Think like the rich

  Everyone wants to pursue wealth, but most people just think about it, and haven’t really studied how to become richer.
  Harvey Ike’s book “The Rich People Think Different from You” explains the difference between the poor and the rich in terms of the wealth blueprint and the way of thinking of the rich, and how to get the rich through practice Thinking, we become rich by guiding our actions through the thinking of the rich.
1. Draw your own wealth blueprint: you can only have as much wealth as you want at most

  You can only have as much wealth as you want. This sentence may not sound reasonable, because we would think that I wanted a lot of wealth, but I didn’t get it. But the true meaning of this sentence is not like this. It means that how much we can achieve in the end and how much success we can obtain are all from our ideas and vision.
  Therefore, if you want to achieve your wealth goal, you first need to change your mind. Let’s take a look at how our thoughts affect our lives.
  When a child is born, he does not have a view of the world. His view of the world comes from the various voices and influences from the outside world that he constantly receives as he grows up. These influences manifest themselves in three forms.
  1) language
  if in the process of growing up, we have repeatedly been told a thing, so grow up, this matter will not believe it? For example, in many families, when a child wants to buy a certain toy, parents always tell the child, “We have no money at home and cannot afford it.” When the child grows up and encounters something he likes, he usually defaults I have no ability to get it.
  This is very terrible. The power of language is very powerful. If we repeatedly make negative hints in language, then the possibility of this hint becoming true will be even greater.
  2) mental model
  of thinking model is the one thing we have to think about the inherent mode of thinking model determines patterns of behavior, but also as in wealth management. If our parents had no concept of money since childhood and no family financial planning, they would spend if they had money, and save if they had no money, then the child would grow up and it is likely to continue this practice. If you live in a family that sees money as evil or shackles, it is impossible to gain freedom through money.
  3) Special Events
  Special events are undergoing say something bad about money before, is likely to affect our views on money. If some of the special events in the memory that cause pain are related to money, then we may unconsciously avoid having too much money in adulthood.
  The above three forms of influence are just like the running programs set by the environment for our brains. These programs automatically run in our brains, produce thoughts and feelings, bring positive or negative behaviors, and ultimately lead to a thing or Good or bad results.
  If we want to get rid of the old mode of thinking and allow the establishment of new modes and blueprints, we need to make the following four changes:
  1) Know: First, understand the impact of our environment, and know that these impacts may not be what we really want. Essential;
  2) Understanding: understanding the impact of these old patterns on our lives;
  3) Separation: separating our own ideas from the old ones;
  4) Declaration: making our own wealth declaration “I Be able to own wealth”.
2. The way of thinking determines whether you are rich

  Now that we know that the root of our inability to have wealth is not our ability, but our way of thinking, let’s learn how rich people think when facing money, facing themselves, others, and life of?
  1) attitudes toward money
  the rich holdings of money proactive attitudes and perceptions.
  I want to create wealth: wealth is what I can create.
  I want net worth: I focus on the money I earn through results, not through time, because time spent does not mean good results are achieved.
  I manage money: I manage the inflow and outflow of money, not being a slave controlled by money. (Divide wealth into several parts and make fixed arrangements for these, such as saving, investing, learning, giving to others, living expenses, pleasing yourself, etc.)
  I let money work for me: learning investment knowledge, let money generate a steady stream of income, Become your own money machine.
  2) for their views
  to themselves, the rich more confident, but also more modest.
  I am stronger than the problem: if there is only a problem in our eyes, then we can’t see a solution. And if we see ourselves as much stronger than the problem, then we will naturally pay more attention to the solution, and eventually we will find a solution.
  What i don’t know People are usually limited by the knowledge they already know, and they often ask themselves what they don’t know. Using an empty cup mentality and keeping learning is an attitude that allows us to see and seize opportunities.
  3) opinions of others
  are good at building relationships with others, to produce links, good at learning from successful people have.
  I praise the rich: “Bless what you want.” This is an attitude in life.
  I associate with successful people: We are more likely to succeed if we are willing to be influenced by successful people and imitate the behaviors and habits of successful people.
  I am good at sales: I regard sales as a manifestation of value. Regardless of whether you are selling yourself or being sold, you should be treated with a positive and open attitude.
  I am happy to accept: I am happy to accept the kindness of others, happy to accept all good things. It is important to believe that you are worthy of everything good.

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