How did the music festival that young people go to become “spending money for sin”?

The “queuing inward roll” is getting more and more intense, enjoy or suffer?

  ”Catch up with the tail of summer and go to a music festival.” During the National Day just past, many young people took the check-in music festival as an important activity to ignite the holiday carnival atmosphere.
  Many music festivals with different styles, such as the 72 hours of tide worship, the Cactus Music Festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival, and the Taihu Bay Music Festival, have set off rounds of enthusiasm during the National Day, and continue to be on major short video platforms. Achieve secondary propagation. According to the company’s data, there are nearly 20 music festival performances across the country in the 7th day of the National Day.
  Even if the holiday is over, there will be at least 5 major music festivals in mid-to-late October, including Strawberry Music Festival, Yellow Sea Forest Music Festival, etc., all of which have announced their time and lineup one after another. Those who may love music may not be considered young people who really understand music. People, try to sway their long backlog of emotions wantonly at the music festival. Under the influence of epidemic prevention and control measures, large-scale concerts are difficult to approve and the tourism industry is difficult to fully recover. Small music festivals seem to be the biggest beneficiaries of this gap.
  The lawn was dusty, the ear-splitting music and the cheers from the audience blended with each other. The young people ignored the dense sweat on their foreheads, jumping higher and higher with the rhythm. With the arrival of this trend, the organizers of the music festival and governments in many places have also seen the economic value that can be tapped behind it. The plan of cultural tourism + music festival has been quickly copied.
  However, in this half-sea and half-flame market, the crazy enough but immature music festival has revealed many problems. Where the future development will go is still unknown.
  Nan Nan, a 26-year-old “star chaser girl”, participated in the music festival for the first time on this National Day. In the early morning of October 2nd, Nan Nan took an early flight from Guangzhou to Chengdu. Although she only slept for 4 hours the first night, she was still too excited to fall asleep on the plane: there were less than 6 hours left. She is about to see the idol she has been chasing for 3 years.
  But when she arrived at Chengdu Open-air Music Park, she was a little shocked by the scene in front of her. This afternoon’s performance with regular and VIP tickets had already started long queues, and she could only stay at the end of the entire park when the card arrived. Later, a partner I met told Nan Nan that he was able to stand in the front row of the general area, relying on the hard work of queuing at 11 o’clock in the morning.

In recent years, the price of tickets to music festivals has risen sharply.

  Of course, some people walked to the front row without queuing up, “As soon as I arrived at the scene, I found that the VIP area was very large in 72 hours during the tide worship. The general ticket area at the back was a bit too far away, so I asked the scalpers to help me upgrade the VIP area. Tickets.” Shiyu, who also participated in the Chaobai 72-Hour Music Festival, told the Computer News that the VIP ticket originally priced at 999 yuan, she spent more than 1,000 yuan at the scalper on the day of the performance.
  Despite spending a lot of money, Shiyu at least enjoyed a jumping di experience in the front row that was more worthwhile. But Nannan’s post-popular area is very different from it, “Everyone was in a state of excitement for the first hour or two, and they didn’t feel tired. But afterwards, it was lively and noisy, and it was really exhausting.” Excessive exhaustion caused Nan Nan to lie on the inflatable sofa she prepared and listen to the song calmly in the later stage.
  But she told the Computer News that the audience who lined up a few hours in advance to squeeze into the front row were even more involuntary. “The front row positions of the general tickets are exchanged by queuing for more than 3 hours in advance, and once they leave, they will be crowded by others, so they dare not leave at all.” Nannan said, “There were many general tickets at the time. The audience in the row sent messages on social platforms for help, hoping that partners in the VIP area could help bring a glass of water. ”
  There are many reasons for such a tired viewing state. JOY, who participated in the Strawberry Music Festival a few years ago, mentioned to the computer newspaper that more and more mainstream singers are being introduced to the music festival, which has attracted a lot of star fans. The difference between them and the group who once liked to participate in the music festival is that they chase stars. The main purpose of the clan’s presence is to see their idols, so they will be desperate to rush forward or line up in advance to occupy the front row, gradually forming a kind of “queuing inward roll”.
  In an interview with the media, the CEO of a record company said that he does not exclude fans who chase idols, but does not like extreme star chasing. “At a music festival, even if music fans come for one person, they may be performed by others. Attract, and then like him. And some fans in the fan circle are very extreme, there is no one else in their eyes. This is what I don’t like.”
  In addition, the organizer gave a lot of tickets and opened low-cost permissions to different channels. This caused chaos on the scene and even dissatisfaction among music fans.
  However, regardless of the praise or the scolding, the music festivals have achieved a double leap in popularity and ticket prices. In addition to seeing singers and listening to the scene, the festival has also been given more social and clock-in functions.
The music festival that no longer loses money and makes money has become a sweet potato

