A timeless classic, the mighty love gave birth to “Canon” lingering and tactful

   As we all know, “Canon” is a world-famous piece of music. This kind of music has a special performance technique, that is, after the main sentence starts, the same tune must be entered one after another at a certain interval, followed by the beginning to the end, until the last measure, they are closely integrated together, no longer separate. And the tunes are lingering and tactful, just like a pair of partners go with each other forever.
   The reason why the world famous song “Canon” is given such a deep emotional tone is because of a touching love story of its composer, the German musician Johann Pachelbel (Johann Pachelbel)!
  Piano storm
   John Pachelbel orphans of the city of Nuremberg, Germany, in 1660, a priest called Sambi of England to Nuremberg to attend priesthood meeting. It was the mid-winter of the nines, and Sambi came out of the church and ran into Pachelbel who was begging along the street. Looking at the 9-year-old boy who was shivering with cold, Sambi couldn’t restrain his pity, and took poor Pachelbel into his arms.
   Sambi took Pachelbel in and brought him back to England, where he lived in a small town called Sabito on the outskirts of London. There is a church left from the Middle Ages, and Sambi took care of the church while teaching Pachelbel to study culture. Pastor Sambi came from a family of music, so he mainly taught Pachelbel to play the piano. Unexpectedly, Pachelbel has an unparalleled talent for music.
   When Pachelbel was 20 years old, he had already become a well-known local piano player. Whenever a celebration is held in the small town of Sabie, Pachelbel must be invited to play a few songs. During a harvest festival, Pachelbel played piano music for people as usual. However, among the many admirers who watched, there was a 17-year-old girl named Barbara Gabler whose heart was quietly moved. Barbara is the daughter of a gardener. A few years ago, she went to study flower arranging skills in other places. Now she has only returned to her hometown, so she saw Pachelbel perform on stage for the first time.
   For Barbara, who is just beginning to love and is beautiful and sunny, she not only favors Pachelbel’s talent, but also loves this handsome and handsome boy.
   At the end of Pachelbel’s song, Barbara specially waited at the exit of the stage holding a bunch of beautiful violets, and said to the slightly shy and restrained boy: “Can I express my respect for you on behalf of the people in town? ”
   Although Barbara said so, Pachelbel knew in his heart that in local customs, violets were the love flower between young men and women, and Pachelbel wanted to continue his studies in music and art, and he did not want to be involved at this moment. Into the vortex of any love emotion.
   So he did not accept the other party’s Violet, and replied tactfully with a smile on his face: “Thank you, and thank everyone in the town for their love to me, but my piano playing skills are far worse than those famous teachers. So please leave this bunch of flowers temporarily, and accept it when I am truly successful!”
   Barbara saw that the violet in her hand had not been sent out, tears filled her eyes suddenly. To be honest, as the most beautiful girl in the town, Barbara has no shortage of suitors. Looking at Pachelbel’s increasingly heroic figure under the sunlight, Barbara couldn’t help but think: Yes, if you worship this boy as a piano teacher, wouldn’t you be able to be with him every day?
   The parents naturally agreed to Barbara’s ideas. So a few days later, Barbara’s parents found Pachelbel’s adoptive father, Pastor Sambi. The enthusiastic Sambi knew where Barbara’s secret thoughts were, and tried to persuade Pachelbel to agree to it.
   When Pachelbel and Barbara were alone, Pachelbel asked with a serious face: “Only learn piano art and don’t talk about other things.” Barbara pouted and nodded.
   Barbara began to learn piano from Pachelbel. At first, she was patient and studied carefully for more than two months. Later, seeing Pachelbel always put on a serious posture, Barbara became a little uncomfortable. After learning to play the piano, he became absent-minded, and sometimes even deliberately played the tune in a mess to protest Pachelbel.
   Pachelbel has no experience in love, so he regards Barbara’s behavior as a study-weary behavior, and criticizes her again and again: “You are too careless when you learn the piano!”
   Barbara secretly shed tears because of grievances: “Artists are passionate and kind, but why don’t you read my mind for so long? Did I really hit an elm bump!” Barbara It’s still going its own way, unwilling to correct Pachelbel’s criticism of himself.
   Finally, one day Pachelbel couldn’t hold back the anger in his chest, and his face was extremely ugly, and he gave a chase order: “Barbara, please leave, you are not suitable for continuing to learn.” At
   that moment, Barbara’s stubborn self-esteem was affected. Great harm and challenge. Facing Pachelbel’s decisive look, Barbara threw down a loud voice: “Don’t say I can’t, I must practice the piano by myself when I go back, and I must practice it for you!” The
  long wait
   Pachelbel didn’t pay much attention to Barbara’s words at first, thinking she was just talking about it enthusiastically for three minutes. Unexpectedly, after returning home, Barbara worked hard to practice piano, and even went out to seek guidance from famous teachers.
