Ten thousand times more terrible than a divorce, it’s a downfall.

  Mengmeng is divorced.
  In half a year, she asked me to meet for the seventh time. Mengmeng is a classmate of my university. My university majored in normal education. Almost all of my classmates are teachers, and Mengmeng is no exception.
  The reason for Mengmeng’s divorce is ridiculous. She and her ex-husband Da Zhuang met at the age of 17. They went from a local relationship to a long-distance relationship and then returned to the local to get married. After two decades of each other, the child has been in junior high school. In recent years, Mengmeng’s “chicken baby” has been excessive and often yells. With the growth of the children’s grades, the frequency of Mengmeng Hedong Lion’s roars is getting higher and higher, and the decibels are getting bigger and bigger. The child has not collapsed and become stronger. He was called depression abruptly.
  Da Zhuang said more than once: “Let’s let your son go!”
  Mengmeng hated her and ignored her. She used the teacher’s child as an excuse to get worse. The daily homework time for her and her child is the period of abuse; every time she and the child review and liquidate after the exam, it will bring a complete collapse of the grandeur. Sure enough, a year ago, when the child’s final exam was over, Mengmeng failed to control her emotions when analyzing the one-on-one test papers. She had a fierce physical conflict with the child. The conflict ended and she found that Da Zhuang had ran away from home. After this trip, he never came back. The last message from Da Zhuang to Mengmeng was, “You let me go!”
  Mengmeng recovered many times, and Da Zhuang would never give in.
  That’s it, they split their property. The two have two suites. The house where a family of three is currently living is reserved for Mengmeng, and the other one is larger, and the salary from Mengmeng doesn’t even have a monthly payment. Since Dazhuang is repaying the loan, the natural property rights are also returned. he. They still have some savings left. Because the relationship between the child and Mengmeng is so stiff that they cannot continue to get along, they actively ask to spend time with their dad. Only a fraction.
  Mengmeng asked me to meet for the seventh time and had the same purpose as the previous six times, just to complain.
  Tucao Dazhuang has been married for so many years without seeking improvement, and cannot be a role model for children. It is for this reason that Mengmeng will become addicted to the “chicken baby”.
  ”Am I wrong? Where did I go wrong? Why did he leave me when he was wrong?” After Mengmeng complained, she asked me again one thousand and one times.
  Seeing Mengmeng and heartbroken, I turned the topic off and asked people around her if they knew that she was single now and if anyone could introduce her to her.
  ”How can I be in the mood!” Mengmeng shook her head.
  I asked her if her work went well. I heard that at the beginning of the new semester, Mengmeng just took a new class. Parents and students must be familiar with it again. The work is relatively difficult. Obviously, Mengmeng has no interest in work topics.
  ”By the way, is it time for you to evaluate senior titles this year?” I suddenly remembered that a few classmates who met a few days ago were talking about job titles, and many of them had outstanding achievements. The highest job title of the age group.
  ”I’m not interested.” Mengmeng interrupted me and turned back to her ex-husband. “It’s too big to be strong. I’m all for the good of my children. Even if he doesn’t have a’chicken baby’, he still stops me. He is mentally fragile. , Blame me for making him suffer from depression…”
  Mengmeng talks endlessly, and I must let me support her and help her judge that her problem is still a problem with the strong, and the answer can only be that there is a problem with the strong, although their marriage has already Finish.
  ”A few days ago, I told Da Zhuang, or let’s remarry.” Finally, Mengmeng said what she wanted.
  ”What did Da Zhuang say?” I was curious about this turning point.
  ”I didn’t dislike him, he still rejected me!” Mengmeng’s eyes reddened.
  But, why do you want to get back with him when you dislike him? I am puzzled.
  Because of a bed, because Mengmeng wants to change a bed.
  After the divorce, Mengmeng always didn’t sleep well, she suspected it was a bed problem. Half a month ago, she was optimistic about a new bed in the furniture store, more than 7,000 yuan, brown, log, big and strong, without odor. Mengmeng believes that with this bed, the quality of sleep will be better. But how to move it back, install it, put it at home, and how to throw away the old bed, Mengmeng feels a headache thinking about the process.
