Other people’s time

  I was in a good mood with the authentic tea, and the phone rang. Qin Li hesitated, and finally accepted it. At the end of the call, he complained: inexplicable!
  He has always been a gentleman, who bothers him like this? Mingren looked at Qin Li with inquiring eyes, and later learned that it was Liu Adou who was pestering people again. This Liu Adou is a junior high school classmate of Mingren and Qin Li. His original name is Liu Hedou. Back then, the head teacher looked at someone from a high school and asked him to serve as the deputy monitor. . The head teacher was disappointed, and his classmates told him that Liu Adou could not be helped. Liu Adou works in a state-owned enterprise. Whenever he has things like finding a kindergarten for his little grandson, buying a house, he needs consultation, etc., he likes to disturb Mingren and Qin Li with a smile.
  Qin Li sighed, some people don’t treat other people’s time as time, you and I are people who cherish time like gold. I find friends and acquaintances like this almost every week. Mingren, your position is higher than mine, and I can imagine that you have experienced more.
  Mingren said that it is natural to help others. It’s just that we are more tired.
  Qin Li shook his head. We all know how to help others. However, unrestrainedly, regards affection as a duty, which is not close to human affection. I’m not talking about me, just talking about you. I’m busy with business affairs day and night, and I don’t even have time for swimming and fitness, but those people have the same virtue as opening their mouths to stretch out their hands. Just talk about Liu Adou, you and I are too busy with his business. He spends a while in Sanya and Beihai, and travels everywhere for leisure. Once, he asked me to ask someone, and finally found him. He was going on a business trip the next day. He promised to take time to meet him today. I called him for a long time and didn’t answer the phone. I hurriedly grabbed a few bites of food at noon and rushed to his home eagerly. Guess what he is doing. A table of people is “building the Great Wall”. It is said that they have been doing it early in the morning. It is also stipulated that cell phones are thrown aside and no one answers the phone. This scene made me so angry that my blood pressure rose sharply, and I shook my hand and left… He told me that it was beautiful, but I ignored him for a long time.
  Also, let me tell you, some people just don’t realize it. Those who are able to work harder, and friends who are in trouble, everyone can help, all are excuses. The capable ones have their own things to do. If you are incompetent, you have to let the capable ones help, so that the incompetent will not take advantage of it! In addition, the so-called difficulties are the real need to save lives. It is the rescue of life and the maintenance of livelihood. If you rely on friends for everything, isn’t it a bit too much?
  Qin Li spoke like a machine gun, Ming Ren was deeply moved. Fettered by many emotions, maybe after all, I am not a wandering person, but an urban mortal. However, I desperately need more personal time to do what I have to do to realize the magnificent dream of my youth. Hasn’t you been squeezed out of your own time if you have been worrying about other people’s big and small things?
  While thinking, Mingren’s phone vibrated. After hearing it, it was an old colleague who explained that the man is in a high position and has a good view of the mountains. Can you find a good job for his brother-in-law? In addition, when taking the high-speed train from Shanghai to Chengdu, which train should I take? Ming Ren smiled bitterly. He frowned, but then he thought about it, and calmly replied, let me recommend two friends to you. They are now considered “net celebrities”. The old colleague was very happy: “Okay, great, it’s a good idea to find a Ming person, a capable person!” Ming Ren smiled and said, “Don’t say that.” He also emphasized that it was not an advertisement. The old colleague said that as long as he can manage things, he can do anything. Mingren chuckled lightly and said, one is the talent market network, and the other is called “Mr. Wanbaoquanshu”, and it is called Baidu.
  Qin Li was aside, thumbs up, and smiled with his mouth covered.

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