The super “London Eye”, the love of the Ferris wheel is exquisite

  On March 9, 2020, the “London Eye” celebrated its 20th anniversary. The London Eye is as symbolic to London as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris! It is located on the Thames River in London, England, and is the world’s first and largest observation wheel. On March 9, 2000, the London Eye was a great success immediately after it was officially opened to the public, and was granted a permanent status! It has a total height of 135 meters and is made of tempered glass inside and outside the cabin. It only takes half an hour for visitors to view the city of London at different heights in 360 degrees.
  There is a beautiful saying about this huge Ferris wheel: when the sunroof rises to the highest point, the promised love wishes will come true! Therefore, lovers from all over the world come here to experience the sweetness and eternity of love! And behind this beautiful statement, there is a love story of the designer and his wife that is tender and strong and unyielding!
  How can the charm of love be expressed?
   May 1975 was in the midsummer season when the sycamore branches were flourishing. Near the gate of a college under the charge of the London Architectural Association, a beautiful blond girl dragged a heavy suitcase, struggling to move towards the gate of the college step by step. At that time, a handsome boy came up from behind and greeted friendly: “My name is David, can I help you?” The girl looked up and saw the school card on the boy’s clothes, nodded gratefully: “Thank you , My name is Julia, and like you, I’m a student of this school of architecture.”
   David helped Julia move the suitcase while chatting with her. Through conversations, David learned that Julia was born in a family of architects in Birmingham, England, and that her grandfather and father both engaged in architectural design. Julia also learned that the tall and handsome boy in front of him came from Sweden, the fairy tale country in Northern Europe, and he came here to study architecture. The common interests and hobbies made the hearts of the two young people a lot closer. When they parted, David and Julia left contact information with each other.
   Julia often goes to the college library, eagerly studying various materials related to architecture. Once, in a corner of the bookshelf that was not noticed, Julia suddenly found a new edition of “Architectural Aesthetics Design”.
   When she was about to get it excitedly, she turned her head to see that David was actually preparing to get the book! Seeing that David also loves the book in her hand, Julia smiled openly with a slightly flushed cheek: “Since we both want to see it first, let’s study it together. It’s easy to learn if we don’t understand it. !” On
   this day, David and Julia happily stayed in the library, head to shoulder wandering in the sea of ​​words. While taking notes, they discussed the issues in the book with interest. Until the librarian came over and reminded that it was closing time, the two people smiled at each other and thought to each other tacitly: “It seems that two people study together, the efficiency is so high!”
   From then on, David and Zhu Leah became obsessed with the day when two people read a book together. They talked about everything, hard to leave, and the budding seeds of love gradually grew. When Julia’s birthday came, David invited her to the restaurant for dinner, and shyly took out a string of pearls and confessed: “Julia, I love you!” Julia was very excited when she saw this. He almost jumped out of his chest. She accepted each other’s love affectionately, and was happily intoxicated in the sweetness of love.
   In the summer vacation, they used their rare free time to go sightseeing together in Holland. In this country famous for tulips and windmills, two people have a great swim. Arriving in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, the first thing you see is a slowly spinning Ferris wheel.
   When Julia grew up, it was the first time to see this kind of optimistic light facility, so she took her boyfriend’s hand to ride. David kissed Julia enthusiastically. And Julia said excitedly: “We must design a Ferris wheel that is even more beautiful than this in the future!” Seeing his girlfriend love the Ferris wheel very much, David also said in a firm tone: “Then we must Do your best to design it!”
   After returning from Holland, David and Julia began to look for design information about the Ferris wheel and began to ponder its design. In order for the world famous city of London to have the most beautiful and poetic Ferris wheel in the future, Julia and David worked extremely hard.
   After they both graduated from the School of Architecture, on March 9, 1981, they joined hands on the red carpet of marriage.
   After the marriage, the two were very respectful and gave birth to three smart children. However, Julia has not been able to forget her dream during her days as husband and child, and continues to explore the design of the Ferris wheel.
   It just so happened that in order to celebrate the arrival of the millennium (2000), the city government of London solemnly issued an announcement to the society through public media, soliciting an amazing landmark design to welcome the millennium.
