One day we will all get old

  Watching them leave, I remembered the words that the old man said 7 years ago: “Doctor, must be nice to your mother!” The
  small emergency room seemed to contain the joys and sorrows of the whole world. The people who have been treated, are being treated, and are about to be treated are not only one or several debilitating organs, but a series of once-lived lives.
  Seven years ago, in the diarrhea clinic.
  ”Doctor, help me see.” I looked up and saw an old white-haired aunt standing trembling in front of me.
  I hurriedly got up and helped the old man to the chair, watching her sit firmly and well. After the old man sat down, I poked my head out and looked outside the clinic door, but there was no one.
  ”You are here alone? What about your family?” Every time I meet a patient like this who comes to see a doctor alone, I feel puzzled. How can my family rest assured that an old man with limited mobility can come to the hospital alone for treatment?
  ”I’m the only one.” The old man was not difficult to communicate. The elderly’s condition is not serious, but some mild diarrhea. Some medicine was prescribed, but the old man did not leave immediately.
  ”After going home, pay attention to food hygiene and take some oral medications. If you have fever and diarrhea, come back and have a look.” I handed the outpatient medical records to the old man, indicating that she could leave.
  It’s half past twelve, and I am going to have lunch.
  ”Doctor, do you have any children?” The old man suddenly said something like this.
  ”Then you go to work, who will bring the children?”
  I think most of these elderly people are lonely. What they need is not only medication, but also spiritual comfort. For this old man, maybe he came to the hospital because of the crowds in the hospital, or maybe he just wanted to talk to someone. Anyway, the registration has been stopped, and there are no other patients; anyway, I have to spend noon in the hospital, and there is nothing else except eating.
  I sat next to the old man and chatted with her: “My children are all brought to my mother.”
  ”Bringing children is a very hard work.”
  I am deeply impressed by the words of the elderly. In those years, in order to help me with the children, my mother never slept for a solid sleep. In addition to physical toil, she also had to bear psychological tension.
  The old man was sitting on a chair, squeezing the convenient bag with oral medicine with both hands continuously: “I have also brought children, sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters, all of whom I brought up.”
  Listening to the words of the old man, I unexpectedly Begin to slander: Since you have such a big family, why do you want to see the doctor by yourself?
  ”Then your kid? Why didn’t you come with you to see the doctor?” I finally couldn’t help but ask the doubts in my heart, because I am dissatisfied with this kind of behavior that transforms family conflicts into social conflicts, because I am not satisfied with this kind of behavior. Dissatisfied with the behavior of disregarding the safety of the elderly.
  The old man narrowed his mouth and said, “They are all busy and have to go to work, so I came here by myself.”
  About half an hour later, the old man left tremblingly. If it weren’t for the old man’s unique name, if it wasn’t the words the old man said before he left, I think I would have forgotten her, just like the countless old people I have seen and rescued.
  Respectively, the time, the old man with a cane in one hand, one hand and medicine, gray-haired mapping under the sun, she gently said to me: “! The doctor must be a little better for your mother,”
  my first time from Others heard this kind of admonishment, and heard it from a patient or an old man, this sentence made the corners of my eyes moist, and there was an inexplicable throbbing in my heart, and even a little panic.
  Unexpectedly, after just turning around, I only saw the back of the old man coming downstairs and leaving, and I didn’t even have time to say goodbye. What was even more unexpected was that I would meet this old man again in the rescue room 7 years later.
  Seven years later, in the emergency room. 120 Sent to an elderly female patient with sudden aphasia and limb hemiplegia according to her family. This is probably to consider acute stroke.
  Accompanying the elderly are two women in their fifties, one of whom is the patient’s daughter, and the other is a nanny who takes care of the elderly in a nursing home.
  ”When did the old man get sick?”
  At the moment, I haven’t noticed the old man’s name. In the emergency department, I am often able to treat such elderly people who have suffered sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in nursing homes for a long time.
  The old man’s daughter said: “It was already like this when I went to see her in a nursing home this morning, and I don’t know the details!”
  Knowing the exact time of onset is very important for follow-up diagnosis and treatment, because if it is acute within the thrombolytic time window For ischemic stroke, if there are no contraindications, thrombolytic therapy can be tried.
  I asked the babysitter again, and the aunt said confusedly: “The old man was fine when he took a bath last night. She watched TV for a while before going to bed. She didn’t wake up this morning. I thought it cooled down and wanted her Sleep longer.”
