Keep a straight line

  In order to keep the body in a standardized posture, I hope everyone will pay attention: certain parts of the body, such as the section from the top of the head to the tailbone, must be consciously maintained in a straight line.
  As long as the posture of the top of the head and tailbone is adjusted to a standard, the back spine can be straightened, the chin will naturally contract, and the spine will be bent in an S shape. This is the correct and standardized posture.
  The neck just supports the head, and the weight of the upper body falls on the two legs in a balanced manner. This is the best posture to reduce the burden on the body. This posture looks refreshing and gives a sense of majesty and respect. In addition, as the chest cavity opens, breathing becomes smoother.
  If the posture is not correct, the neck will not be able to support the heavy head, the neck will tilt forward, the head will drop weakly, the shoulders will drop, and the body will tilt forward. If this is the case, the chest cavity will be compressed, adding a burden to the internal organs, breathing will become blocked, and the function of the internal organs may also be affected.
  In modern society, the number of people who use computers for a long time is increasing. Many people have incorrect postures, causing stiffness and pain in the shoulders and neck, which in turn leads to mental stress and emotional irritability. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct and standardized posture and pay attention to adjusting the posture of the body at all times.
  My monastery opened a zazen puja, and a lady has been participating in it for 20 years. When she first started sitting in meditation, she had been troubled by the severe hunchback, because of this, she had also been ill. She has used orthodontic appliances to correct her kyphosis, but it didn’t work. Through sitting meditation, her hunchback gradually improved and her wrong posture was also adjusted. Of course, there is no need to use the braces, and the body has recovered.
  Now, this lady is over 70 years old. She said, “People around me said that my posture has improved. I am very happy!” I think it is because she looks younger after correcting her hunchback. .
  Once the posture is adjusted correctly, the heart can also inspire ambition, no matter what, you can do it actively. The body burden such as neck and shoulders will also be reduced, emotional anxiety and mental confusion will also be relieved, and these changes will gradually appear in the facial expressions.
  ”Oh, my shoulders are so sore, I’m going to use the patch again tonight…” In this case, his expression will become very depressed. If the soreness disappears, there will naturally be a smile on the face, and the expression will become sunny and cheerful?
  Needless to say, people around will say: “Ah! This person is really talented.” So in terms of work, efficiency can also be greatly improved. More importantly, if you want to live happily at all times, then graceful posture is essential.

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