He changed Bond forever

  At the right time, when Craig tried to show Bond’s heart, he gained the understanding and love of the audience. Fantasy and adventure to achieve by the Marvel and DC, viewers need a contemporary Bond, a realist, a real person walking in the street
  in the movie “no time to die”, the last played by Daniel Craig 007 Agent James Bond. He is the first Bond seen by Chinese audiences on the big screen, and he is also the actor with the longest term of “007”.
  In the new century, the Broccoli family needs a brand new bond. They chose Craig, and Craig changed the Bond forever: a Bond with a complicated heart, a Bond closer to the writer Fleming.
  The 007 series has swept the world for nearly sixty years. This once-empty image has changed with the world situation and is constantly being injected with new vitality.
He is not bond

  The new crown epidemic delayed the release time of “No Time to Die”, and Daniel Craig’s “007 term” was also extended by 18 months. He spent 15 years with James Bond, an agent codenamed 007, and became the longest-time Bond actor.
  At midnight in October 2019, at the Pinewood Studios in London, Craig filmed his last scene as Bond. He was dressed in a tuxedo, ran out of the alley and disappeared from the camera. After this day, he will also disappear in the 007 series of movies.
  Everyone on the crew came to watch this simple filming, “because we know how meaningful this scene is, it’s a historic moment,” said producer Barbara Broccoli. “Everyone is crying. , No one left, all hug together.”
  ”I really love every second of the shooting.” Craig cried out at the scene, “I have a whole set of things in my mind, but I said no Come out.”
  Now, Craig is the perfect Bond. Few people will mention the terrible circumstances when he was selected to play Bond 15 years ago.
  In 2004, 36-year-old Craig was invited to audition for 007’s new movie. He had only played supporting roles in some literary and artistic films at the time. “Mr. Fashion” commented that it was “playing a more forgotten role in some easily forgotten movies”, “he has risen step by step in the second-rate sequence, but he Can’t enter the first-class sequence.”
  Craig thought he was just a cannon fodder, at most he would only get a dispensable villain. “The producer would say to me: Here you are, a bad guy.” Hugh Jackman and Jude Lowe were the actors who had in-depth discussions with the producer at the time, and Craig’s biggest motivation for auditioning was to one day. Be able to brag with people in bars: I almost became James Bond.
  No matter who plays the role of the sixth-generation Bond, he has to face the challenge of his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan: a handsome, humorous, fanciful (driving tanks and invisible cars, kite surfing in the tsunami) 007. Craig is the opposite: he is obsessed with literary films and has played mobs many times. The audience has never heard of Daniel Craig. If you have ever heard of it, he once played a perverted carpenter who deceived the feelings of a woman in her sixties in an avant-garde art film such as “Love in Painting” or “Mother’s Spring”.
  But Barbara insisted on choosing him, “Everyone thinks he is a supporting role, but Michael (another producer) and I know that Craig is the real protagonist.”
  October 14, 2005 Craig arrived on the Thames in a Royal Navy assault boat and faced the public as the sixth Bond for the first time. “He is wearing a life jacket? Bond is wearing a life jacket?!” This was the initial reaction of the audience. Then there is height. In the novel, Bond is six feet tall, while Craig is five feet ten inches tall, which is two inches short, or five centimeters. In terms of hair color, Craig is actually blonde, and the first five Bonds are all black. The reporter asked him, can you dye your hair? And 007 fans have established websites such as blondnotbond.com (blonde is not Bond) and danielcraigisnotbond.com (Daniel Craig is not Bond) to express their dissatisfaction.
  In the UK, James Bond is an integral part of the national public culture, just like the royal family and the English football team. You know, on the big screen after the Second World War, it was basically Americans who saved the world-or mutants and robots made in the United States. The reality is also true. The United States has intervened in the development of post-war Europe and formulated a new world system. Even American English has taken away the dominant position of British English, and the glory of “the sun never sets” is gone forever. And the omnipotent Bond, like the royal family’s solemnity and gentleman’s tradition, is the facade of Britain.
  Before Craig played Bond, director Sam Mendes worked with him, and Mendes later directed two Craig 007 movies. But initially, when the American “Entertainment Weekly” asked Mendes what he thought of the New Bond, he said it was the most incredible move in the history of 007 movies. “This idea is terrible. It’s terrible. I don’t think Craig is Bond. Bond is a confident, elegant, calm person. He is completely different from Craig. This will be Craig’s career. A mistake in .”
  These comments made everyone on the crew feel unfair. Judy Dench, who played the two-time 007 boss M, still said angrily after ten years: “Those commenters are not in good faith. Unforgivable.”
  Craig also saw these comments, but he didn’t seem to be affected too much. He knew he was doing the right thing.
Broccoli family

