Hemisphere Circus

  However, our domestic customers tend to miss their hometown more than visiting overseas. The place names they reported are often old villages like Leiyang Yuanshou, Taizhou Longquan, Fengdu Heliang, etc., which I have never heard of, places that have gradually lost their names in the process of urbanization. Our suppliers have collected few scenery from these places and limited resources. They can only restore a small part of the fixed places. Because of the lack of data, many places and personnel in the materials are not up to date because of the lack of data. I am from the Chinese department and I am responsible for providing users with real-time voice explanations. The scene is similar, with a still river, an old waterwheel, a mottled wall, and scattered figures outside the hut in the distance, and the smoky smoke freezes in the air. I will attach history, plagiarize anecdotes and county chronicles, and fabricate memories for them based on all the materials I found. I will sort out the origin of the name of my hometown back then, as well as the subsequent evolution and changes, supplemented with some celebrity anecdotes that everyone loves to see, and add oil and vinegar from time to time, and invent some fictional history-one month after Emperor Xianxian ascended the throne in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, there were six A white crane flies among the reeds. People at the time regarded such a grand scene as auspicious, saying that there is a white bird in the field, and they will see the adults. Sure enough, in the autumn of the same year, Cao Cao came here and wrote his immortal poem. Tourist friend, you stand here and look there. Do you feel a little bit like Cao Cheng was quite young when he was writing poems in Linjiang and Hengli?
  I often make slight changes when telling the story, changing from Cao Cao to Li Bai, and from Li Bai to Zhuge Liang. After all, no ancients have been seen before, and their deeds on the earth cannot be falsified for a while. Sometimes guests like foreign literature, I will recite a little “Faust” as before. I can’t recite 50 lines from the beginning to the next like I did in middle school, and my memory begins to drift away when I reach the fifth line. . Maybe it was because I was separated from the reading environment of campus life, maybe because the lack of sleep caused by long-term overtime caused my memory to decline-every night after get off work, I rushed to the last subway to return to the community I rented outside the East Fifth Ring Road. , Sometimes I can’t even remember the building number I live in. The door card is passing downstairs in the wrong unit, the red light is on in the night sky, and the sirens beeps. So I usually only recite one or two sentences from the opening dedication to the guests: Shaky image, you are gradually approaching, which once developed before my vague eyes. All the things in front of me have been retired far away, but the misty past has appeared one by one.
  Fortunately, guests are generally unhappy to hear it here and then listen to it. Most people didn’t pay attention to my commentary from the beginning. They just took crazy pictures in the scene with other friends on the line, changing various angles to take many shots. Photo. That’s right, our products are also equipped with social functions. You only need to add a personal account on the social software. Even if your relatives and friends are not in the same room, they can travel together in a foreign country. Many of our colleagues will also play this game online together in the company when they work overtime until late at night. They will go to London, Rome and Paris together with them, pretending that they have got the long-awaited annual leave.
  From the company’s point of view, this is not in compliance with the regulations. The number of headsets is limited, and the price of the first generation machine is high. It is a sample for showing customers and should not be used by employees at will. What’s more, private sightseeing tours shouldn’t be carried out during work. The leader repeatedly emphasized this matter in the conference room, and finally even said that people who play during working hours will have to deduct their working hours. Employees who do not reach the quota each month will be eliminated. Many people are afraid to use the water dispenser during work because they are worried about the lack of time. This is an attempt to reduce the number of times to go to the bathroom. After the conference warning, everyone basically stopped playing, at least on the surface. Even in the face of heavy punishments, colleagues will take advantage of the absence of the leader. They can enjoy a stable network connection and a range of activities far beyond the rented room. The experience and atmosphere are much better than using at home alone.
  I only played it once quietly, only once. It was a night near the New Year. Although there was no urgent need, I still put on the helmet secretly, just like others. I manipulated the cursor with the joystick, fiddled on the virtual earth for a while, bound my social account, and chose the sightseeing place in Worms. I didn’t specifically want to look for anything, nor did I have a specific location in my heart. Perhaps I just wanted to confirm whether the scenery in my memories was correct or not. This time there is no need for someone to introduce the meaning behind the place names. The entire simulation navigation is explained by pre-recorded voices. The virtual plane I drove crossed the dateline and passed through where the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall were once. As the plane approached around Frankfurt, the plane began to descend slowly, and the Alps and Voldberg Mountains outside the stratum of clouds began to appear. Coming out, the commentary reminded me that not far away is the Bavarian Forest, covering an area of ​​about 300 square kilometers, which is the first national park in German history. I did not choose to change my route to play there. I still insisted on landing in Worms. The scenery outside the cab window slowly sank, and the small yellow and green squares gradually stretched out, forming large and small forests and farmland, and scattered around the farmland. farmhouse. Immediately after orange-red, brown-yellow domes, spires and bronze dragon statues emerged from the screen, the commentary began to introduce those buildings that I had been very familiar with many years ago: the Rhine Bridge, Martin Luther Square, Wall I have passed by them countless times in the Moss Church and the Jewish Church, crying and silent under their shadows, running and laughing, and telling many words that cannot be poured out to others. They were the wailing wall when I was young.
