Life is continuous growth

  Annie is not a greedy person. She is a girl in a small town. Her mother disappeared when she was two years old. She grew up with her grandparents since she was a child. Under such circumstances, as a high school graduate, Annie entered the fertilizer factory in the county and became a full-time worker. She married a handsome and tall husband, and then gave birth to a lovely daughter. In Annie’s heart, she really felt that this was a beautiful day.
  After two years of blooming flowers, Annie’s heart, like a little fish in the boundless ocean, fluttered and became restless.
  Because the fertilizer factory works in three shifts, Annie took her maternity leave and went to work, only to realize that her work was unfair to her daughter—the daughter saw her too little. Annie don’t want to live a life that is different from her daughter’s upside-down life. She thought: If I have a good skill and I change positions, I can start normal day shifts, right?
  With such a simple idea, Annie picked up the book. She wanted to learn financial knowledge and do accounting.
  Of course, life does not follow everyone’s expectations. Annie quickly obtained the accounting qualification certificate, but at this time she found that the position was not easy to change. The financial office turned out to be a sweet pastry, and it was not only Annie who stared at this position. Annie was a little frustrated, she thought, what good is it for me to study so hard?
  At this time, her husband comforted her in a timely manner. He smiled and said, I heard that accountants in big cities earn more than our factory directors! Learning is your own, how can it be useless?
  Annie continued to pick up the books, she was going to take the exam. She regretted not studying well that year. But if you go to school well and get admitted to a good university-then you won’t know your husband. Annie laughed when she thought about this.
  After a few years, the efficiency of the fertilizer plant began to decline and gradually deteriorated. It’s almost impossible to pay wages. At this time Annie had already obtained the Intermediate Accountant Certificate. She discussed with her husband: Seeing that the factory is getting worse and worse, am I looking for a new job?
  The husband said, it’s up to you. At that time there was already a rift between them. When two people are a husband and wife, if there is a match made in heaven, there will be mistakes. No one is right or wrong. Annie looked at his increasingly cold back and thought, even if the relationship ceases, fortunately I still have myself.
  Annie resigned from the factory and joined an accounting firm. The office is very busy. Anne has been a monk halfway through and has no retreat, so she works and studies desperately, and follows her seniors on business trips, and her horizons are getting wider and wider. During this process, she gritted her teeth and passed the two certificates of Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Agent.
  The hardships are hard to explain in a word. But the process of learning is also a process of self-improvement. The happiness and satisfaction gained in this process is another kind of happiness that can make up for some unavoidable suffering in life.
  Anne and her husband’s marriage finally couldn’t go on, and the two divorced peacefully. At this time, a friend at work suggested to Anne to go to the city. He had a relationship with the city and was looking for a partner to open an office. Annie quickly made a decision that she was leaving here, and there was a wider world outside.
  Annie is now a partner in a firm. She met her husband later and had a happy marriage again. Every year when I go back to my hometown during the New Year holidays, I drive past the old site of the fertilizer plant, surrounded by green trees, and there is already a high-rise living area. Annie looked at her from a distance, and she often felt an involuntary sigh. She still kept in touch with her old colleagues. Those old people, at the same age as Annie, entered the fertilizer factory together. They were young girls with beautiful dreams. Now, most of them have become idle middle-aged women. people. The fertilizer factory is gone, and their youthful years have disappeared with it. Their subsequent lives were like sinking in a mud of chaos, confused and fuzzy.
  But the growing Annie knew that even though her age was also growing, she kept her youth through continuous learning. Her heart is a young heart.
  Who doesn’t yearn for a better and better life? She achieved this good by reading books