  To question Craig is to question Barbara’s choice. Sixty years ago, her father Albert R. Broccoli also suffered from this situation. Albert rejected all the controversy and chose to drop out of school at the age of 13. Sean Connery, who has worked as a worker, steel worker, welder, and coal miner, starred in the MI6 Special Agent James Bond who graduated from Eaton College. Everyone knows the later story.
  A tradition of 007 movies is that the title always appears in the title: presented by Albert R. Broccoli’s ENO production company, and played by Daniel Craig (or another name) as Ian Fu Lemming’s James Bond.
  Albert R. Broccoli and Ian Fleming are the core names of 007 movies. American producer Albert bought the copyright of 007 from British writer Fleming. He dreams of using a grand and romantic movie to lead the audience out of a mediocre life and experience fantasy adventures. Despite the departure of the partner, the bankruptcy of the cooperating production company, the sale and resale of shares six times, and the continuous legal disputes, the Broccoli family still firmly holds the copyright of the 007 film. 007’s most important partner, Gary Barber, CEO of MGM, said: “They succeeded in keeping the greatest film franchise in their In the family. This is really incredible.” According to a report in Forbes magazine in 2018, if inflation is included, the global box office of 007 movies totaled $16.3 billion.

  Albert’s last major decision during his lifetime was to choose Brosnan to play the fifth-generation Bond. After his death in 1996, his daughter Barbara and stepson Michael G. Wilson took over the ENO company and the 007 series. The two have long been involved in many 007 films as co-producers.

Barbara Broccoli. Picture/IC photo

  Barbara grew up with Bond, and she thought Bond was a real person. At the age of 9, she went to Japan with the crew of “007 Thunder Valley”. Because of infection of tonsils, Sean Connery asked her personal doctor to take care of her and let her rest in her suite. She spends almost every vacation at Pinewood Studios, where the designer will transform into Bond’s hi-tech lair, or Bond’s resort. After graduating from university in 1983, she immediately joined the crew of “007 The Octopus” as an assistant director. Every day so far, Barbara feels that she is walking side by side with her father.
  Just like the business of the Broccoli family, Barbara and Michael only focus on the production of the 007 series. They are regarded as very old-school filmmakers and believe that it is their responsibility to keep Bond active on the screen. This is perhaps the most important reason why the 007 series can last for 60 years. ENO has been cooperating with major companies such as MGM, Sony, Columbia, etc., but unlike large commercial companies, they have many options to develop other series of movies, or to end a series because of interest considerations.
  At the end of 2002, after the release of “007 Die Another Day”, Barbara took the initiative to end the cooperation with Brosnan. Despite the great success of their previous cooperation, they established the Bond image and 007 theme after the end of the Cold War. But the “September 11” that happened the previous year changed Barbara’s thinking. In “Death Another Day,” there are Antarctic adventures, invisible cars, and space satellite laser weapons. “We have become too illusory and must return to Earth.” She said, “The world has obviously changed. At this time If the Bond is still cynical, it is obviously out of fashion. I think we need a more authentic Bond.”
  Barbara was troubled by how to build a Bond in the new century. She thought of the old Bro Currie often saying, If you have a problem, go back to Fleming and go back to the original book.
Back to Fleming

