Digital business opportunities under the epidemic

  There is a saying in the United Kingdom: “My home is my fortress.” In the context of the high fever of the new crown epidemic, travel, business trips and even gym exercises are all disturbed to varying degrees. Many people have to return to their only one. Fortress-home.
  At the beginning of the year, the “New York Times” interviewed many readers around the world to talk about the meaning of “home” after the outbreak. The most common answer was: home is no longer just the starting point of a day’s life, but all the sites of life throughout the day. .
  A survey found that in 2020, 85% of Americans will begin to focus on “arming” their homes with smart products, and 70% of respondents said that they invested in electronic products to improve their home environment after the epidemic. The survey found that before 2020, the biggest motivation for consumers to buy smart home equipment was security reasons, but after the epidemic, the “soft” reasons for home entertainment, improvement of home comfort, and improvement of home convenience began to become the main reasons. Consumption motivation.
  As people spend more time at home and the functions carried by the home increase, business opportunities centered on “home” begin to emerge.
Smart home fitness

  ”Gym running” was a common topic before the epidemic. During the epidemic, many gyms were forced to temporarily close, ranging from one month to three to four months, and the personal training courses on which gyms depended had to be suspended. Poor capital turnover, coupled with labor costs and rent pressure, have caused the risk of gyms to collapse sharply.
  After the outbreak, the gym closed without warning, which caught many members by surprise. The idea of ​​”stay at home and exercise” is becoming more and more popular, not only because of people’s concerns about being infected by the virus during the epidemic, but also because of their distrust of gym operators. Among the several fitness groups I joined, many people are afraid of the bosses running away, and choose to purchase fitness equipment to exercise at home.
  Except for individual male bodybuilders who pursue muscle gain, women actually exercise at home, which can usually satisfy the effect of reducing fat and maintaining body shape. Fitness with aerobic and strength exercises as the goal can actually be assisted by many smart products, such as wearable devices that measure various physical indicators. Fitness enthusiasts who have been to the gym should know that when doing aerobic exercise, they must look at the heart rate and calories burned per unit time to estimate whether their work is effective.
  In addition, they are all experienced irons players. How can you not know the changes in your body fat and muscle mass every day? After all, body data has always been a “learning” for fitness enthusiasts to show off.
  ”My body fat has dropped to 15%.”
  ”Your abdominal muscles are so obvious. What is your body fat?”
  The Apple Watch 7 fitness model updated this year can not only read data such as heart rate and step count, but also Connect with other Apple products and share your own exercise at home. Yes, there is now a market demand for sharing exercise at home. During the epidemic, physical space cannot practice together, but no one is an island, even exercisers have the desire to share. The product has 17 scenes to choose from, including yoga, aerobic, running, hiking and other modes. Each scene forms a community for exercisers to share with each other. In addition, fitness-themed online communities are also very important for beginners. After all, they can correct their posture errors through videos and communication.

  At the moment, most producers and output signals stay at the 4K standard.

Mirror Fitness Online Class Magic Mirror

  It has to be said that virtual fitness courses have become a popular online phenomenon after the outbreak. There is a magic mirror for home fitness online classes called Mirror. Users can usually use it as an ordinary mirror, and they can use it to link to the coach in real time during exercise, so that it is convenient to follow the coach in the mirror at home to exercise. This Mirror currently provides stretching, yoga and aerobics courses, allowing students to compare their movements with the instructor through the mirror. However, some users who participated in the evaluation said that the mirror is very narrow, and if the action is slightly larger, it will be out of the box, and the real-time interaction function between members needs to be improved.
How else can I play in the home theater?

  During the epidemic, the time spent at home has increased. In addition to physical exercise, home audio-visual equipment is also indispensable.
  For European families, the TV in the living room is a dazzling presence. Many European families believe that television deprives the family of daily joy, leading to a lack of communication between family members, and children are easily addicted to junk TV programs. In many home decoration programs, design experts try their best to deprive the TV of the central position of the living room, so that people are more concerned about the scenery outside the window or the artwork placed in the living room.
  LG followed this trend and launched a high-definition TV this year that can disappear completely without using it. This roll-in OLED TV has the world’s first TV screen that can be rolled up. It has three states: the fully-rolled state when the power is off; the half-rolled state with only a small banner exposed; and the fully expanded playback state.
  In the banner state, this TV can become a clock, or a weather and calendar reminder. And from fully scrolled to fully displayed, the screen only needs 8 to 10 seconds to complete.
  The author tried to find 10 websites to evaluate this product, and found that most of the reviewers are satisfied with the picture quality of this roll-in TV, but the price is a bit surprising: one is 100,000 US dollars.
  In addition, another step of LG company trying to occupy the user’s living room space is to introduce 8K TV. According to the website of LG’s US branch, 8K TVs are also based on OLED technology, with three times more pixels than the 4K HD TVs we currently watch.

OLED rollable screen

  In fact, the pixel of Blu-ray DVD is 3840×2160, which is also the production standard for most video programs and high-definition television broadcasts. The 8K TV’s pixels will reach 7680×4320. So here comes the problem: even those users who have purchased 8K TVs can only watch most of the programs in 4K, because most of the producers and output signals currently stay at the 4K standard.

  In order to solve the signal source problem, LG’s competitor Samsung launched an 8K video signal source platform, so that users who buy Samsung 8K TVs can watch the real 8K picture quality. The Tokyo Olympic Games, which was postponed due to the epidemic, should have been broadcast live on 8K signals to the whole world. However, due to unknown reasons, Japan only broadcasted 200 hours of 8K programs and 8K programs of Olympic events on the domestic NHK TV network. The full popularity in many countries may not be mature yet.
  However, another problem faced by 8K technology cannot be solved by the source of the video signal, and that is the size of the TV. An American electronic product tasting blogger said that the real difference between 4K TV and 8K TV can only be seen on a large screen of 65 inches or more; the smaller the screen, the more difficult it is for ordinary TV viewers to recognize the difference between the two. . Whether it is Samsung or LG, the screen size of an 8K TV starts at 65 inches, and the largest is 110 inches. In Asian homes with congested space, larger and larger TV screens seem impractical.
Video games grab the beach in the 8K market

  If 8K image quality TV broadcasting is still in the exploratory stage, then video games have taken the lead in taking the lead in the 8K field.
  In the past two years, Sony (PlayStation 5) and Microsoft (Xbox X) have respectively introduced electronic game processors that can support 8K image quality. Of course, the hardware has already arrived, but the pace of game manufacturers is still lagging behind. To produce a 4K video game, you have to process 8 million pixels, and to produce an 8K video game, you have to process 330 million pixels.
  8K video game hardware device developers also face a problem, that is, the hardware already exists, but the content is extremely lacking. The electronic website “Tech Hive” conducted a test in early 2020, allowing volunteers to watch 7 short videos, and let them judge which are 4K quality and which are 8K quality. As a result, most of the volunteers were confused.

  To produce a 4K video game, you have to process 8 million pixels, and to produce an 8K video game, you have to process 330 million pixels.

8K TV for Canton Fair Exhibition in 2021

PlayStation 5 game console

  There are also electronic players who said that 8K technology should not be used for TV screens, but for computer displays. Because watching an 8K screen TV in the living room from a long distance, the effect is not obvious, and the 8K computer screen allows users to better experience the ultra-high-definition screen at a short distance. On the premise that graphics cards and other hardware can support it, this is undoubtedly a boon for designers and visual artists.

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