Hemisphere Circus

  I heard the boss’s wife speak again. She said that the two of you are quite interesting. You obviously don’t go to school on Friday, and you worry about others missing the game time.
  She adjusted her vocal position. She no longer had the Wu dialect characteristic of intense friction between her teeth and tongue, and her accent was more like a northerner speaking English.
  Ah, school is boring. My friend said quickly.
  I also nodded and echoed in English, saying that going to school is boring.
  I don’t know who was the first to see the local tabloid on the day we lost the dog in the supermarket. Under the headline of the news about tariff negotiations between the European Trade Area and Chinese companies, there was a place with my face printed on it. I was squatting in the supermarket. In front of the security guards, one by one photographs of personal belongings. At first, my friend would actively explain to people that this was a misunderstanding. I didn’t take anything. We were looking for a dog. At first everyone nodded and said ach so, so that’s it, I know, the group is quiet and peaceful. But whenever we walked into the corridors, classrooms, and cafeterias, I could always feel the cold in my neck and the scorching eyes of others everywhere.
  We started to prepare our own sandwiches before school. Instead of going to the cafeteria during lunch time, the two of us climbed to the rooftop to eat alone. There is no one else on the roof, surrounded by acacia trees, shadows rustling, and you can see the Nibelungen Bridge and the large and small churches in the city from a distance. While admiring the scenery, we tore up the paper bag and stuffed the crust left in the kitchen in the early morning into our mouths. It was quite a bitter and joyous. The German-style sandwich is simple and rude, with ham, lettuce and cheese, topped with sauce, and you can open it up if you add them together. Our situation is more or less because of me. Out of guilt and hatred, I took the initiative to undertake the task of making sandwiches every day. On the first day, she took a bite and told me that it was not bad. On the second day, she also ate it all. Just when I thought that I had inadvertently carried forward the long and profound food traditions of the Chinese nation, she took the ham on the fourth day. The slices were spit out together with radish and celery, and the white juice was flowing horizontally, as if she hadn’t eaten it yet.
  So we had to cross the campus at noon and wander the nearby streets. The road from the Nibelungen Bridge towards Heidelberg is separated from us by a water. There are many cruise ships docked on the piers on both sides of the Rhine. The wine, sparkling wine shined in the sun, gleaming with ethereal white light. We were timid in the light, and we didn’t dare to move forward after seeing it once from a distance. From the east to the north on the Berliner Street, you can pass through the ancient city wall to reach the Jewish homes. Those without wings and scales should not be cooked. We ate hummus and rafafe for three days, and after changing toppings between pine nut mushroom tahini sauce a few times, we couldn’t get any more energy.
  Later, as if by convention, we no longer take lunch as a necessary daily homework. We still routinely leave the campus during the noon break, and buy a cone in the ice cream cart in front of the Twin Square or the Holy Trinity Church. There is plenty of change on the table, so we often order two balls and three balls. Sometimes we order four or five balls when we feel like it. The chocolate, vanilla and raspberries are stacked all the way, as if they can go straight to the far sky. After I ordered it once or twice, I stopped ordering. The ice cream melts faster in the sun than we eat, and most of the melted juice is left on the clothes.
  After we got used to going out of campus during lunch time, we gradually became uncomfortable going back to campus in the afternoon. Sometimes when we rush back to school from far away, the originally heated classroom will gradually calm down, leaving only the sound of rubbing between the folds of the clothes and fabrics worn by everyone, like a row of invisible hunchbacks. Dancing silently inside. Germans, blue-eyed Germans with green eyes, they all stared at me, as if they were shaping the silence that surrounds me with their eyes. Transparent walls were raised high beside the snowfields and glacial rivers. I was in There was nowhere to hide between the indescribable panoramic prison, and I had to look down at everyone’s shoes and feet.
  Later, when I was undergraduate, a shooting game by Blizzard, “Overwatch”, was popular in Internet cafes. Among more than ten characters for players to choose from, there is a future Chinese polar expedition member Xiaomei. She has a pistol that can be refrigerated at any time, enveloping the enemy or herself in a layer of hard ice. When the energy is at its peak, she can even create a thick ice wall out of thin air. Whenever Xiaomei pulls out a pistol, I can hear her joyful and hopeful voice in the headphones of the Internet cafe: “Ice wall, rise up!”
  Every time I play this game, I hope that this weapon can be used. Mass production in the real world.
  However, there was no such game at the time, except for Chunli who was bitter and hated and Ida who was chased by zombies, there would be no more Chinese in the game characters at that time. My friend often stands in front of me. Although she always has the blood to resist the squint of everyone as much as possible, everyone will use the corner of their eyes to convey their heartfelt sympathy to her-hers The dog is lost. This is what happens when you take in a Chinese who steals in a supermarket at home. Chinese people eat dogs. This is a globally recognized fact.
  On the day when we came to the Chinese restaurant, we were really ready for school when we left home. We packed biology textbooks and white gloves in our schoolbags. According to the schedule, we are going to dissect small creatures and dictate Latin. As we walked along Gutenberg Street all the way towards the school, my friend was still memorizing the conjugation of verbs wholeheartedly. Many people who went to school along the way, I stared at the back of all the pedestrians and tried to ignore them. Various gazes in front of and behind him. While waiting for the red light in front of the railroad track, I found my Chinese classmate who came with me. She was also there on the day of the barbecue. She handed her cups and plates and dishes. She also said thank you. I reached out to pat her shoulder and called her name in Chinese.
  She took off the headphone cord and turned around to see me, her whole body shook suddenly. Soon she turned around like she hadn’t seen anything, and she and her companion began to chat in English quietly, and then quickly crossed the track and zebra crossing together. They took great strides, and within a few minutes they disappeared in the endless stream of schooling.
  The train rumbled over, blocking us.
  I stood there and didn’t move until the green light came on again and when the baffle was raised, I told my friend that I didn’t want to go to school. She said that she didn’t want to dissect rabbits and frogs. So we sat in this Chinese restaurant. I ordered soup, tomato scrambled eggs and egg fried rice.
  The exhaust fan of the back kitchen smashed, there was a sound in the sizzling oil pan, and the light aroma of green onion and the enthusiasm of the brackish and salty shrimps spread over the back kitchen curtains slowly drifting into the dining room. There were no other guests, and the pan was quickly put on the table. The oil dregs and broken eggs were golden and golden, like a layer of melting moon. The soup was then brought up, and there was wax gourd floating in a jar of oily water, and there was an atmosphere of air travel and nowhere to rely on.
  I ate fried rice first and then soup. I scooped a spoonful of rice into my mouth, swallowed my saliva slowly, and chewed with shrimp and peanuts. My friend also followed me, put down his unskilled chopsticks, took a spoon and put rice in his mouth. We just chewed slowly, and under the blessing of the temperature of the rice, the crushed oil residue melted in our mouths and melted into a golden field together with the scrambled eggs. We just held the fried rice in our mouths, and then slowly brought the soup spoon to our mouths, as if we were eating the moon bit by bit. The two people are like cats licking a bowl, taking every grain of rice in the inner wall of the spoon into their bodies, and as the chewing continues, what hard things seem to gradually melt away. The wind blew in through the hall, and I heard the rumbling of the railway outside the window, and the water of the Rhine continued to rise. Gradually, I felt that I and everything I could see could be connected to each other. I and all the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, and all the Time and clock are connected. Suddenly in my thoughts, I began to think of my original intentions, why I came here, and why I had to fly from Shanghai to Germany thousands of miles away.