No more snow

  When I was young, I would dip my glasses in a basin at night before going to bed, and the ripples of water lingered around. I hope it can flow down the sewer like water. It is a piece of hard frosted glass that creates a barrier between me and the outside world. The touch of the world is like glass burrs.
  Actually, I didn’t think about skipping class.
  In the first two weeks of the placement test, I was not placed in the improvement class. I was in a parallel class (our school’s term for ordinary classes). When I was in the English class, I felt that I was speaking too slowly to look at a math problem and I was discovered. The old English lady threw away my notebook, and after class, I went straight out of the classroom. But I can’t tell Zhou Yi this, he doesn’t understand it. He has always been so silly. There will always be such people when they are studying, and they will add a little brilliance to the monotonous life of the teachers. As for me, I sit tightly and take notes every day. The glass has been thickened every year, and it is now the same as the bottom of a beer bottle, but it seems that the words on the blackboard are a bit unclear recently.
  ”How about you?” I have nothing to say.
  ”A little sleepy.” He shrugged.
  I held my glasses and followed him carefully, pinching the corner of the school uniform with my hand. I was about to get to the outer road, and I lowered my head and went straight over Zhou Yi to take the opportunity to leave. After walking a few steps, Zhou Yi called me in the back.
  I turned my head, he was still holding the schoolbag with one hand, but his face was a bit awkward, he pointed his finger at me and then at his waistband: “That.”
  ”Your pants seem to be stained…” It’s not pretty.

  In fact, when I turned my head and looked at it, the worst result I could think of was another word, so when I found it was blood, I was inexplicably relieved. I kind of wanted him to lend me the school uniform, but I didn’t have the face to talk to him.
  ”Where do you live?” He spoke first.
  ”It’s far enough.” He put his hand in his pocket.
  I don’t know what to say. I kept my head down in a daze. It was probably because I looked too pitiful. After more than ten seconds, Zhou Yi said in a hesitant tone: “Otherwise you come to my house and you’re right by the road. Give you a sweatshirt to cover it.”
  I looked up a little confused. I suspected that he wanted me to refuse, but I didn’t. I just looked at him with a little astonishment.
  ”It’s up to you, I’ll just say it casually.” He hurriedly spread his hands.
  I didn’t know that Zhou Yi’s home was so close to No. 8 Middle School. The rumored post was next door, which meant that he could sleep an hour longer than me in the morning alone, so he often stepped in on the bell. Yes, although Zhou Yi didn’t know me, I knew him from some trivial things. Fox eyes, a little thin face. There was a time when he sat in my back seat and talked a lot, and sometimes kicked my stool when he got excited. Then he hurriedly apologized at the back. Zhou Yi’s image is occasionally blurred in my sight, occasionally clear, occasionally I will forget this person intermittently, and occasionally I have a little more mind about this name than others.
  I didn’t say yes, nor did I say no. I just ran across the road quickly after Zhou Yi, went in through the small alley, and out of another small alley. Just after noon, there was no one in the alley. He pointed to No. 120 in front to show me it was the back door of his house. It was dark when he entered the doorway, and he pulled a pull cord on the side, and a small yellow lamp was lit in the corridor, which was swayed and hung on the stairs. He let me go ahead, let me hold the armrest tight, and he walked slowly behind.
  ”Why are you so far away from me?” I turned my head and asked. I walked to the middle of the stairs and he couldn’t come up yet.
  ”I’m afraid you will fall and hit me.” He pointed to it, “Climb quickly.”
  When I was about to climb to the second floor, I felt the stairs behind me creaked a few times, Zhou Yi ran up in three steps and two steps without even supporting the handrails, and he was already behind me inadvertently. I was a little stunned, he didn’t expect me to stop moving, and the inertia of rushing up made his face just stay behind my pants. Feeling my face burning, I had to climb the stairs with my stiff feet. He squeezed past me, took out the key to open the door.
  The faint smell of the old house rushed into my nose. When Zhou Yi’s opened the door, it was the back room for eating. Inside, there was a small room with a sofa and a TV. Going inside was his room. Although it is divided into three small rooms, there are only twenty squares in total. I never imagined that one day I would see what Zhou Yi’s home was like. I don’t even have his phone number.
  He asked me to sit here for a while, and only when I said something was something wrong, and the two of them were speechless for a while. He went to the middle room and turned inside the chest of drawers, took out some clothes, took a loose crew neck shirt and threw it into my hand. Frozen for a while, scratching his head and thinking of something, ran to another room. I just stood in the room holding the crew neck shirt. His room was messy, and the small room seemed even smaller. After a while, Zhou Yi came over and gave me what was in her hands a little embarrassed: “My mom took it in the cabinet, see if it’s right.”
  I was a little speechless for a while. I took over that pack of sanitary napkins, just as he used to press the table to hand out monthly test papers. The third-year version of “Evening Heaven Slaying the Dragon” is being shown on TV, giving me almost the illusion that I’m on winter vacation. I asked him in a low voice where the toilet was, and he pointed to a half-opening cubicle at the back, only a few steps away from this room. There was an enamel spittoon in the cubicle closed with a curtain. I stayed there for a while, not knowing whether it should or shouldn’t be. I think I should leave his home now, but I didn’t. The sound of beating and killing came from the TV, noisy.
  I succumbed to my heart, drew the curtain, and carefully and slowly sat down on the spittoon. I think I never urinate so carefully and slowly in my life. The curtain is very close to me, and there are patterns of peony flowers and dragonflies on it. The translucent dragonfly wings swayed slightly before my eyes. My glasses kept sliding down because of the thin sweat on the bridge of my nose. I feel that I am not going to the toilet, but copying the word “shame” carefully with a urinary tube. When I washed my hands and walked back into the room, Zhou Yi was still sitting there staring at the screen intently. Maybe I felt wrong, and his face looked a little red. I looked at the TV and found that I no longer remember the names of the characters in it.
  I sat cross-legged next to Zhou Yi, he turned his head and watched me tie the crew neck shirt around my waist, then turned his head back. We have nothing to say again. I admit that if I leave now, I am a little bit reluctant. As for why I am reluctant, I can’t tell myself, I don’t like Zhou Yi very much, at most it is a little bit. Maybe it’s because I’m so lonely. I have not been to the home of any high school classmates since my family moved to Chen Chundong Road. At that time, Pudong was just developed. One kilometer from the entrance of my community is full of fields, which smells of natural fertilizer. It takes a long time to walk from the bus station to my house. Later, that piece was developed into a shop, and then a subway was built. But that’s all a long time later. For me at the time, every time I returned to Pudong, I had to pass the long Nanpu Bridge, and there was always a smelly smell in the bus. Going home was like going to a far away place.
  ”Zhou Zhiruo is good.” Zhou Yi commented.
  ”Where is it good?”
  ”The last name is Zhou.” He grinned, his skin was a bit dark when he played basketball recently, and he smiled sternly. This is not a shortcoming, after all, I was deceived by his nonsense.