Hemisphere Circus

  The final departure list came out a week later, without my name. My head teacher told me that I can’t go. He said that I did not abide by the daily code of conduct, and that I would shame the teachers and leaders of the class and school if I went there.
  He taught us mathematics, people from the Northeast, allegedly Daqing children, insisted on wearing short sleeves in winter, and wandered around 35 back and forth in the swimming pool every day. In addition to attaching importance to self-exercise, he also cares about our physical fitness. He takes the whole class to run collectively under the ice-covered campus roof all the year round. The rest of the year sees us as if watching a circus. The momentum is huge, grand and spectacular. There is no need to collect tickets. Rumors say that he has won multiple championships in the youth bodybuilding competitions in Shenyang; rumors say that his three sons were born in Shanghai, and they still speak Mandarin when they were teenagers; rumors say that the photos on the desk in his office are between him and ” A group photo of the Arctic expedition team members of the “Snow Dragon”. The team members are standing in the ice and snow, all dressed in down jackets and windproof masks on their faces. He is still piled up with them in short-sleeved trousers, and his teeth are as bright as California. The sun nourishes the coconut trees in the south.
  He said that my discipline was not good, I did not abide by the collective rules of the class, did not unite and love my classmates, avoided running, avoiding duty, avoiding cleaning the dormitory, reading extracurricular books in the main class, and not doing homework in the evening self-study, which affected everyone’s study. He said that he has taught students for so many years, and many of the first graduating class have already given birth to children. Among so many students, there is no one as difficult as me. He said this is for my good. If a student like me does not have a collective mindset, if he goes out to Congress with everyone to cause trouble.
  I stood in his office trembling, tears streaming down my nose. In the cold spring, a row of matchboxes in classrooms and offices are usually crowded together, only the fan of the hot air conditioner under the window sill in his room did not turn. He calls the heating air conditioner heating, and he will never turn it on unless the temperature drops below zero. He said that at this time, the house in the north had already died out. The girls dared to go out to school wearing short skirts and socks. Only you southerners were still crying cold. Most of the problems of your southern students are accustomed to them. So I dared not shout cold to him, pretending to be a martyr, clenching my teeth and clenching my lips. He said that students who are not on the list can pay at their own expense.
  Even if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow when the sea is flowing westward, I dare not talk about it at my own expense with my family. I can even imagine my dad’s face that was distorted into the color and shape of a reef in the raging sea because of his anger. Germany, you want me to pay to send you to Germany? Don’t read, play for a year? He has always been easy to get angry, and he is extra careful with money. The moment I fear most every month is not the monthly math test, but the day my telecom bill is mailed to my home. Whenever he unwrapped the envelope, even if the mobile network usage fee was overspend by a little bit, the yelling and cursing went through the door curtain and swept towards me. At first, the sister who was taking a nap would be quickly awakened by the angry shouts. Later, she seemed to gradually get used to his irregular roars, and she could continue to fall asleep even in the curse and furious shouts.
  Probably during the summer vacation when my sister was about to be born, in order to avoid the meticulous attention of the neighborhood committee, our family moved to an island two and a half hours away from the city. The two adults took a lot of effort and brought in many workers from the neighboring islands. They devoted all their enthusiasm for plowing the land, digging fish ponds and building new houses, and finally turned the barren paddy fields into green melon fields. In the meantime, we raise fish and geese, as well as many chickens, ducks and goats. There is no sandy beach on the small island surrounded by the sea, and there is no bridge to the city. If you want to go to the city to purchase supplies, you have to wait for the rusty iron ferry every day. The sea water is not like the blue sky, soothing the minds of young people as mentioned in the text. The sea is smelly, muddy torrents are mixed with the corpses of fish, shrimps and seabirds, and there are countless different brands of cigarette butts. I recognized pandas, Liqun, Yellow Crane Tower, and Hongta Mountain. I squatted in the reeds, collecting these cigarette butts and putting them in a box as if picking up shells. Although when I look into the distance from the tall reeds, I can’t see people. I can see nothing but the shadows of birds and the sun setting through the thick flowing sea fog.
  My sister can’t speak yet, and sleeps soundly in her infancy all day long. My father and mother entrusted her to me and devote herself to farming in the fields every day. I hold my sister and sit on the bench at the door of my house every day. They say that such a long time in the sun is good for the health of the children. The door of the house is facing a stream of water. The pond is connected to the tide of the underground canal. The channels are vertical and horizontal, and the undercurrent of the tide is turbulent, extending to the sea in circles. During the day when we were not going to school, my sister and I faced the continuous snare, sinking into silent confinement. From time to time, my sister would wake up, crying and crying, I usually shake her body gently and sing a few nursery rhymes about sleep. Only at this time will I realize that I can still speak. I hardly talk to my family during three meals a day. I don’t care about things in the fields, and they don’t care much about what I read in the book. Fresh things. There are three pairs of chopsticks for four people in the family. When eating, only the chopsticks rattle, and the jingle is banging on the edge of the bowl. This silent situation continued until one day later, the people of the telecommunications company finally remembered this piece of land that was almost forgotten by everyone, and sent employees to cross the ocean by boat to the island, and installed the broadband router for us. , Specializing in the new call package and long-distance communication business, from then on the computer at home can finally connect to the outside world. Before that, the only function of the old desktop computer at home was to be used by my father to play simulated infrasound noise, which he used to drive away flocks of watermelon-eating birds.
  The flock of birds flapping their wings and the noise of electrical signals passed over the gloomy water and the roof of the school, making noises in my ears. I heard the sound of water birds pecking at the edge of the roof tiles, and the tiles fell from a high place, as if a waterfall melted in a spring day, and countless icicles collapsed. Between the imaginary noise and the echo of the noise, I heard myself squeezing words out of my teeth against the ridged back of my head teacher. I said that I could not pay for it myself, but I knew “Faust”.
  He looked back at me and I said “Faust.”
  what did he say? I said that I have worked tirelessly on philosophy, law, medical classics, and, unfortunately, theology. He smiled. I said that I was a poor fool as usual, but how wise is it to be better than that. He released his hand from the mouse and turned his whole body to face me completely. I said that I called myself a master, and even a Ph.D., holding a group of students by the neck. I said that I traveled all over the ancient and modern north and south, watching ten years fly by. I shed tears and said “Faust”, Goethe’s “Faust”, I can memorize the next fifty lines, “William Meister’s Roaming Era” I have read six or seven times, and it is almost there. To the extent that you can recite it, you have been a class teacher for ten years, and you will not find another person like me in the next three terms. For the next three years, no classmate should go to Germany more than me.
  He told me to back down again.
  I really memorized another thirty or forty lines, and when it was about the fiftieth line, I asked him if I could do it.
  He laughed loudly, grunting like a bellows fan on fire.
  He said that I would regret it. He said that I would rather have never been there by the time. He has been a class teacher with students for ten years, and will not find anyone more insane than me in the next three terms.
  So together with the remaining 17 students in the class, I boarded a plane from Shanghai Pudong via Amsterdam to Germany. Sitting in the economy class with the smell of sweat and coughing, I kept giggling, as if I was on a strange planet. Eighteen students in the class were scattered all over the cabin. Under the instruction of the leading teacher, they dressed in uniforms, like a mixed men’s and women’s football team preparing to go to international competitions as cannon fodder. Some students have changed their boarding passes in advance, so they can sit next to each other.