   In order to improve her piano performance more quickly, Barbara asked her parents to create a special piano room with a reminder saying not to disturb anyone at the door. Whether it was a cold winter day or a scorching summer day, Barbara plunged into the piano room.
   Two full years have passed, and Barbara’s piano performance can be said to be different from what it used to be. When the news reached Pachelbel, he couldn’t believe it. Could the absent-minded piano girl really counterattack and become a dark horse in the music industry?
   At the age of 23, Pachelbel has become one of the heads of the London Piano Association, specifically in charge of major competitions. When planning for a high-level piano performance competition in the UK, Barbara approached Pachelbel and solemnly requested to register for the competition. When Pachelbel saw the girl who was often criticized by him in the past, now she stood in front of her generously. On the contrary, Pachelbel blushed and asked anxiously: “Do you still hate my criticism and sarcasm?”
   Barbara smiled: “Thank you, it is those harsh words that motivate me to move forward!” Listening to Barbara’s lightly replied, Pachelbel’s heart finally fell to the ground, but he was still kind. He reminded: “This competition has gathered masters, and those who can win trophies are rare. If you feel that you are not confident enough, you can participate in the next competition.”
   Barbara shook her head and took Pachelbel’s hand tightly. With a slight blush on his cheeks, he suppressed his pounding heartbeat and asked: “If I really win the trophy for this competition, can you help me achieve a wish?” Pachelbel stared at Barbara shyly. With his expression, it is possible to guess the little secret that has been hidden in the other party’s heart for a long time.
   A few days ago, Pastor Sambi, Pachelbel’s adoptive father, mentioned Barbara. He told Pachelbel that when boys reach the age of marriage, they should have their favorite friends of the opposite sex, and Barbara is a small town. The girl that people praised is perfect. Faced with Barbara’s body temperature, Pachelbel replied shyly: “Of course, as long as you can get back the trophy of the game, I will help you achieve your wish.”

   With five months to go before the date of the competition, Barbara is determined to live up to the emotional secret in her heart. Of course, she wants to join hands with her favorite prince Pachelbel. She simply shut herself in the piano room and did two things. I don’t hear things outside the window, and I only practice piano music. In order to give her sweetheart an unexpected surprise, Barbara silently endured the pain of lovesickness and did not contact Pachelbel for five months. Five months later, Barbara went to the City of London to participate in the competition, and she finally succeeded.
   Barbara was holding the trophy wrapped in red silk cloth, just like holding the red hydrangea bestowed by Yuelao, and she returned to the town of Sabidu with excitement. But when she entered the room belonging to Pachelbel in the church, she found that someone had gone to the building. Barbara was surprised to find Pastor Sambi, only to learn the bad news: because the British were involved in a war on the European continent at that time, Pachelbel, as a young man, had to be urgently enlisted into the army to go to the battlefield.
   At that moment, Barbara’s hot heart seemed to have been poured with a scoop of cold water, and it was instantly cold. Tears flowed silently along the cheeks, and the five flavors in my heart were mixed, and I couldn’t tell what kind of pain and sorrow it was. But after she was sad, she wiped away her tears and said: “Pachelbel, you must return safely, I will wait for you, and will wait forever!”
   From then on, Barbara stayed at home for a long time. Waiting. During the days when she couldn’t sleep at night, Barbara poured her thoughts of Pachelbel on every note played by the black and white keys. Time flies, and four years have passed. At that time, due to extremely poor communication conditions, even though Barbara tried every means to inquire, she could not find any news about Pachelbel. Only know that the cruel war intermittently has not stopped.
   In four years of infinite thoughts, how many songs Barbara has played about missing her sweetheart, even she herself can’t tell. In short, one of her favorite songs is called “Waiting for the Return of Love”. Whenever it is late at night, the neighbors will hear this sad, low and lingering tune from Barbara’s piano room.
   However, she only made the first two parts of the song, and the third part felt that no matter how hard she tried, she didn’t feel that it was in good time. Barbara played the first two parts over and over again, and people who listened to it were also very fascinated.
   In the long waiting period, things are changing too. Not long after, Pachelbel’s kind adoptive father, Pastor Sambi, died of an illness; later, a playboy named Walker in the town of Sabidu began to pursue and pester Barbara feverishly, but Barbara categorically refused.