  After the epidemic slowed down, music festivals with various themes emerged one after another, and they were connected with commercial entities and scenic spots to form a close cooperation method, introducing mass traffic for the latter.
  Today’s popular activity options were still an unprofitable project just a year or two ago. Reports have mentioned that only 20% of music festivals can achieve profitability, and most of the rest are at a loss. The reasons for this mainly include low gross profit, limited capacity for a single game, difficult management and only relying on ticketing for the source of income.
  Public data shows that there is a dividing line for 10,000 performances. For music festivals with less than 10,000 people, the single-day cost is about 2 million yuan, and for music festivals with more than 10,000 people, the single-day cost is about 5 million yuan.
  ”In the past, most music festivals were attended by small bands and independent musicians. In terms of artist performance costs, it can save a lot of money.” One big change in the festival is the addition of a lot of mainstream singers.
  In response to this change, the ticket price of the music festival has obviously risen. From a single-day ticket of more than 100 yuan to the current single-day VIP ticket, it has rushed to the threshold of 1,000 yuan. Music festivals with unchanged performances and little management level will increase the number of artist performances. The cost is shared among every music fan.
  In terms of the current popularity of the music festival and the rising ticket prices, I am afraid that this business loses money and makes yelling, I am afraid it is a bit far-fetched.
  According to data from Barley, during May 1st this year, there were 56 music festival performances across the country, an increase of 37% over the same period in 2019, box office revenue increased by 252%, and moviegoers increased by 173%. According to the company’s data, there are 8693 companies related to “music festivals” in my country. In September 2021, there are 178 new companies related to music festivals in my country.

  The companies that get together to organize the music festival have not only seen the flow of this business, but also the long-term economic value behind it. Specifically, in the post-epidemic era, in order to promote industrial recovery, the government’s cultural and tourism departments have actively embraced music festivals in the past two years to open up the city’s popularity and increase attention.

Some music festival arrangements in the second half of this year

  Previously, the topic of “how much do Shandong leaders promote the music festival” rushed into hot searches. Now, it seems that Shandong Yiran has become a major new music festival province. In addition to the city’s popularity, the reverse stimulus of the music festival to the tourism industry is not unimportant. From the beginning of the ticket acquisition, the subsequent increase in air tickets, hotels, catering, and entertainment has become a lever to promote the local economy.

Integration of music festivals and cultural tourism projects
Convergence in content and poor management, what should you do with the concert?

  With the idea of ​​”I am troubled by love and work, love is not good for live” spreading like a virus among young people, music festivals are no longer niche events. “Music Festival+” has begun to become an emerging economy, linking enterprises and governments to tap the potential behind this.
  It’s just that the crowds and capital are too turbulent, but the management level of the contractor has not improved significantly. And as the music festival attracts more and more eyes, many contradictions under the light have begun to emerge.
  First of all, the most obvious point that music fans feel is the serious homogeneity. Faced with the benefits within reach, music festivals have begun to develop in chains, with shortened time intervals, and more and more music festival IPs have turned out. The major organizers have targeted the same group of musicians who can afford the box office at the same time period.
  During the May Day this year, Wutiaoren, Dianyang, Jiulian, Ma Siwei, New Pants and other musicians and band announcements were bursting, and they went to many cities to participate in music festivals. Small organizers may die halfway because they cannot invite charismatic musicians. Some people in the industry have publicly mentioned that some music festivals may be cancelled due to unsatisfactory box office even if they are planned early. This is also called “self-evading.” Positive contest”.
  However, large organizers that invited musicians have gradually lost their appeal because of the lack of freshness in the lineup and the serious homogeneity of the content.
  Secondly, it is worth mentioning that the current organizers of music festivals have obvious deficiencies in the management level. On October 1, Chaobai’s 72-hour official Weibo post stated that “there were scalpers at the event site, stealing work permits, work tickets, digging holes and demolishing walls, cutting off anti-riot iron horses, and it has now been dealt with by the police.”
  However, under this statement. , But many spectators who have purchased tickets came to crusade. “Various channels are selling your low-priced tickets, aren’t you printing them yourself?”, “College free tickets, and Wei Ya live broadcast rooms are sold at a low official price of 200 yuan. How do you explain this?”, “Free tickets Enjoy the same treatment as our original ticket price, is this fair?”…Because of the ticketing issue, the audience was indignant.
  The computer newspaper found through many parties that the 72-hour storm of Chaobai was mainly due to the sale of tickets to other channels that were lower than the initial price. However, some fans also told the computer newspaper that “the organizer can increase the number of printed tickets by itself. Many of this part of the tickets went to the scalpers.”
  And due to the ineffective control of the scene, the scalpers led unticketed audiences to sneak into the team secretly, which caused a large number of audience dissatisfaction.
  In addition to ticketing issues, incidents of temporary change of guests and temporary cancellation of plans at the music festival have also occurred frequently this year. Although the Guiyang Strawberry Music Festival, which was temporarily cancelled the day before the National Day, opened a full refund service, due to only one day’s notice, it caused large losses to many viewers and also triggered a fierce condemnation.
  There is nowhere to recover the air ticket and hotel expenses of the audience, and the merchants have lost thousands of yuan in vain on the cost of material transportation. This undoubtedly has a negative publicity effect on the city’s reputation.
  Just as Chen Yuyu, the co-founder of Grassland Music, once publicly stated to the media, “In the face of large-scale music festival pre-preparation, actual development and all the work after it is held, for the entire domestic industry, the professional ability of the organizer is Inadequate.”
  The music festival market, which seems to be rolling up inside, should also self-regulate in a timely manner while it is expanding. Otherwise, after the current traffic dividend fades, the price increases but the quantity is not guaranteed. What else can the music festival use to compete with the concert?