Hemisphere Circus

  I started brewing in my body the answer that I had already thought of, the answer that had nothing to do with all the other Chinese and German students. When I was ready, I told my friend that I had something to tell her. She nodded and said that she also had something to say.
  Our footsteps were precarious, walking from the Chinese restaurant to the side of the railway track, as if walking on the water all the way. In the afternoon, she lay down, resting her head directly on the sleepers.
  So I lay down, with my face close to the sleepers, the rocks under the railroad tracks were exposed to the sun, moist and warm, exuding the aroma of breadcrumbs.
  We face to face, our foreheads against our foreheads, the two of us were silent for a long time in the breeze, just listening to the sound of the lights going off in the distance. When they finally spoke, the two people started to speak at the same time. I was a little bit faster than her.
  I said I didn’t have any friends before I came here, and I can say that I was very distant from my family and relatives. It’s great to know you. I said I’ve often dreamed recently. I dreamed that we’ve known each other since we were young, and we lived not far from the street. When we were children, we went to school and left school together. We sat in the same classroom and watched the floating clouds in the sky. When we woke up, we always Will feel very sorry.
  After she heard what I said, she looked deeply moved and looked at me very surprised for a long time. Just when I took her hand to continue speaking, she spoke. I heard the faint sound of the train coming, and the roar enveloped everything. Amidst the thunderous noise, I saw her huffing to me: It’s over, it’s all over, it should be over long ago.
5. Zoo

  If I remember correctly, the semester really ended at that time, and there were still more than ten days before I officially returned to China by plane. In those ten days, I made many futile attempts to find a dog again, but in the end I did not save my personal dignity and the friendship between me and my friends. Thanks to the habit of wandering at noon, we ran through the large and small roads of the city and visited every scenic spot in the center of the town intentionally or unconsciously. So we divided the town into squares of equal space and equal area on the map, piece by piece. Specify the search order and search in order one by one every day. We rode our bikes to the old city center. After the disrepaired medieval buildings and the magnificent Catholic church, we passed through the parliament and municipal buildings and entered the monument complex with ancient legendary heroes and religious reform leaders. Be alert and never want to miss any corners. We marked every place we walked on the map with a marker. The cathedral, pier, and theater were all written with a digital code. We crossed out the numbers if we didn’t find them. We crossed out all the numbers in one day, so we paid out again. A new map was released and all the buildings were coded. The next day, all the arrangements of the previous day were re-executed. We coded, crossed out, and recoded, repeated many times. The rigorous scientific positivism search failed after many days of attempts. We finally chose to turn to the metaphysical mysterious power. My friend said she knew who was born in Before the war, the old Polish Gypsy used folk medicine to practice medicine. He was said to be good at divination. During the war, he used only tree branches, edible salt and triangle iron to help the exploration team to survey the mineral veins and water sources several times.
  The old man lived outside the old city wall in a place where Jews and ethnic minorities once lived before the war. On the top of the three-story building, there is a two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen with a strong smell of oily smoke and the sound of trains rumbling outside the window. Her living room is also used as a living room, with the musty smell of old wallpaper floating all day long. When we enter the house, we tend to walk along the roots of the walls in the house, not only because the insects and rats are rampant on the carpet in the center of the room, the wooden floor under the carpet has a history of nearly a hundred years. , Steel nails and nuts may have been worn through by many generations of walking. Every time there was a creaking noise under our feet, the two of us stood in the abyss as if we were standing in place and dared not move anymore.
  Across the ancient abyss, my friend asked the old man about her dog in German. The two people asked detailed questions and spoke quickly. From their back and forth speech, I could barely hear them saying, Leo, Leo, they are really good names, easy to remember, and very catchy. The old man said, Leo, it is Leonard, the heart of the lion, and the ordinary shepherd can’t bear such a name. My friend said, oh really, Leonard is my mother’s ex-boyfriend, and my mother asked me and my brother to treat him as a father. He used to work at the BASF chemical plant, not far from here. He was injured when the plant exploded. Ceramic fragments splashed and several pieces were embedded in the meat. Later, he stopped going to work, and occasionally worked as a welder for underwater lathes. During the day when he was not working, he usually drank at home during the day. When he saw me and his brother, he would fight. Last year, he drove while drunk and drowned under the bridge. His mother chose the tomb for his burial. We sprinkled the last handful of soil together. The old man exclaimed for a while and asked why he had to give the dog such a name in the first place. My friend shook his head. The old man asked why the dog didn’t look for it right away, but also went to a barbecue party. My friend shook his head.
  I was speechless beside me. I have never heard any member of this family talk about the father who originally existed.
  After several rounds of questioning and answering to no avail, the old man seemed to give up her inquiries and began to chat with my friends. Sometimes in order to let me join in and not be so overwhelmed, she used English very kindly. She said that she had lived in an orphanage when she was a child, and she talked about genocide and air strikes over the years. She talked about how she was brought here from Warsaw, how the original Polish language and living habits were in Germany. Under the gradual separation of the type of education, how did they gradually grow into a person who can work in the government system. She talked about many things she did in accordance with the work instructions of her superiors during the war, and then she talked about the zoo. The zoo is the Worms Zoo, which was originally located at the southeast corner of the town hall and is not far from the Nibelungen Bridge. It was built before the war. It has a masonry floor and Victorian pillars on both sides of the gate. It is very beautiful. The ticket is fifteen euros, you should all go take a look.
  When I was still in Shanghai, I rarely went to the zoo. Sometimes I told my family that I wanted to take my sister to have a look, but their answer is always that there are already a lot of animals in the house. Why do I have to pay to buy tickets? . I actually understand their position very well. I don’t put too much enthusiasm on the chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle and sheep at home. Apart from having to replenish feed and clear the fence, I seldom come into contact with and get close to them.
  But the zoo is very different. Every animal is taken care of by a dedicated person. They have shiny hair and shiny eyes. They live in a clear, transparent and bright glass room under the sun. They have been swimming for many years by the eyes of the crowd, and our own island. The animals in the upper barn to be slaughtered every day are simply species from another planet.
  We went there in the afternoon of the visit, perhaps because it was the most prosperous time at noon in summer when the zebras and jackals were sleeping. We walked along the pavement paved with half-moon-shaped stones, passing through the arcade made of red brick walls. A couple of families pushing baby strollers walked in front of us, the wheels rattling between the cracks on the hard rock road. Germans like to get close to nature, and they insist on going mountain climbing in rainy, snowy and windy weather. No wonder they also like to visit the zoo. The zoo is located on a shoal of a tributary of the Rhine. There is a river running through the garden, and there are lush trees on both sides of the river bank. They have grown together for decades and gradually stretched into a small forest.