No more snow

  ”Grandma, are you awake?” He yelled, propped up from the sofa and walked to the door. I haven’t seen the old man’s appearance, only a short figure turned around.
  ”Bring classmates… Yesterday there was some porridge to help you heat it up…”
  There was a creaking sound on the wooden floor, and the voice of speaking was muffled. The room was mixed with the sound of an old-fashioned clock’s second hand, like a sewing machine. The first ancient word. He didn’t come back after waiting for a while, so I stood up and wondered if it was time to go back. I opened the door a bit and saw Zhou Yi supporting an old man. The two were at the door of the cubicle where I just went to the toilet. He was helping her turn around. The old man was very thin, she saw me, Nunu’s mouth, but her eyes didn’t focus on my face at all. He looks very old, but his face is still pale. Without knowing what she was talking about, Zhou Yi coaxed her on the side. He looked a little stiff when he saw me coming out: “My grandmother, my hands and feet are not very convenient. You can go in and watch TV. I’ll come later.”
  Without saying anything to leave, I turned around and went in. I think if I left at that time, maybe he would be less embarrassed. I sat on the ground blankly, and the TV screen flickered, as if I heard the sound of water flowing, as well as the sound of faint speech. I tried my best to focus on the TV, wondering if Zhou Yi was sitting here just now and listening to the same voice, as if there was a leak in my heart, da, da, da, flustered. The TV was put on the tower and it caught fire, and Zhang Wuji was saving people at Guangmingding. I think it would not be saved if it were me. I would move the stool and sit under the tower to watch the fire. Probably this is why Zhang Wuji has seven women who like him, but no one in this world likes me.
  After a while, Zhou Yi opened the door and came in with two cans of Qiup. I want to say that Guozhen is already full, but no matter how many more cans he takes, I will drink it. He sat next to me, opened the 7-up with his wet hands that had just been washed, and continued to watch TV as if nothing had happened.
  Does he take her to the bathroom like this every day? Does he have to wait beside her when she goes to the bathroom? Do you want to help her carry the pants? Where are his parents? I’m a little ashamed, and I can’t help myself to think about these things or not. I also went to Qixi, “slap”, I looked down, I tore off the pull ring, the rest of the place was stuck there. Zhou Yi glanced, then turned his head to look at me a little speechlessly. He changed his jar with me, and I smiled when I saw him turning his head.
  ”My grandmother is just a bit confused, so it’s better to help.” He crossed his legs together and explained to me in a low voice.
  ”Oh… Then you skip class to go home and take care of her?”
  ”That’s not true. If it’s not you today, I’ll go to the game hall.”
  I brought my legs together and put my head on my knees: “I suddenly remembered that there was Once I had a classmate on his birthday, and I didn’t want to go, so I said that I would go home to take care of my grandmother. That’s the kind…in a small circle, in fact, I and her are not very good with them. I don’t know why I just play with them. The girl who celebrated her birthday said she didn’t need us to give gifts, so everyone paid a hundred dollars for her to have a meal. Everyone had no objection.”
  ”Isn’t the birthday party supposed to be a treat?” Zhou Yi asked.
  ”Anyway, I don’t want to pay that one hundred dollars, but I don’t have the courage to say that I don’t want to go, as if others think I am unwilling to pay the money.”
  ”And then?”
  ”Later, I went with them after class that day. , When I was halfway there, I lied that something happened to my family. My mother asked me to go back. She could not take care of her grandma alone. One of the classmates said, “What a coincidence, your mother just wants you to go back.” I don’t want you to pay for your classmate’s birthday. Last time, she took the car home with us. She missed the transfer and paid an extra RMB and waited for half an hour for the free shuttle bus. Just for that RMB, your mother was like that. People. Then I went home alone. When I came home, I saw my grandma urinating and defecate on the floor. My mother was scolding her while doing cleaning. I stood at the door and looked at me. She saw me. Just let me in and ask me why I came back so early today. I stood at the door and wanted to cry, but I couldn’t cry.”
  Zhou Yi didn’t speak, he probably didn’t know how to answer the conversation. But he still praised the venue and said, “You’re really pretty stupid.”
  ”My grandmother always took me when I was young.” Zhou Yi took a sip of my Qixi, “So I and her are quite affectionate. Comparing. I have a deep affection for my mom. But then she gradually lost her mind. My mom has been on business trips and doesn’t come back, let alone my dad. Sometimes my grandma will scold them when she comes back, thinking that she is her own daughter. Strangers, terrible. But my grandmother’s brain is not always bad, sometimes I can still call my name. Maybe there were many people in the family, and she had to worry about everything. Later, no one wanted her to worry about, and no one followed her. When I speak, my mind becomes slower and slower. It will be even more difficult to say in the future, but I think it’s not good to send to nursing homes, that kind of place… If the people sent in don’t know what they are doing, you don’t know what the nursing union does. I know.”
  Zhou Yi changed her sitting position: “She used to cook very delicious, braised pork ribs, beef sauce, don’t be too irritable, now I can only go outside to buy.”
  ”Oh.” I have a lot of words in my heart. , But I don’t know what to return to him, if only I could not be so embarrassed.
  He squinted at me, turned his head and squinted at me again, making me even more uncomfortable.
  ”What are you doing, you are always so nervous.” He suddenly laughed twice, “Why are you so far away from me? You haven’t really never talked to friends.”
  I held the sides of my clothes with my hands, my eyes kept staring. The wooden floor with a bit of nicks pretended not to understand what he was talking about.
  Zhou Yi moved himself to my side with his hands. He was very close to me, and my eyes kept hanging down. Because of his posture, his pants slipped to his thighs, where the skin was slightly whiter than the calf. I don’t know how close he is to me, but I think he is about to touch my glasses. At that moment, I felt so sad. I thought, if I don’t have glasses like the bottom of a beer bottle, and no wire hooking my gums, maybe I can raise my eyes and take a look at Zhou Yi’s expression at this moment. Is the color of his eyes similar to mine? I could look back at him when he kicked my chair and said sorry to me a long time ago.
  Is he going to kiss me? Still want to study my braces again? I abruptly got up and put my hands behind me, “Foreign…grandmother is here.”

  ”Oh-did you see it?” I struggled to slide down from the surface of the rock wall several times, and decided to give up. Chen has already climbed to the top of the rock. Originally, the rock was not very high, about ten meters in shape. The big mouth he was lying on the top, only showing his buttocks and legs outside, made me really anxious: “What is it?”
  I watched him slowly back and climb down from above, regretting that I didn’t bring an extra pair of hiking shoes.
  ”There is a big coffin inside.” He looked a little excited, and there was a little snow on his stubble. “There is a dark thing inside, shrunk very small and wrapped like a mummy. But the coffin is pretty rough. It’s deep, so I can’t see clearly.”
  I patted the snow on my gloves angrily: “I really want to see it too.”