  I stood between the arcades of the synagogue and looked inside. The commentary told me that the prayer hall inside the church was built when the Roman style gradually declined and the Gothic architecture gradually rose. The round windows of the study in the east of the church were all classical Roman styles. , And Gothic arches are built outside the western wall. In the commentary, it is stated that on the Crystal Night in 1938, the church was almost razed to the ground, and the overall restoration was completed in the 1960s. What I see now is the appearance of the church after it was restored. I was walking on the lawn path outside the church house. I thought that the simulation model included in the game was earlier. Not long ago, a group of anti-Zionist movement attacked the building. The windows were broken and they threw a lot of Molotos in. Molotov cocktail. Since the Iraq War, disputes between new immigrants in the Middle East have emerged endlessly. The war has swept through, and there are ashes everywhere. Germany that has experienced the refugee crisis in Europe and the Germany that I was in are no longer like the same world. In the environment of this simulation game, time is frozen, the world is static, and the noise of the external world is completely incontaminated, like a bubble at the end of the endless universe.
  In all silence, I heard someone calling me. I opened the address book and saw that the person dialing was Ellie. Since that email, the two of us have not been in touch anymore, as if she wrote to me to tell me that the opinions of the two of us are not the same. I swiped to the right to answer the call, and added her avatar to the journey. I say hello Ellie, it’s been a long time since I saw Ellie. However, she didn’t speak. I reminded her to turn off the mute and connect to the microphone. The two tried many times, but in the end they couldn’t get it done. I don’t know how long her call from afar can last, so I hurried forward, for fear of missing every second of the journey. She followed me all the way, and the two of us marched in the direction of the old city center, passing the magnificent Catholic church, passing the town hall and parliament, bypassing the twin squares, and passing the cathedral. There is no destination in the continuous march, and there is no communication between the two people in the same group, but none of us stops, just walking in the same direction by appointment. The light circulates on our translucent bodies at night, and when the two of us look at each other, we can feel each other’s appearance as if it were ghosts.
  My eyes penetrated her, looking at the blurred road surface, as if I was staring at a cloud of smoke from the void. The illusion brought by technology triggers imagination and constantly stimulates my memories of the past. The luminous edge of Ellie’s milky white body is like a mirror above the car lights, giving me continuous hints of guidance. I quickly realized that we did not Which destination are you heading toward? It is not so much that we are not moving in the designated direction, as it is that we are actually moving forward along the route that we have planned independently. We found zebras on Berliner Street to the east, rhinos at the mouth of the Rhine, lions at the mouth of the Holy Trinity Church, tigers, birds and golden monkeys. The night fog has arrived, and the water of the Rhine continues to flow up. We ran in the damp fog at night, leaving all the commentaries and introduction pages behind us, and all the invisible beasts followed us closely. They were furry. With eyes drooping, looking straight ahead with us, four hooves and two feet run together in the building complex, creating a lot of wind in a world where there is no air flow. In the wind, I heard the screaming of horses neighing, they covered the water flow, covered the buzzing of the office computer room, and enveloped the entire universe in front of me.
  We led all the beasts that escaped from the zoo cage, all the way through the iron net of the Jewish cemetery to the edge of the forest, all the animals crossed the high wall, over our body, and ran towards the dark depths between the forests. I said to Ellie, the circus, Ellie, we now have our own circus. In the forest, all people are equal, and there will be no more divisions in the daily world. People laugh and play games and chat to die and live as long as they want. Free as long as you want. Leo can also join us in the circus and do whatever he wants. Ellie, did you hear that. Your Leo, our Leo.
  There was silence at the end of the voice call, and then came a steady and steady breathing. The time and space of the virtual world in the breath stretched out in the darkness, so quiet that it seemed that the icebergs melted, the mountains moved, and echoes came from outside the sky. I took off the headset and still kept the voice call. There is still some time before get off work, the lights of the buildings in the residential area outside the window are lit up one by one, the wind from the north is whizzing by, and the snow is constantly sliding down from the eaves, forming a milky white curtain. At the moment when the snow fell in the air, I was sure that I heard the sound of hemispherical pumping in the earphones.