Hemisphere Circus

  After checking the wallet, they said they would also look at my coat pocket. Just when they asked me to take off my coat, my friend came. She squeezed through the crowd attracted by the commotion, quickly stood in front of me, and spoke. Quick and angry: She came with me. She is my friend. The two of us have bought things here for a year. Don’t you know her now?
  After I got up from the ground, she added that the two of us were looking for a dog. Damn, our Leo is gone, can any of you tell me where it went?
  A man in suits and trousers and a manager came over to apologize to us, took out the walkie-talkie and talked quickly with the person on the other end of the radio, and then said that they hadn’t seen anyone in the surveillance video taking a shepherd dog, but since we didn’t Find the dog in the supermarket shopping area, he can make an exception to let us go back to the storage area to take a look.
  A few men in uniform helped me collect the things on the ground and put them into my bag. The way they did the picking up was very interesting. Everyone was in charge of a one-square-meter floor tile, and only collected the debris and coins in their own floor tiles. Then the man I first met before squatted down, checked one floor after another, and returned all the items to me after repeated confirmation. I stood there and watched them leaning and squatting between the grids and grids, as if I was standing at the bottom of a swimming pool, wearing only a one-piece swimsuit with my knees and toes exposed, and my damp shoulders exposed in the air entrapped by the smell of disinfectant. Here, no matter how I twist my body, it is difficult to peel the eyes of the people on the shore from the surface of my skin.
  Under the guidance, we passed through the working door of the tissue shelf area just now, and came to the dark warehouse again, this time with permission. The PVC floor tiles under my feet quickly turned into concrete floors, and the lights faded quickly. My friend took my hand. We were like two expedition members with scarce equipment and supplies, roaming together in an unexplored strange stalactite cave. The only thing you can rely on for heating is the sweaty palms of each other. We walked all the way forward, surrounded by stalagmites and unpleasant currents that had been deposited for thousands of years. Faint electric lights were shining obliquely in front of us, and there was the smell of foam and disinfectant everywhere. Many workers in uniforms with fluorescent vests unloaded groups of large beverage bottles from a box truck. Each bottle of soda swayed and wandered, brewing a predictable eruption in the narrow mouth of the bottle.
  There are workers loading and unloading goods everywhere. They stretch their hands in the dark without realizing the existence of the two of us. We walked through the endless stream of people at work, and huge vans stood on both sides of the road, like a ravine with deep ravines and shadows. The end of the canyon was unusually bright, and there seemed to be light in front. Under the soft bright light, I heard the sound of the machine roaring and spinning. As we continued to move, the sound of the machine running became louder and louder, just like the friction sound from the surface of the rotating celestial body.
  When we finally reached the exit of the canyon, where the source of the sound could be identified, we stopped going forward. This time I finally had the opportunity to take a good look at the area where the stage set is usually a single point light source. The box truck parking place is further forward, which is the central area of ​​the warehouse preparation room, where all the lighting and cooling meat processing are collected. Room, slaughterhouse.
  Far across the glass, we saw the remains of large animals that were evenly suspended on the chain at the top of the room. Each corpse hangs high on the hook of the assembly line, and every step forward, a little blood will gush out from the hollow wound and drip onto the conveyor track along with unprocessed clean internal organ fragments. At the end of each track stood a staff member wearing protective clothing and masks. They used gloved hands to pick up blood clots in their area of ​​responsibility to prevent foreign objects from jamming the assembly line and stopping the crowds of animals from advancing. .
  The two of us stood side by side at the death scene of the large animal hand in hand for a while, our arms close to the arms. My friend grabbed my hand, and in the darkness I felt her upper body shake violently, as if she was about to drain her heart from her chest. I took off and held her swaying body, and told her repeatedly that there would be no Leo here, and there would be no Leo here. In the dim light coming from the slaughterhouse, I saw her eyes were red, her expression depressed, and her eyes fixed on the glass windows through which the animals were slaughtered. Staring at it for a long time stimulates the imagination, breeding non-existent hallucinations, clearly separated from the glass, but we begin to smell the smell of rusty iron hooks piercing the flesh. I knew that I couldn’t stay here for long, so I took her hand and retreated all the way back to a path with no light. I scurried through the gradual darkness. The truck and the buzzer sounded from time to time, and there were mosquitoes flying around everywhere. sound. In the darkness, we held our hands up again, and the other hands of the two people waved wildly in the air, trying to drive away all the invisible mosquitoes around. In this way, the two of us drove forward and walked forward, as if two people who could not swim were surviving in the sea, breaking the waves one by one.
2. Faust

  We flew 11 and a half hours from Pudong International Airport to Amsterdam, then transferred from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, and then took a long-distance bus to drive southwest for three hours. Our whole class finally arrived at Worm in the southwestern Rhineland state of Germany. S. The travel, board and lodging expenses are borne by the two schools in China and Germany. Our 18 Chinese students in our class will live here for one year.
  Before leaving, the German teacher said in class that Worms was the royal city of Burgundy before the fifteenth century. It is said to be the golden place of the Rhine River. It is rich in war horses, spirits, leather and dragons. According to the legend, in the 13th century, it became one of the seven free cities of the Holy Roman Empire. The emperor’s court is directly under the jurisdiction of the emperor’s court. Taxation and production are not handled by any imperial vassals. The authority of the mayor is only under the emperor. The seven imperial free cities, in addition to Worms, also include Cologne, Augsburg, Basel, Speyer, Mainz… What is the other one? The teacher’s chalk hovered in the air, frowning Start thinking about it.
  As if the spring breeze was blowing across the grassy sea on the plain, the classroom was full of people.
  Who said it? Who is speaking? Everyone looked up and looked around, looking for the source of the sound everywhere.
  I raised my voice and said again, Strasbourg.
  The teacher nodded, oh yes yes, Strasbourg.
  According to class rules, students with the top 50% of grades can go to Germany for exchange study for a whole year. Throughout the year, at public expense, in addition to reimbursement of all air tickets, meals, and pocket money, I live in a local home. The partner is a classmate from the other’s friendly school and is about the same age as ours. Throughout the semester, I have worked hard in the classes of Chinese, English and German history and culture, combined with the relatively sorry math scores, and finally the final exams are ranked in the upper middle and upper reaches of the grade. It was enough to barely reach the middle and upper reaches. I took out four copies of “Traveling Through Germany” in the bedroom and wrapped them layer after layer with sulfuric acid paper, all of which were neatly arranged in the suitcase. When packing the book, I was very careful about every crease, always imagining the various bumps that the suitcase might encounter during the journey in the cabin-I have kept the four copies of “Traveling Through Germany” until now, every year when I go home Occasionally I took it out and turned it over. The cover and spine of the book were eroded by sea fog for a long time. The pages of the book were water seeping. The lines were damp. The traces were blurred in several places. Even though I struggled to read the words out of sound, I forgot their original meaning.