Twenty-nine rejection emails

  Grandfather was standing in the yard, holding the hat he just removed in one hand, and placing the other hand behind him, bending down slightly, smiling and following us who got out of the car and said hello: “Hey, boys, waiting for your visit.” They were all amused by grandfather’s funny look. Grandfather is always like this, humorous and cute.
  My grandfather runs a company and is very busy on weekdays, but every weekend, he invites us to be guests at home. He said that he likes the feeling of being with his family. In fact, we also like to be with him.
  After enjoying a delicious lunch, my cousin suggested to help my grandfather clean up the room. “This idea is great. It’s been a long time since we helped you tidy up your room.” I took my grandfather’s arm and acted like a baby. Grandfather shrugged and said, “Well, that’s a good idea indeed.” My cousin and I looked at each other and smiled. In fact, what really attracts us are the interesting gadgets collected by our grandfather.
  The grandfather’s room is a treasure trove. Sure enough, there were no exceptions this time. We found many interesting things in my grandfather’s room, and my cousin and I generously let my cousin and I choose. In order to thank grandfather, we decided to help grandfather tidy up the attic. It can be seen that no one has been in the small attic for a long time, and the contents in it are all covered with dust. My cousin was responsible for dusting, and I was responsible for placing the items neatly. Soon, the small attic became clean.
  In a cabinet, I found a large yellow envelope filled with letters. “I guess this must be a love letter from a beautiful girl.” I held up the big envelope and said excitedly to my grandfather. The cousin ran over, looked at the big envelope, and echoed: “Yes, it must be.”
  ”Sorry, lads, I let you down, this is not a love letter.” Grandfather took a look and shook his head. Of course my cousin and I didn’t believe it, thinking that grandfather was lying to us.
  Grandfather spread his hands and said, “You can open it and take a look.” My cousin and I hesitated. It seemed to be a rude thing to check other people’s letters.
  ”Open it and take a look, boys, maybe you should take a look.” Grandfather repeated.
  So we opened the big envelope and pulled out one of the letters, which read: “York, we regret to inform you that you did not pass our interview. I wish you a suitable job as soon as possible.” It seems that this is A rejection email from an interview company. Open the second letter. The content above is similar to the first one. It is also a rejection email from a company.
  ”Oh, hapless York.” The cousin couldn’t help but shook his head. Next, we opened the remaining emails. Surprisingly, the contents of these letters were almost the same, all of which were rejection emails, a total of 29 emails.
  I yelled: “Gosh, how bad is York!”
  ”Why do you say that?” Seeing our reaction, my grandfather asked.
  ”Isn’t it obvious enough? When this man named York was looking for a job, he was rejected by 29 companies.” Cousin said.
  ”No, my dear, it’s not like that.” Grandfather waved his hand, looked at us and said, “Obviously, York can’t work in twenty-nine companies at the same time. I mean, he only needs one job. So, it doesn’t really matter how many companies he has been rejected. What’s important is that as long as one company chooses him, he will have a place to prove his ability.”
  Grandfather seemed to make a lot of sense. “So, did York finally get a job?” I asked.
  ”Of course, he not only found a job, but also through diligence and hard work, he finally created his own company.” Seeing the admiration on our faces, grandfather added triumphantly, “Maybe I forgot to tell You guys, my previous name was York.”
  My cousin and I were shocked. I think this is the best gift my grandfather gave us.

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