How does the arrow of time fly

   Sean Carroll, Theoretical Physicist at California Institute of Technology “From Eternity to Now: Pursuing the Ultimate Mystery of Time” is a popular science book that explains cosmology. The specific content is mainly about the interpretation of the time arrow by the multiverse hypothesis.
   There are only very few and very simple mathematical formulas in the book. From this point of view, it must not be said that this book is difficult to read, but if you want to accurately understand the physical concepts expressed in the book, you still need to follow the author’s thinking very seriously. .
   The author wrote in the preface: “This book is about the nature of time, the beginning of the universe, and the deep structure of physical reality.” The theory of this book is to examine the universe as a whole, the birth, development, and development of the universe. Reproduction and end (eternity), that is, how the life cycle of the universe itself runs, is mainly based on the multiverse inflation and big bang model.
   Of course, these are also the thinking of intelligent creatures in the universe (that is, human beings) on these issues. It is precisely because of the birth of human beings in the universe that these so-called issues and this book have arisen. If the universe exists and operates “lonely” in the state of non-intelligent creatures, what kind of scene is it? Will the universe try to “understand” itself?
   The author also explained in the book that his views are only the words of one family. “We will try to face this question, but we don’t know the answer.” The author said in a footnote, “If a young person reads this book, I believe this question is serious (or interesting) and deserves a lot of attention. It’s great to start looking for answers there. Of course it’s okay for people who are not young, age doesn’t matter that much. Anyway, if you finally discover the arrow of time, how to explain it, and it’s widely accepted by the physics community. Please don’t forget to tell me whether this book has played any role.”
   In addition to the theoretically rigorous exposition, this book is also close to a full-length prose poem, and its text organization has a good sense of beauty and beauty. sense of rhythm. For the Chinese translation, this is of course a work completed by the author and the translator.
   This is a book worth reading a second or even multiple times, like taking part in an adventure in life’s emotions and rational thinking. In the remote and magnificent space-time movement of the universe, there must be human wisdom or enthusiasm or calmly prying into its secrets.
   The special feature of this book is that it retains the English version of the reference and noun index, as well as the page number of the English version corresponding to the translation-this greatly facilitates those readers who want to read the English version at the same time. The appendix also introduces the necessary basic mathematics knowledge in fairly beautiful and transparent language, with the purpose of making it easier for a wider range of readers to understand the concept of numbers in astronomy. The translator is so careful, adding translator’s notes where necessary, correcting a few inaccuracies in the original text, and being able to provide additional information to help readers better understand. Jungle Pine

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