  Although the information provided by family members, babysitters, and 120 emergency doctors were all aphasia and limb hemiplegia, the elderly who was sent to the rescue room did not seem to have limb hemiplegia because her quadrilateral muscle strength was level 5. The muscle tone is not high, nor does it elicit pathological reflexes.
  In any case, the first perfect examination is head CT.
  When opening the checklist for the elderly, I discovered that she turned out to be the elderly who told me seven years ago.
  Because it takes several hours to wait for the blood test results, the elderly’s daughter asked the nanny to return to the nursing home to get some daily necessities needed by the elderly.
  CT examination of the head of the old man found no valuable abnormalities, and the diagnosis was suddenly in trouble. After a detailed physical examination and questioning, the consulting doctor was also at a loss: “Is the old man a mental and psychological problem?”
  ”Hospitalization first?”
  I looked at the old man’s daughter, hoping that she could give a clear opinion. .
  At this moment, something unexpected happened. The old man suddenly raised his hand and grabbed the corner of his daughter’s clothes! The old man moved and tried to say something.
  This unexpected situation made me very excited, because it suggested that the elderly may not have had an acute stroke.
  ”I don’t need to be hospitalized, I know the situation.” The daughter said to me, holding the old man’s hand.
  Since the daughter knew the situation, why was she reluctant to say it in the first place?
  Since the elderly is not in serious trouble, why are they unwilling to speak or move in the first place?
  I was a little dissatisfied with my daughter’s deliberate concealment before, but after learning the truth, I realized that I was wrong to blame someone.
  ”My mother is actually not sick. She just doesn’t want to live in a nursing home and has to go home all the time. But I am worried that she will really have any problems when she is older.” The daughter said her thoughts.

  ”Since the old man does not want to live in a nursing home, why not take
  him home?” The old man is like a child, pretending to be sick because he wants to go home. It looks ridiculous, but it is very sad when I think of it.
  The family members finally couldn’t help but pour out bitterness to me: “My brother died a few years ago, his sister-in-law remarried, and my niece went abroad. I have to take my two grandchildren with me. I really don’t have the time and energy to take care of my mother. . ” ”
  Why did you say that earlier? ” ”
  Auntie heard because of fear! ‘
  families call “Auntie” it is responsible for the care of the elderly nanny.
  Immediately afterwards, the old man’s daughter told us a fact that was extremely shocking and extremely sad: “If you offend the aunt, the aunt will beat her.”
  “There are many elderly people like this in the nursing home, and they often quarrel about some trivial matters. , And even fight like children. Sometimes, the staff in nursing homes will scream and even curse at the elderly. Like our hired aunts, they will also insult because the elderly are unwilling to eat and cannot take care of themselves. Beat the old man!” The daughter explained why the old man was unwilling to continue living in the nursing home.
  I didn’t expect this situation at all. What surprised me more was that facing the circumstances of my parents, being a child, I didn’t think about protecting my parents, but swallowing my anger, and even coaxing those who hurt my parents!
  ”Why don’t you switch to a babysitter?” the nurse asked.
  At this time, the old man can sit up in a semi-recumbent position, like a child who has made a mistake and worried about being scolded, bowed his head and said nothing.
  ”Girl, do you think it is easy to take care of elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease? It is hard to find a nanny.” The daughter’s words revealed full of sadness.
  I was speechless for a while. I don’t know whether her approach is right or wrong, or whether there are more or less such old people in reality.
  I did not expect to be able to meet the old man who made my eyes moist 7 years ago in the rescue room. I did not expect that she had become a child, and even less that she had gone from being able to go to the hospital alone to see a doctor. The burden of the children.
  Two hours later, all the test results were placed in front of me. The old man was fine except for the high blood sugar.
  ”Mom, I will send you back to the nursing home!” After learning about the condition, the daughter decided to send the elderly back to the nursing home.
  The old man always grabbed the corner of his daughter’s clothes, unwilling to let it go, and occasionally said something we didn’t understand.
  Tears flowed down the daughter’s cheeks, and helplessly filled her heart.
  This is life, is this life?
  If so, I would rather not have such a life, I would rather not have such a life. Unfortunately, none of us can escape.
  Watching them leave, I remembered the words that the old man said 7 years ago: “Doctor, you must be nice to your mother!”
  This may really be the last time I saw this 78-year-old man. This may be the last time we say goodbye.
  I hid my true self behind the thin medical mask, sent the old man away, closed the door of the rescue room, took off some yellowish white coat, looked at myself in the mirror, and realized that one day, we Everyone will grow old, just like a child.