The British “labor shortage” is difficult to solve

  At present, the shortage of labor in the UK and the supply chain crisis have impacted more and more industries, and the British people are more worried about whether they can guarantee sufficient Christmas supplies. After Brexit, the immigration policy has been tightened, and the “labor shortage” has affected many industries in the UK. Christmas tree suppliers warned that due to the increase in imported fir, labor and transportation costs, there may be a shortage of Christmas trees this year, and prices will rise. Because of the lack of labor, turkey farmers in many parts of the United Kingdom have no way to pack and transport turkeys. They have to reduce the production of turkeys. Under the imbalance of supply and demand, turkey prices are bound to rise.
  In addition, British slaughterhouses also require a large amount of labor from abroad, and lack of manpower will greatly reduce the speed of slaughter. As a result, some pig farms: “pigs are overwhelmed”, fearing that they will have to start culling the longer and fatter pigs in violation of the law restricting breeding density, but cannot send them to the market. The British National Farmers Union warned that if this continues, the United Kingdom may be As many as 10,000 pigs were slaughtered in vain without any economic benefits. British pig farmers have never felt exhausted under such pressure. We are still suffering from economic losses. We are in a very bad situation and the British people are facing more problems. This is due to factors such as rising container transportation costs. British consumers may face even higher this year. Reuters reported that due to the lack of truck drivers and warehouse keeper in the UK, the port of Felixstowe in the east of England has no space to stack more containers. The global container shipping giant Maersk has requested part of it. vessels to avoid Felixstowe

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