  Perhaps the deepest misunderstanding of the outside world is that Fleming was once a spy of the British MI6, and he created Bond based on his own experience (this is what Baidu Baike wrote).
  Fleming was a lieutenant colonel in the Royal Navy. During World War II, he worked for Room 39 of the Naval Intelligence Service. He participated in classified activities but never witnessed fierce battles. He aspired to be a hero and formed an intelligence team to collect information while searching. Stimulate. Before World War II, he worked as a stockbroker and a Reuters reporter; after World War II, he wrote a column for the Sunday Times. He knew that the public viewed espionage as a romantic and legendary experience: acting alone, defending against the army.
  After the war, Fleming felt lost and his brain went blank. He hates the work of writing columns and often hangs in a daze in the office. From the time of Eton School, Fleming has been in love with each other, but he thinks he has only one love. He fell in love with Muriel Wright, his navy commissioner, who was also the prototype of the Bond girl. Unfortunately, Wright was hit by shrapnel from a German bomb and died. Fleming was heartbroken and regretful.
  In 1952, Fleming learned through a friend that a seaside villa in Jamaica was for sale. He did not hesitate to buy it and named it “Golden Eye”, which was the code name for a military operation in World War II. Fleming moved to the beach, left the quagmire of work, and regained his life in the fragrance of birds and the blue sea.
  But he is still not happy enough. Bond’s phrase “the world is far from enough” is a true portrayal of him. Fleming has a melancholy and contradictory character. He is addicted to alcohol and loves beautiful women, but no amount of alcohol can make him happy, no beautiful woman can make him intoxicated.
  He revealed that he wanted to write a novel during the war, and he finally put it into his pen in the Goldeneye Villa. The outbreak of the US-Soviet Cold War pained him, and Bond was born at this time: a perfect incarnation against evil.
  Later, when Fleming reviewed his creation, he said this: “The years of being single made me desperate for the future, and I really want to take this out of the sea of ​​suffering. Just keep writing it, this story is mine. All of them.” He finally found a way to escape: let Bond accomplish everything he couldn’t do: no one can rival, show mercy everywhere.
  ”He is like an addict who finds the perfect pastime. Bond is his antidote. When depression, self-doubt and other pain torture him, Bond can help him defeat the demons.” Fleming’s old friend John. Pearson said, “Casino Royal is almost his confession, who he is, what he wants, his love, his coldness, and all the secrets that hesitate to talk.”
  ”Casino Royal” is Fleming The first work. “Spying is a very dirty deal to put it bluntly. We have talked with a few guys in the intelligence department, and they suggested that if you want to meet these spies, you will find that most of them are in Estoril. Gambling in the casinos of the country,” he said.
  Barbara decided to return to Bond’s starting point, “It’s like the first child, always the most special one.” She found the starting point for everything, a growing Bond, just like Fleming said. That way, “the hero will go through hardships, he will have happy days, and he will get his beloved girl. But in the process, he must give something, the reality is like this.”
  This is the key reason why Barbara chooses Craig. “Bond doesn’t talk to people. Fleming’s psychological description of characters is difficult to show on the screen, but Craig has the ability to convey the emotions of characters. You can feel his inner heart through his eyes. Struggle and pain. We want a complicated Bond, so we need Craig to play it.”
  Craig also returned to Fleming’s novels, and found in it something very different from the grace and calmness of the past thirty years. Bond: Cruel, contradictory, emotional. “He is dark, but there is sadness in him,” Craig said. He noticed a detail in the novel “Space City”: Bond added speed pills (Speed, a low-purity methamphetamine, the same ingredient as methamphetamine) in champagne. “It’s funny,” he said. “We can’t let Bond take quick pills or amphetamines in the movie. But I know Bond is doing this in my heart, and I also want to imply that he is a bastard, and the work of the secret agent messed him up. ”
  In the later stage of creating 007, Fleming became drunk more and more times. He doesn’t know how to continue Bond’s life, and hopes that someone can bring Bond to the big screen. He looked around and failed repeatedly. He became addicted to alcohol. He drank strong Scotch every night, smoked 70 cigarettes a day, and then took a lot of medicines with a severe headache.
  Before the success of the 007 movie, Fleming died. Before his death, he lost a lawsuit over 007 copyright. He felt deeply unfair, and the heavy pressure caused a heart attack.

