Hemisphere Circus

  However, my German friend did not have the patience to listen to an apology. She turned around and continued to shout around her, has anyone seen my dog? Leo, black back, side shepherd, heterochromatic pupil, big one, shepherd dog.
  Shepherd dogs can play games with people. I understand Leo’s daily habits and have seen many animal documentaries and magazine supplement articles. They like to chase and return to Frisbees and tennis balls, and they like to hit huge sand piles with their bodies. Sometimes I will see them in the selection of family humor video tapes playing with the blond little owner to draw the tower of blocks, sometimes they are playing hide-and-seek together. It may be hiding in the corner of some shelf waiting for us right now.
  I walked back to the place where I found it was missing, and looked at the bottom of the two rows of shelves. Behind the shelves are stacked boxes with unsealed seals. Inside the boxes are rolls of kitchen paper towels. The surface of their wrapping paper is flat and clean, unlike the traces of dogs passing by. Outside the tissue area is the meat freezing area, with uniformed staff patrolling back and forth, and large dogs do not have the conditions to hide in it. Outside the gate further ahead, the iron net is looped and surrounded by several layers. It is impossible for the pet dog to easily escape the blockade, leave the supermarket, and dwell in the dark and vast forest. It can’t get out, it must still be in the supermarket. Suddenly I felt relieved, so I raised my eyes and started to look around, examining these male customers who drove to buy tobacco and spirits and did not go to work in the morning on weekdays. These shopping carts were stuffed with lemons and oranges, shopping for bacon, The housewives who never look at the price of lamb shanks are all people who may pass by the dog at any time.

  I started to run around in the supermarket again, this time without pushing the shopping cart just now. I believe that with the passage of time, the possibility of finding a dog will continue to decrease. If you want to find Leo, you must grasp all opportunities as soon as possible. I ran across the separation area of ​​bread, instant soup, and frozen food, and I scanned the rows of silent local residents. Among them, the skirt jackets on the sides of the people were picked up by my running and flew into the air. . Familiar products and furnishings alternated before my eyes. I ran swiftly round after round, the shelves and the ornaments were shaking, the ceiling lights hulled, and the plastic floor tiles under my feet were sunken, as if by the flames of a volcano. Entrapped and gradually melted into a thick and squishy deep pool.
  Once again, I walked into the shelf area with paper towels, and moved forward through the soft cotton barrier formed by virgin wood pulp and natural fragrance-free paper. The white pulp was wrapped under the translucent plastic film, and the tiny light shone in the meantime. , Gradually extended the connection, swinging and leaping, and finally swept like a sea tide, it is about to drown me from head to toe. I kept running forward, and finally ran to the door deep in the corridor. It should be the door leading to the supermarket warehouse, with a faint voice behind it. The door is concealed, and the floor is painted with a yellow line with faint marks, like a sign that a subway platform is blocking in front of pedestrians-don’t go any further, there is an abyss ahead.
  However, the common sense of dogs is different from that of human beings. The places that ordinary people cannot reach under the constraints of rationality are often their paradise. I think of the Chinese pastoral dogs on my farm. They used various magic methods to break the chains and escape the nest cage. They often went for four or five days. We searched the mountains and fields with flashlights. After all the measures were exhausted, we thought there was no hope of finding them. We did not expect that a dog barking would be heard on the top of the cupboard in the three-story small attic in the house several days later. I twisted my body and quickly scanned the vast and bright supermarket behind me. I also wanted to distinguish Leo’s barking from the footsteps of everyone. However, pedestrians and customers were indifferent, and no one cared which girl on earth lost a dog. So I moved forward two steps across the yellow line and came to the doorknob. There was a faint sound of metal cutting behind the door, and I imagined a huge machine roaring and spinning, and our dog prostrated in front of it.
  I stretched my hand to the doorknob and pushed it open breathlessly. Because of the excessive force and the unstable center of gravity, I almost plunged into the dark world in front of me-the vast lighting sources scattered all over the corners of the supermarket disappeared and replaced them. It was the only light deep in the dark center. The light source was dazzling and bright, falling down like a waterfall, converging on a square glass roof in the distance.
  Just as I stepped into the threshold and was about to run towards the light, a security guard stopped me from behind, and he waved to remind me to stand in front of him after returning to the yellow line. It wasn’t until a long time later that I gradually realized that that was the place where the surveillance probe in the supermarket corridor just happened to be able to shoot.
  He is very big, with high cheekbones like a standard German, and his uniform hat covers the upper half of his face. At first, there was a burst of joy and satisfaction in my heart, and finally someone could kindly tell me where the dog was. While I was still working on the wording of thanks, the other party asked me to open my schoolbag and jacket zipper pocket to show him. I started to smile and explained in English that what I had lost was not personal property, but that I had lost a dog.
  However, he did not laugh.
  I stared at the number plate and foreign name on his chest, guessing in my heart that the name should be pronounced reasonably in German. But before I could say the name I had imagined, he raised his voice and said again, opening his schoolbag and taking out his coat pocket for inspection, otherwise he would call someone from the police station to come over.
  When I squatted down and opened my schoolbag, the crowd surrounded me behind me, gradually forming a high wall. At first it was just two rows of shelves around customers, and then more people in uniforms and non-uniformed came. From their whispers, I heard them saying “China”, “Chinese girls”, and “Chinese people” in German. I began to feel that the dress code of civilized society was gradually dissolving, and the standards agreed upon by the human community were so fragile. Those middle-aged and elderly consumers who buy fruits, tobacco and alcohol, and nod and smile at you in the morning of the working day, these blue overalls, green vest jackets, gray trousers, people who are usually arranged in various jobs—— Even if some of them are colleagues of my friend’s mother and people who are familiar with them, even if some of them can even call out my name in a similar Chinese pronunciation, even if all of them have shown that they are willing to help you, The image of supermarket staff and friendly global village citizens who are willing to accept all your information inquiries. At this moment, they are all Germans, Germans who are wary of foreign populations and dissidents. And they have always been Germans, and the difference between nationality and ethnicity has always been there, just because you have crossed certain boundaries, just because your behavior did not follow their common sense, and the curtain of covering up the differences between them fell for a while. Come down.
  I felt my throat tighten, and the nausea caused by my body’s metabolism when I ran at full force just now gradually became apparent. When I arranged my wallet, student ID, notebooks and books on the corridor floor as required, I saw tiny drops of water appear on the smooth surface of the plastic floor tiles. They flow sideways and converge to form a dull pond. It took me a long time to realize that those were my tears.
  They took turns passing my wallet, one mezzanine after another, and many coins fell on the ground.
  They tore open the cover of my notebook and dropped my wallet on the ground, and I kept saying sorry.