   Walker, the mayor’s son, has long been obsessed with Barbara’s beauty. Seeing that Pachelbel, Barbara’s sweetheart, had been silent for a long time, Walker had a crooked thought and deceived Barbara by saying that Pachelbel’s British troops had been defeated in a row, and maybe he had been killed on the battlefield long ago. . But no matter how sweet Walker tempts and entangles in every way, Barbara just doesn’t believe his nonsense. Walker was at a loss to do anything, and it was difficult to eat and drink, causing lovesickness.
  A famous
   mayor to meet his son obsessed with Barbara simply unable to extricate himself, and his men will discuss how to do. The people of his staff made an idea and said: “The reason why Barbara did not agree to this marriage is because of Pachelbel. If you get her body that looks like Pachelbel back, you won’t let Barbara’s girl completely. Did you stop thinking about it?” The mayor listened and sighed helplessly: “If you want Barbara to give up, you can only do so without your conscience.” For the rich and powerful mayors, through various It’s not difficult to retrieve a dead soldier’s body from the battlefield in front of the relationship and channel, so he arranged for his confidant to do it in secret.
   A few days later, there was a terrible news from the small town of Sabidu that Pachelbel, who had been drafted into the army, was actually shot and killed on the battlefield, and the body had been transported back to the town church. When the mayor notified Barbara of the news, Barbara’s brain buzzed and staggered towards the church.
   The church at this time was already full of people. After all, Pachelbel was a pianist who was very respected by the people in the small town before his death, so people came to the funeral of Pachelbel spontaneously with a heavy heart. Barbara ran to the coffin and lifted the white cloth covering the deceased’s body. The corpse that appeared in front of her was indeed like Pachelbel.
   It’s just that the contours of facial features are blurry and cannot be identified carefully. However, when Barbara saw the name card and self-portrait photo on the chest of the deceased, she suddenly fainted. Because in addition to a clear photo of Pachelbel, there is also Pachelbel’s handwritten name. Barbara couldn’t be more familiar with the characteristics of the pen style of her sweetheart.
   Barbara was in a coma for two days, and when she opened her eyes, Pachelbel’s body had been buried. Looking at Pachelbel’s handsome and sunny face on the tombstone, Barbara’s heart was dripping blood. There is nowhere to vent the huge grief, Barbara can only play “Waiting for the Return of Love” over and over again.
   On a quiet night, the sad and euphemistic tunes spread so far that the neighbors felt immense sympathy and regret for this infatuated girl.
   The mayor deceived the people in the town with carefully forged portrait photos of Pachelbel and name cards, and also deceived the simple Barbara. Seeing this, Walker, the mayor’s son, took the opportunity to attack Barbara again and again, trying to capture the girl’s heart with flowers and money.
   However, Barbara ignored it and threw out all the violets and coins that Walker had given him. She told Walker: Her life belongs to Pachelbel alone! Under Walker’s repeated entanglement, the desperate Barbara finally used her life to die for her sweetheart.
   On a bright moonlit night, after playing “Waiting for the Return of Love”, she cut her wrists with the self-portrait left by Pachelbel during her lifetime. However, less than two months after Barbara killed herself, a piece of explosive news suddenly spread in the town, and Pachelbel returned! Not only did he live well, but he also became an officer.
   Pachelbel had been in the army for more than four years and had been baptized by the flames of war, but he broke through all his life. He made military merits and was promoted from an ordinary soldier to a middle-level officer. But Pachelbel would always involuntarily think of a person on the battlefield, and a youthful and lively figure of this person would appear before him. She was Barbara.
   Pachelbel found that he missed Barbara more and more, so that he wrote emotionally in the battle diary: When her love was going around around, I never cherished it. Back then, I was hurt because of my ignorance. Her heart…When I return to the small town of Sabidu, I must be with Barbara forever!
   Pachelbel finally survived the war and couldn’t wait to return to the small town of Sabidu, but he never saw the lively and beautiful Barbara again. After learning the truth of the matter, he opened the piano with tears and trembling hands, holding the first two parts of the “Waiting for the Return of Love” left by Barbara.
   The musician’s hand slid gently on the keyboard, and scenes of past events appeared before him. Pachelbel’s heart was filled with endless thoughts and sorrows. He hoped that Barbara in heaven would be happy, happy, and no longer sad for love. Painful and sad! I hope she is calm and peaceful!
   In his strong desire, the sound of music is like a winding river, shining golden light in the sun. In that ding-ding-dong-dong, Pachelbel seemed to see Barbara’s flying hair, brilliant smiling face and swaying skirts… The third part of Barbara’s unfinished “Waiting for the Return of Love” is completed. Pachelbel renamed the song “Canon”.
   Since then, “Canon” has spread all over the world. When people listen to this piece, they are deeply attracted by its sad, low and lingering tone. I wonder if they will realize that the charm of “Canon” lies in the twists and turns of the love story behind it.

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