Make your life stubborn like a rock

  A friend was traveling in Tibet. On the way from Lhasa to Gang Rinpoche, I watched her and her partner park the car on the grassland, set up a small table on the ground, and a few people were sitting there drinking tea. In the city, she is a tea lover, and now the whole grassland has become her tea room.
  At an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, this is not easy. The most difficult part is to carry equipment to boil water and find ways to keep the water temperature, because different teas require different temperatures. But from the faces of her and friends, I saw a kind of satisfaction. They are indeed a bit hypocritical of “photographing and posting to Moments,” but they are really trying to “live”.
  I also traveled on the same road not long ago. On the way from Saga County to Gang Rinpoche, I saw an off-road vehicle parked between the national highway and the river. Three young men had a picnic there. They actually made hand-made coffee meticulously. This surprised and ashamed me who is also a coffee lover. I brought a few packs of hanging ear coffee in my hiking bag. Because I had to overcome altitude sickness and was busy on the road, I didn’t have the urge to drink coffee.
  In contrast, they still stick to their lives on the plateau, as stubborn as a rock and as beautiful as a snow-capped mountain. Not only are they on their way, but as the buzzword related to the Alps puts it, “Go slowly and appreciate it.” This relaxed state is indeed enviable.
  In the past, when we talked about the meaning of travel, we emphasized seeing different landscapes and experiencing different lives. Therefore, when you go to Tibet, you must try to drink sweet tea or butter tea, and it is best to put aside the coffee you used to be used to. We will emphasize the “locality” of this original ecology, and “more authentic” means better.
  However, a new phenomenon seems to have appeared in recent years. Some young people living in big cities will regard their lifestyle above all else. In more vulgar words, it is to “manage people”, create a moving “self”, and then “play oneself” every day. In this case, it’s obviously a little bit unkind, because if a kind of “personality” is good and it is worth working hard to maintain, then what’s wrong.
  After all, you are what you can live out of. For people living in big cities, what kind of life you are, what kind of person you are. What really shapes you is not your life ideals and lofty ambitions, but your lifestyle as unique as possible. The so-called “becoming yourself” may not be in the illusory heart, but in the concrete and tangible life.
  The age of social media provides everyone with a stage to “play yourself”. There are smart people who find business opportunities, such as summarizing a person’s Weibo or Moments with a software, and editing it into a book for printing. Of course, not everyone’s “day-to-day” has the value of publishing books, but for individuals, if they have the opportunity to systematically look at their circle of friends in the past few years, it must be very meaningful. Maybe you will feel that it is a stranger, and life is much more exciting than you. You are looking at yourself with a new perspective, or you are experiencing the “new self” with an old perspective.
  From this point of view, the words “showing” and “showing”, which are often derogatory, actually have a positive force. For the new urban middle class, lifestyle is a new way for them to define themselves. To measure the “value of life”, it is no longer necessary to wait for someone to write the epitaph after death, nor to see how much contribution has been made to mankind, but to “live earnestly” every day.
  Take coffee as an example. More and more people choose to make their own coffee. The process of grinding and brewing coffee is the same every day, but to make yourself satisfied, you must take it seriously every time, so that you can always maintain a level. It doesn’t make sense to others, but it means a lot to yourself. Moreover, it is precisely because others do not know or understand that you feel interesting, and you see yourself in the process-self-sufficient, complete, and unique.

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