  At this moment, Mengmeng is sitting in front of me, holding her head with her hand, showing pain.
  I’m even more puzzled. Even if the Furniture Store allows customers to pick up their products, even if a new bed needs to be installed, even if the old bed is thrown away, it can be done with a little money, these are not enough to make a person decide to remarry with a disgusting ex-husband. .
  ”It’s money…I don’t have money right now.” Mengmeng was embarrassed, and the hand holding her head changed to covering her face.
  It turned out that the twenty years of acquaintance with Da Zhuang were the twenty years when Mengmeng gave up self-management. She never managed money. She didn’t know how to live the life of three people, and it was even more difficult to return to the life of one person.
  At the time of the divorce, Mengmeng divided 100,000 yuan. After the divorce, she was in a bad mood. She went out to eat, drink, buy, buy, and buy. Within half a year, there were only 20,000 yuan left on the card, but several credit cards owed 150,000 yuan, even though she was working as a teacher. Stable, wages are paid on a point-by-point basis, but those are countless and only enough for living. If at the current rate of spending money…
  Mengmeng is afraid that sooner or later she will not make ends meet. In a word, Mengmeng has no survivability after leaving Da Zhuang, and her life is a mess.
  ”I just think that if he is strong, he can handle it, he can manage the money, he will spend the money, if he is all responsible for the bed, logistics, and installation issues, I will be relaxed…” Mengmeng timidly Say.
  ”But Da Zhuang will not come back.” I reluctantly revealed the truth.
  ”He won’t come back, I can’t live my life.” Mengmeng cried out, looking so helpless compared to her previous strong.
  We fell silent. After a while, I asked Mengmeng if she would like to hear me tell the truth, and she nodded with tears in her eyes.
  I said –
  ”Mengmeng, your complaints about marriage and divorce, I have never felt that it is the case before, the society is so advanced, who has not had a few passages? Divorce is not a big deal, wait for this period of time to pass, and the mood is low. In the past, everything will be okay.
  ”But you told me today that you only have 20,000 left on your card, and you still owe 150,000. When you reach middle age, I’m really worried for you. How can you live yourself into such a mess? ”
  Mengmeng looked at me in surprise, “You are too snobbish and practical!” Isn’t it time to comfort me and help me figure out how to reconcile with Da Zhuang, and how to make him realize his mistakes? ”
  I sighed, and then said–
  ”Divorce is not terrible, but money is terrible.
  ”No money means embarrassment, and it means you can’t make arrangements for yourself.
  ”If you don’t have money, you still don’t think it’s a problem. It shows that you have neglected your ability to make money and your heart to cheer up your career.
  ”No money, no money, and no clear repayment plan. You should distribute your income proportionally to the needs of your life. , Which means that you have no sense of crisis at all, and you are overdrawing your money and sanity.
  ”In fact, you can restart a new life, such as working hard, building a good teacher’s reputation, trying to evaluate professional titles, becoming a great person in the industry, completing a leap-forward job-hopping, or achieving a soaring performance.
  ” For example, you can have a new relationship, your job qualifications, and even become the capital of your love scene, as long as you are refreshed. ”
  I’m not in the mood.” “Mengmeng still murmured, “I didn’t do anything wrong, why did Da Zhuang leave me…”
  ”Those are not important. The most important thing at the moment is to do a good job of finances, pay back first, make money later, and save money. Know how to spend money. “I’m still anxious for Mengmeng’s 20,000 yuan, no, it’s still a negative family.
  ”It’s really not good. I can still ask my parents to borrow some, and I can also borrow online. I can apply for a few more credit cards. , Jingdong Baitiao, after a while. When I think about it, I feel calm…” Unexpectedly, Mengmeng said to me that she intends to continue on the road of debt.
  I watched Mengmeng quietly for a while–
  ”A healthy adult, who will leave? Can live without the ability of economic construction and management, but no one can help. Downfall is ten thousand times more terrifying than divorce, and downfall could have been avoided. “

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