   Upon hearing this news, David and Julia couldn’t help but boiled over and volunteered to propose a plan: to build a giant cantilevered observation Ferris wheel, visitors can take only half an hour to overlook the scenery of London at different heights in 360 degrees. Although they submitted a detailed design proposal, the City of London government considered the project too costly and refused to accept it. What is even more difficult is that several ace steel dealers in the UK saw that the program used consumables astonishingly, and no one dared to agree to sponsor it for a long time.
  Persistent dream, wish come true
   due to the number of years of painstaking design a plan has not been adopted, Julia hot heart like being poured poured cold water cool enough to let in.
   David comforted her in every possible way. After setting up the children, he took Julia to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, to relax. David wanted to use time as a good medicine to dilute Julia’s depression, but he didn’t expect that the Ferris wheel in Stockholm’s central park would once again arouse her dream.
   As the Ferris wheel rose, Julia looked at the blue sky and took David’s hand resolutely: “When I return to London this time, I will try to persuade those steel giants to sponsor, and I must be on the Thames for the rest of my life. Build our own super ferris wheel!”
   After staying in Stockholm for a few days, Julia suffered from a bad cold because of the severe cold weather in Northern Europe and had to stay in the hotel to recover. While taking care of her, David took time to go to the library of the Swedish Academy of Architecture to retrieve the materials needed by the couple.
   One night, it was dusk outside, but David did not come back. Since mobile phones were not popular at the time, Julia was puzzled, so she could only call her husband.
   Unexpectedly, a dozen paging calls went out without any reply. When Julia was puzzled, she suddenly saw the news on the TV in her room, saying that a serious car accident occurred in front of the School of Architecture.
   When Julia saw this, a heart came to her throat instantly. She stared at the list of deceased persons given on the screen, holding her breath. When she saw the name of David, Julia suddenly felt the sky spin, her brain buzzed, and she lost consciousness when her eyes went dark.
   After Julia woke up, regardless of her weak body in illness, she staggered to take a taxi to the location of David’s accident. Only then did she figure out that the victim named David was not her husband at all, but another stranger with the same name! So where did David go?
   It was not until late at night that Julia saw a tired David appear in front of him. It turned out that David did not go to the library of the School of Architecture, but visited a famous Ferris wheel design expert. David had a very rapport with the expert, so he came back very late. David said: “I don’t know which poor thief stole my pager, so I can’t receive the message from you at all!”

   After a false alarm, Julia and David hugged tightly. Although they were silent for a long time, they both clearly felt the preciousness of life. As both of them who love the cause of construction, they feel that in their lifetime, they must not be inactive, and must work hard to achieve the dream of persistent pursuit in their hearts and leave traces to the world. So the plan to build the Ferris wheel was like a flame poured with oil, burning again in the hearts of the two people.
   David and Julia ended their trip to Stockholm, and the first thing they did when they returned to London was to write a letter to the newly appointed Mayor of London. In the long text, the Davids enthusiastically advocated: “London belongs to a city with a thousand years of history. Apart from the ancient buildings such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster College, etc., which make it famous all over the world, it should be With the most modern tourist culture elements, and the magnificent Ferris wheel is undoubtedly the best choice…” The
   sincere words deeply moved the mayor’s heart. The mayor specially invited David and his wife to have dinner together. While the cups filled with cocktails happily met, the mayor asked with interest while listening to the couple’s report on the design, “Is there a good name for such a world building that commemorates the millennium?”
   Da Wei and Julia smiled at each other. Because the two people thought about it a few days ago, the Ferris wheel they designed is called the “London Eye.” The implication is that everyone who sits in the viewing skylight and rises to a high place can have a panoramic view of the entire city, and then use these eyes to see the world and the bright future.
   The Mayor of London persuaded government officials to finally pass the Davids’ design proposal after several twists and turns. The good news is that, thanks to the efforts of the Davids and his wife, two well-known steel distributors promised to sponsor some consumables. As the leader of the British finance industry, BBC (British Airways) generously expressed its willingness to provide money to participate.” “London Eye” is the construction of the millennium wheel.
  Love is high in the sky, forever
   Beginning in 1993, the large-scale project of the century “London Eye” officially broke ground. In order to ensure that the construction quality reaches world-class standards, the couple personally participated in supervision and guidance during the most intense and critical period of the project. Especially David, almost all board and lodging are at the construction site.
