No more snow

  It is difficult to fall asleep on the night bus, especially in winter. Every hour, the car doors squeeze open and close, and the cold wind gurgles in, digging into the bones, and the warm air conditioner won’t work. Although his eyes were drooping, his mind was half-awake, like being hung by a thin invisible wire.
  When I arrived in Goreme, the town was still immersed in the night. I was called to get out of the car by someone beside me. I half-squinted and tightened my body. The warmth in the car almost held me from moving. As soon as I stepped off the car, the wet snow stuck to the sole of the shoe. Locals say Goreme hasn’t had such a heavy snow in ten years. I was carrying a huge hiking bag, my eyes were blurry, my toes were so cold that I felt exhausted, and I almost froze in place. A boy in the same car asked me where the hotel I had booked was. Seeing that I was stuck in place, he simply took my bag off and carried it on his body, and took me to the town. Except for the station, a thick layer of snow has accumulated in the rest of the area. In the dark morning, I followed my fellow car forward and walked around a few times to the edge of a dark wooden house.
  ”It seems to be here.” He lifted his backpack and walked up the wooden stairs. The wooden house looks like an activity room. There is a fireplace, fragments of ribbons and gold leaf are on the floor, and the Christmas tree is hidden in the corner of the room, as if it had just been celebrated a few days ago. The wooden house blocks most of the wind, making people sit down and don’t want to move. He went outside and brought back a young man with sleepy eyes. He seemed to have been woken up by us. He looked at my address and told us that I was wrong. I ordered not here, but not far away. Another hotel of the same name. He talked to us very generously and showed us the way. The boy in the same car sent me to the hotel before leaving. We made an appointment at dawn to go shopping in the town together. Perhaps because my face was too miserable, the man at the night watch in the hotel opened an extra room for me to go in and rest. The room was quiet, only the whistle of the wind outside the window. I set the alarm clock, found a bed and fell asleep dimly.
  When I woke up, the room was still dark, and the curtains were opened, and the sunlight outside the room shocked me. A piece of crystal white. There was white snow all over the ground, and the roof was covered with a white hat. The boy with the car came to me for lunch yesterday. His English name is suffixed with chen, so I will call him Chen. We met at the station several days ago. I asked him where to take the train, and he walked on the same road with me and chatted for a while on the train. This is a short and formal man, wearing a pair of glasses. When he was on the train, a few frolicking Chinese girls passed by him, sweeping his face with disgust, but fortunately, men’s crude observation made him unconscious. He picked a position next to me and told me that he was doing bio-related work in a laboratory in London, and he would travel here during Christmas. Chen was surprised that I was so thin but carried such a big bag. He only had a regular school bag and a pair of hiking shoes hung outside. I wryly said that I carried a schoolbag of useless things and didn’t bring more clothes. We bid farewell at the station and ran into it again a few days later. Although I don’t intend to be with someone, his appearance is always timely and natural, and he also helped me avoid the trouble caused by being alone.
  The winter in Cappadocia was so beautiful that we walked in the snow one after another. The sky is a light blue background board, which makes the snow whiter. I don’t know how the landform was formed here. The earthy-brown, cylindrical natural rocks formed regular hills with thick snow on top. Both sides of the road. We were speechless all the way, and went straight up the mountain along this path. Winter is the off-season in Goreme. Except for a few tour groups, there are very few travelers. All the rides have gone on strike. Down the trail on the other side of the mountain road is a group of hidden valleys. Several withered trees leaned against the rock group. The rocks form a natural roundabout labyrinth. Going further in is like entering a peach blossom source that is completely unfamiliar.
  Groups of rocks are layered on top of each other, and the caves extend from one side of the rock to the other, and some are like raised hills, and the cave mouth looks down from a high ground. Each cave is suitable as a refuge, just the size for two or three adults to live and rest. Chen called me to look at a very tall cave. There was a small sign underneath it reminding me that there was a coffin in the cave. He got interested and decided to climb up to take a look, and let me wait below. I was naturally itchy and wanted to climb up to take a look, but I didn’t wear hiking shoes and the rocks were slippery. I went underground twice and still wanted to give it a try. Chen had already climbed to the middle of the rock wall, and when he saw me climbing up, he called me to be careful. I didn’t climb very high, I slid a few times and fell several meters, and I wasted no effort. Chen turned his head on the rock wall and looked at me and smiled.
  I looked up, and the rock group just blocked most of the sun, and softly cast a shadow on the top.
  I may not really have any movement cells, as some people have said before. But at that time it was me who looked down from the top. There was a little mist in the valley, which reminded me that when I was studying before, I would go back to the classroom to wear glasses after my physical education class. There was also a thin layer of mist in front of me. Now I don’t wear glasses anymore, but things in front of me are often unclear.
  Maybe it’s the way Chen Panclimbed, maybe it’s because he laughed at me, which reminded me of that afternoon, even though it was not winter. I remember that my trousers were dirty. I was climbing halfway through the back wall of the school. I heard a voice behind me, thinking it was the teacher who was inspecting, and I was so scared to move. I turned my head tremblingly to see that my classmate Zhou Yi squinted his eyes and looked at me from the bottom up, holding his schoolbag in one hand, as if looking at a diorama.
  I’m a little embarrassed, after all, it’s not a good thing to be stuck half-legged on the wall. Besides, Zhou Yi and I are not familiar with each other. The number of times I spoke in two years of high school can be counted with one hand. I may still notice him in this small school, but I am sure he will never notice me.
  ”Are you skipping class?”
  We talked to each other for a long time before he talked.
  ”No, I picked the pears.” I rolled my eyes in my heart, decided not to ignore him, and quickly turned off the wall and said.
  ”Then be careful, there are broken bricks behind the wall,” he said.
  I took a look, wondering where it would be easy to land, holding the wall with my hand and staying silent for a long time. Seeing that I hadn’t jumped for a long time, Zhou Yi sighed behind him, put a few bricks on it, and pushed it on the wall with both hands, first lost his schoolbag, and then jumped down. He looked at me and scratched his head: “You still can’t get down, or I’ll pick you up.”
  I think he sounded reluctant, and his heart jumped off the side when he touched the ground. I rushed forward a few times, but fortunately I didn’t fall a dog to eat shit.
  We two looked at each other, Zhou Yi patted the dust on the top of the schoolbag, hanging on one shoulder and walking forward. From here, walk along the periphery of the back wall of the school to lead to the outer road. This place has been abandoned for a long time, piled up with a lot of waste bricks left over when the road was repaired. There was originally a back door here, but it was also blocked by the school. Sometimes some students come here to smoke, and the teacher can’t catch it. We walked out one after another, the gravel under our feet rustled. He suddenly looked back at me: “Why are you skipping class?”
  You are not yet, I thought.
  ”I just… don’t want to go.” I said.
  I know that in Zhou Yi’s eyes, or in most people’s eyes, I am a ridiculously tame person. Like all humble students, I follow every instruction of the education system. It is quite difficult for a four-eyed to rebel. I have been wearing glasses since elementary school, and I even tied braces in my second year of high school, which made it worse. Although at this age, no one is so naive to call me four-eyed steel teeth in front of me.