Hemisphere Circus

  Magdeburg, a city famous for Chinese and foreign physics textbooks, was ruled by the Holy Roman Empire in 1654. In order to prove the existence of invisible atmospheric pressure in the universe, the then mayor Glick sent someone to vacuum the two hemispheres and dispatch Sixteen steeds pulled the hemispheres on both sides, the horses hissed, and there was a loud voice. However, it is said that the brass hemisphere did not move, even if there were no traces of slight shifts. Standing under the statue of Mayor Glick, I opened my mouth and explained to my friend: Because the inner wall of the hemisphere has been pumped, the external pressure is greater than its internal pressure, so the two hemispheres are tightly squeezed together by the atmospheric pressure. Ordinary forces are simply difficult to separate. She asked me, is it always inseparable? I said that as long as it is a vacuum environment, it has always been inseparable. She asked me why, and I explained it again. My explanation was repeated many times, and the two people laughed at the end. I heard her say to me in the laughter, but one cannot live in a vacuum.
  I am right. People and people cannot live in the vacuum created by the two hemispheres. Nitrogen and oxygen surround us.
  My friend stopped talking. In subsequent emails, she never talked to me about it. In fact, she talked very little about our common memories. Most of the time, she was talking about the lost dog, she Saying that someone saw it in Berliner Street, she would say in the next email that she followed a Bianmu outside the church, and quickly walked to the Jewish cemetery to find that it was not Leo. She is always happy to share with me the various clues she has collected during the search, and I am also happy to read her various statements about Leo’s whereabouts, as if the lost dog itself has become the only bond between us.
  This is easy to understand. She will share her life with me at the very beginning, but I have never learned how to respond correctly and promptly. When every email is opened, her condition is very bad. She mentioned that she had failed three more in the final exam. She mentioned that she did not take the make-up exam. She mentioned that she was left to the next level and could not be in the same grade as the original. The other people in, continue to participate in the exchange program and come to China to visit partners, and she has already stayed at the first level. Later, she said that she wanted to transfer to a school in another city, but worried that the dog would not be able to find her when she left. Eventually she mentioned that she wanted to give up her studies, find her father’s former friend in the town, and go into the water to become an apprentice welder. She said that underwater electric welding was very interesting. Shipwrecks and sunken ships can often be seen under the eddy currents of the Rhine River. The hull was glowing red and shiny by the electric spark from the gun barrel of the welding torch in his hand, as if it was really the gold at the bottom of the Rhine, the ring of Nibelungen. There are often water weeds at the bottom of the river, like the hair and fingers of a drowning person. She often stared at them for a long time, until she didn’t know it until the oxygen cylinder was about to run out, and her whole body was pulled up to the surface with a cable by the master on the shore.
  Every time I open the reply interface, I will stop for a while, searching for comfort sentences in my mind, just like I was very fond of apologizing in different ways. Every time I stayed longer and longer, the pause before the other party’s letter gradually increased. Later, the time when we exchanged an email with each other and the original receipt date could even be several months apart. I finally stopped contacting me completely after I went north to study for undergraduate. When I first had an overnight meal with a friend I met in the university, and took turns telling my own stories, I didn’t know why I told a row of empty bottles of snowflakes and boiled beef when I was fifteen years old. I talked about the situation where I was surrounded by misunderstanding and discrimination at the time. I talked about what happened to the two of us behind the supermarket door. I talked about how we were exiled by the crowd on campus, running and traveling in the city all the way. As I was talking, I suddenly laughed, and I said it was all because I didn’t take good care of that dog, damn Leo. A boy interrupted me. He said that the shepherd dog broke through the sky and lived to be ten and a half years old, and most of them did not even live for more than eight years. He asked me how old I was when the German black back went missing, and I froze and said that it was eight years old, almost eight and a half years old. He said that for a period of time before the shepherd was about to die, his head would tilt involuntarily and his tongue would be difficult to withdraw. He said that it is impossible for a dog owner to have been with his pet for eight years without noticing a similar change. He said that before your friend led you and Leo into the supermarket that day, you might have contacted others in advance to wait outside, sneaking away the dog and introducing it into the forest outside.
  There are also dogs on the island’s farms, Chinese pastoral dogs, and peasant native dogs. The color of their coats is so mixed that they can’t tell the source of their wealth. They are not picky eaters and have two meals a day. In addition, they eat chicken, duck, fish and shrimp. The veterinarian said that we feed them carefully. As long as they are regularly taken to the quarantine station for injections and medicines, they can live for more than ten to twenty years in the future. He said that the average life span of all Chinese native dogs is stable at 15 to 25 years.
  Did your friend know that her dog was sick a long time ago, but didn’t tell you.
  I wrote to ask Ellie if Leo was ill at the time, and there was no response. I wrote to ask if Leo was deliberately letting go, and asked why she didn’t tell me directly at the time and asked what she meant when she was on the rails. The letters I typed in the last question were all capitals, and each word was like a scream in a storm. Still no reply.
  Later, I would repeatedly think of myself adjusting my watch on the seat of an airplane many years ago, and the barking of a pet dog in the blackout cloth behind me. I should have thought that between my years of inquiries, Leo’s life span has already crossed the possible limit, and there has never been a 19-year-old German shepherd in this world. These artificially bred high-intelligence elites are born to be fit and strong, but they bear the price of short life. I have been keeping myself in the dark for various reasons, defining myself as someone who does not need to know the answer and the truth, as if everything has nothing to do with me. Just like birds and reptiles, for the convenience of life, their eyes are covered with a layer of tympanic membrane.
Seven, the circus

  It seems that I am not far enough away from the reality. After graduating from school, I worked in a company responsible for the development of virtual reality applications. After I joined the job, I was tossing between subway lines in huge cities all day long, selling to others another reality in the headset screen. Through cooperation with several large-scale remote sensing satellite image data providers, we build cities, restore streetscapes, provide simulated sightseeing tours to players, and strive to make the bricks and tiles in the virtual space appear as real. Domestic host users originally lack the habit of active consumption, and often complain about dizziness with virtual devices, so the company’s main business is basically directly overseas. In the first few years, business hasn’t improved. After all the overseas joints are cleared, there is little profit left, and the year-end bonuses for all employees are very meagre.
  The first explosive growth of business was in the spring of 2020. In the era of global epidemics, the borders of various countries were blocked from each other. Many people were still eager to travel without leaving home, so for the first time they thought that they could experience the outside world in a simulation game. The number of European user groups has jumped rapidly, probably due to the closure of a large number of local tourist attractions after the closure of the city. The Louvre and the Palace of Versailles have been closed one after another. Even the large and small zoos are closed to thank guests, and the children leave the campus. Online lessons in your own home.
  Fortunately, with our product, users only need to be in the living room and can roam around the world without leaving home. Whether they are walking under the London Bridge or roaming in the garden of the Taj Mahal, the software can be used for three hundred Sixty-degree panoramic opening to meet the needs of visitors. As long as the tour package is fully purchased, guests can even overlook the Arctic and Antarctic glaciers, the Pyramids of Giza and Machu Picchu from the clouds. The world suddenly closed by the global epidemic is reopened in virtual space. The ordinary scenes that were regarded as commonplace in the pre-epidemic era, but are now almost unattainable, are sealed by virtual reality technology into monuments that are difficult to destroy. We can enjoy the morning sakura with a laugh at Lake Kawaguchi, we can go to the Glastonbury Music Festival, which has long been closed due to social isolation, and gather together with everyone. We can visit the submerged Bay of St. Michel in reality. Next to the railway in Guizhichuan, I saw Xiaoyu, the head of the cat train station, who had passed away many years ago.