   Fortunately, the two seasons of spring and summer, in the autumn and winter seasons with continuous rain and snow, the days are particularly difficult. David suffered from chronic rheumatism at that time. With a young body and strong, he gritted his teeth to support, but he did not know that his overdraft health caused him to pay a great price.
   For the largest Ferris wheel in the world designed by David and his wife at the time, apart from its huge size attracting attention, the most amazing thing is that the construction site of this behemoth was changed from the bank of the Thames to the center of the river by the couple. .
   Therefore, the two brackets extending from the land will bear most of the weight of the Ferris wheel, plus six huge steel cables to strengthen its stability. The piles of these supports and steel cables must be driven to a depth of 180 feet (55 meters) below the ground to ensure the safety of the Ferris wheel.
   The 70 million pounds (approximately 640 million yuan) Ferris wheel cockpit made by the British Steel Company is constructed and assembled in sections on a barge platform in the Thames River. Architects and engineers worked closely together to finally realize this groundbreaking and wonderful idea.
   It can be said that the Davids and his wife dedicated their efforts to the completion of this millennium project in 2000 and opening to the outside world. According to the budget, the main body of the “London Eye” weighs about 1,600 tons, which requires a lot of mathematical operations to make it perfect.
   When reporters from The Times interviewed David and his wife, they told reporters: “During the operation of the Ferris wheel full of tourists, sudden strong winds or other unforeseen difficulties cannot be avoided. Therefore, these variables must be included in the safety calculation. In addition, it will continue to rotate again and again, so the computing power required to build this super ferris wheel is more than any other building in the world.”
   After all, David and Julia are not free and easy gods. In the mundane days of fireworks and mundane, sometimes there will be conflicts about family trivial matters. Julia has to help her husband to participate in the design and construction of the Ferris wheel, but also to take care of the children and take care of the housework. Her exhausted body and mind will inevitably make her complain.
   David was sympathetic to his wife’s hard work, and tried not to care about Julia’s temper, but finally once, David failed to bear his temper and furiously turned at Julia: “Is marrying you just to watch you every day? Does your face look…” That night, both of them lost their minds, and the more noisy they got, the more intense they became. Immediately after another night of the Cold War, we unexpectedly negotiated a strange result: go for a divorce right away!
   On their way to the marriage arbitration department, David saw a lot of cars passing by, so David deliberately walked outside without saying a word. And Julia knew that David was used to walking with his head down, so he bypassed his body and walked outside.
   Although the two of them were silent, they kept changing their walking positions along the way, causing pedestrians on the road to cast curious glances: “What game are these couple playing?”
   Hearing other people’s comments, David I couldn’t help but speak first: “My dear, I am a man, and I must stand on the outside to protect the safety of women.” After hearing this, Julia chuckled and laughed: “My dear, I am your wife. On the outside, you might be scratched by a passing car!”
   After saying these words, the couple laughed heartily, “Since we leave safety to each other at this time, why should we go? Divorce!” The
   two reconciled, changed directions, and walked towards a love restaurant called “Forever”. With this small twist, the two tried their best to be considerate of each other, and would never let the word “divorce” appear even when they quarreled again.
   After overcoming many difficulties, in 1999, the entire project was declared complete. On March 9, 2000, with the arrival of the millennium, David and Julia ushered in the 19th anniversary of their marriage, their love dream finally came true, because the “London Eye” officially Open to tourists from all over the world. On the night of the ceremony, dazzling fireworks ignited over the “London Eye”, brilliant colors illuminating the Thames River as bright as day.
   The 135-meter-long “London Eye” is majestic and tall, and its exquisite viewing skylight makes people sigh its incomparable magic. Inspired by the love story of David and Julia, the lovers rushed to hold their wedding here, so that the world’s super ferris wheel can witness the everlasting love.
   Unfortunately, in 2017, David, who was affectionately called the father of the “London Eye”, passed away due to overwork.
  Before his death, he and his wife Julia sat on the “London Eye” Ferris wheel for the last time. When it rises to the highest point, under the sunset, the whole of London is like a beautiful picture, bordered with gold, presented before their eyes.
   The weak David was smiling in Julia’s arms. Julia kissed her husband and said, “My dear, I will always love you!”
   On March 9, 2020, when the “London Eye” celebrates its 20th anniversary, Julia and people deeply cherish the memory. “Thank you David, for bringing us love and happiness, because the magnificent Ferris wheel will make young couples sweet in love, and will make couples last forever!”

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