No more snow

  I want to comment on which woman is the best on TV, and feel that I am a bit ineligible, so I looked around at his table and the ground. I have everything, and I don’t know the plastic bags for takeout left over from the day. A few crumpled leaflets were also stuffed.
  ”When did you guys come here
  ? ” “Huh?” I was taken aback for a moment, turned my head and saw Zhou Yi still staring at the TV screen, I thought he was not talking to me.
  ”I seem to be in the second grade.”
  ”So early?” He turned his head to look at me.
  ”It’s getting
  late. Someone came to elementary school…” “Oh, because… you seem to be developing late.”
  ” Go to hell .” I hit him.
  The first time I had menstruation was before going to bed at night, and I called my mother. Because I read the Physiology Manual in advance, I actually didn’t feel very nervous. She came over and asked me to take off my pants hurriedly.
  I still remember what she said to me: I knew the troublesome body all day long, and there was nothing to worry about.
  Her face was drooping, gloomy, like a bad weather map. Since I can remember, her face seems to have never been clear. She is like a machine that cannot be stopped. When she was not speaking, the bowls and chopsticks in the cupboard and the washboard in the sink made clashing noises instead of her. Like her, I also have a face that I don’t know how to clear up. I think if my face clears up, it would be a betrayal to her.
  So when Zhou Yi handed me that thing, I was almost touched, no one handed me a sanitary napkin so tenderly.
  ”It’s too painful for you to hit someone.” Zhou Yi retracted her hand, her glasses and nose wrinkled together, “I usually pretend to be that way.”
  ”What’s it like?”
  ”That’s…” He glanced at me.” Pretend to be obedient.”
  ”I was obedient.” I helped my glasses.
  ”But you are a bit unclear.”
  ”Where is it not clear? ” “Didn’t the
  sissy English teacher once asked us to take notes, and then you were in a daze in the first row, and he picked it up and scolded you? I said that the whole class is you, sitting under his eyelids and still don’t remember. But after you sit down, you still don’t remember, and you are picked up and scolded again. Say you…”
  ”Don’t say…” I picked up the side Guozhen on the top. The English teacher said that I can only go out to sell oil dumplings and bake flatbreads in the future, and said that I probably can’t even pay for my glasses. I lowered my head, but remember that many men in the class laughed.
  ”Later, after you sit down, you put the pen in the pencil case, no matter how he scolds you, you don’t move, leaning on the back of the chair until the end of class.” He changed his posture, “At that time, I thought… a good dick.”
  My Guozhen choked in his throat.
  At two or three o’clock in the afternoon, there is still some sun outside, although the curtains are drawn in Zhou Yi’s house, it’s dark. He was much more relaxed than when he first came in, leaning on the side of the sofa, with one hand on the sofa, absent, and occasionally turned his head to look at me. I was a little flustered by him, so I could only push my glasses frequently.
  ”Do you have a nose collapse…” He shook his head, “Why don’t you wear glasses all the time.”
  I asked him what university he was going to take. He said it was just those, Tongji or Jiaotong University.
  ”You can take the Fudan exam for your grades, and Beijing can probably do it too.”
  ”Oh, you know me well.” He winked at me, scared that I immediately turned my head away from looking at him.
  ”Fudan is too far away in Yangpu District, I’d better not live in school. Beijing… forget it.” He asked me casually, “What about you?”
  ”I might not even be able to pass the exam. “I smiled guiltyly.
  ”Actually, it’s almost the same everywhere.” He raised his neck and leaned on the sofa, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, glanced at me sideways, and patted on the side of the sofa, “Glasses, come here.”
  ”What…what? ”
  ”You braces, it hurts or not.”
  ”Sometimes the wires of the back teeth
  get caught in the flesh, and it hurts.” He bent down and suddenly got close to me: “Let me see. ”
  I grinned awkwardly and showed him my braces, feeling very much like the kind of specimens in the nature museum that I went to during the school autumn outing. Zhou Yi put her hand on my jawbone to raise my face, and the index finger of the other hand tapped the silver wire on the braces: “It’s quite hard.”
  ”Will you be able to kiss your mouth while wearing braces.” Asked again.
  I was startled: “What…”
  ”Forget it, it won’t affect you anyway.” He lay back on the sofa, and he slumped down a bit, his eyes closed, like a piece of mud.
  He looked tired, but he did not give me an evacuation order to let me go home. I don’t even know why he took me to his house, after all, we are the least like the kind of people who have intersections. At the moment I am sitting on the ground with his legs resting on my hand. Because it was summer, he was wearing short trousers, showing a section of calf. I’ve never seen a boy’s leg so close, with a much darker skin tone, green meridians like the branches of a river, and fine hairs. I should have moved my face away, but at that time I was observing Zhou Yi’s legs like a specimen. There was a strange silence in the air, and he could almost hear his breathing.
  ”Then you…what are you doing after the exam?” I asked in a low voice.
  ”I didn’t think about it. Maybe I will play games at home for three days.”
  ”Oh, you still have a globe.” My eyes fixed to the table. His bookcase is messy. A small globe is sandwiched between two rows of textbooks. There are also some ancient martial arts books, which seem to be dusty. These furnishings make my palms numb, and I have never felt so close to Zhou Yi.
  ”Can I have fun?” I put my hands on his writing desk and turned to look at him.
  ”How old are you.”
  I squinted at him, turned around, and my hands were all gray.
  ”It would be great if I could go to these places.”
  ”It’s okay… it’s best if it snows heavily in winter.” I said with a grin.
  ”Shanghai seems to have snowed once in the past few years.”
  ”Yes, when I was in my second year of junior high, it was very heavy. Everyone in the school ran out to the playground to watch, and they were still skating on the wet ground. I hit it. I took the umbrella and was laughed at by the boys in our class for a long time.”
  ”It’s like something you can do.” Zhou Yi smiled, “Then turn around and see where you can go in the future.”
  I took the globe down and used it. I prepared my index finger, and the plastic ball turned a few times, and I stopped it with my finger.
  ”Where is this, Turkey? Is this Europe or Asia?”
  ”I will try too.” Zhou Yi moved the globe to his side and turned it around with his hands. “Laos? Why can I only go to Laos? I want to turn again…” During the
  speech, I vaguely heard the low voice of someone outside. At first I thought it was coming up from downstairs, until the door was pushed a little bit. Zhou Yi quickly got up from the ground, just rubbing my arm with my calf.