or take an image, but its meaning is a liquid that flows like water. File is a kind of memory. The interpretation of it depends on the gap in between.
  ——”Mongolia Project”, Tan Yi and I interviewed Simon Schwyzer in the summer of 2014
  At the beginning of the summer of this year (2021), I packed my bags because I was planning to go to the south of France. I was going to participate in the Keith Haring Sculpture Exhibition held by the Keith Haring Foundation and Enrico Navarra Gallery in Sebastian’s hometown of Saint-Tropez At the time, I was thinking about going to other places later, but then I didn’t go there. The epidemic and my documents made travel more complicated than ever. Before that, I told Simon that I didn’t know if we could meet, and I wanted to write about him in the column. I was vaguely trying to talk about the feelings of so many Chinese artists he met and photographed over the years, and the memories left by those wonderful, plain and fast encounters…I haven’t had time to tell him specifically what I think. . Later, Simon filmed two weeks of exhibition installation preparations, eight sculptures and the final presentation of Pop Shop Tokyo. One day, maybe after I liked the news that his work was completed, Simon asked me where I was, and he said if he could come to Italy to see me in August. I think he might want to see if my condition is good, but this is actually quite touching, isn’t it? However, I said it might be better to meet in September. He said: Okay, then September… In fact, I said that September is trying to delay. Maybe we met elsewhere before September. Of course I want to see him, but I don’t want to see him in my home alone, because my home is very small now, unlike in Shanghai before. Then he sent me a picture of Lenny. I took a picture outside my window at the time, the dark blue night sky, a touch of lake water and a few lights in the distance, and then he said: I really need to stay with you. ,No matter where you are. I actually felt something unusual about this sentence. Now I think, for me, this might have been the sigh of the big boy Simon. What was I doing at the time? It may be sitting in the dark and watching the stars. Using a mobile phone will attract mosquitoes. Why don’t I call my friend Simon right away? Why don’t we have a good conversation under the stars? Talk about work, talk about our lives, we seem to have never called each other.
  In the following days, I continued to watch daily clips of Lenny and Simon on social media. Simon took Lenny very well. They are like two children exploring the world together, taking the subway together, and going to see art together. Lenny’s mouth is full of chocolate. I greeted me with my dad while looking at the camera…I liked each one and told him that I was very happy to at least watch Lenny grow up on the Internet. On September 5th, he said: Should I come to see you? He said: Let’s find a project together to do it together! I said: Shall we talk about it later? I said: Yes, we will definitely work together again. In fact, when I said this, I suddenly felt a sense of uncertainty. The air suddenly became cold, and he said:…Good my friend. At that time, I felt that the phrase “my friend” was not quite right, because he never called me “my friend”. I wrote him a letter, and I told him I wrote him a letter, but he never talked to me again.