  Once, when Fleming was asked how to describe success, he said: “Ash, dear boy, are all ashes.”
  Nowadays, it is generally believed that if it were not for the 007 movie, Fleming might only be regarded as a writer. The author of a third-rate novel. The darkness and cruelty in his work-based on his memories of World War II, he described some torture-and the luxuries, once considered vulgar.
  Fleming wrote 14 007 novels, and there are 25 007 movies. Each new Bond film is based on rereading Fleming. “We will never forget Ian Fleming, he has always been with us. Bond has fulfilled Ian’s long-cherished wish, and his endless life is the best commendation for Ian.” Barbara said.
Change bond

  In order to create a brand-new bond, Barbara chose Craig to star, and invited Martin Campbell back to direct “Casino Royale”. He once successfully created Brosnan’s first 007 movie “Golden Eye”. Neil Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis were enabled to write the script together. The first two are experienced 007 screenwriters, and the third is the screenwriter for the best Oscar film “Million Dollar Baby”.
  The first turning point in public opinion occurred after a sneak shot. Craig walked from the sea to the beach wearing swimming trunks. The media captured his sturdy figure. This photo appeared in a British newspaper the next day with the headline “Strong James” or “Daniel Looks Like a Killer”

Ian Fleming. Picture/IC photo

  In order to make himself look worthy of Bond, Daniel changed his eating habits to gain muscle and performed weekly physical training comparable to that of Olympic athletes. “I never saw other actors put in like him, he really changed his body completely.” Producer Michael said.
  More important is how to show Bond’s heart on the screen. Craig has always believed that a person has the most violence in his heart, suffers violence or applies violence. “Like in “The Godfather,” Pacino never killed anyone, but he shot and killed the police.” Craig said.
  Barbara first noticed Craig in 1998. Craig played a priest who assassinated the Queen of England in “Elizabeth” starring Cate Blanchett, a dangerous young man with a devastated heart. In one scene, the pastor was going to strangle an informant on the beach, but Craig implemented another idea: he moved the informant out of the camera, and then pretended to hit the opponent with a stone.
  It is not easy to present Bond with realism or tragedy. Before Daniel, there were two Bonds who had made such attempts, and they all ended in failure. The 1969 “Queen’s Secret Service” was the only 007 film that lost money and was disgusted by the audience at the time. That long movie is almost identical to Fleming’s novel, lacking fantasy. At the end of the movie, Bond is about to get married, but the bride in a wedding dress is shot by the villain. Another actor, Timothy Dalton, is very clear that he wants to show Bond’s dark heart. The 1989 “007 Murder License” is the most violent Bond movie so far. Dalton is considered too serious and has no sense of humor. This Bond, who only thinks about revenge, is far from the audience’s expectations. In just two movies, Dalton said goodbye to Bond. “Dalton is far beyond that era, and it is difficult for the audience to understand.” Michael said.
  Like “007 Thunder Valley” 39 years ago, on November 14, 2006, “Casino Royale” premiered in Leicester Square in London’s West End, and Queen Elizabeth II also came to watch the movie. The opening is a short black-and-white film that recalls how Bond grew up as an agent code-named 007 and fought fiercely in the bathroom. That was Bond’s first murder. When Craig finished the classic Bond action: turning around and raising his gun to shoot, the grand 007 theme song sounded.
  ”After the scene ended, the audience began to cheer. I now think that the eye sockets are a little wet.” In 2021, Craig recalled this paragraph, “I think, that is because everyone likes me.” The
  next day in Britain. The media changed their calibre. They said that “the best Bond in history is on the stage”, “Craig is the right bet, and Blond Bond creates super strong 007”, and “Craig interprets the awesome Bond.”
  At the right time, when Craig tried to show Bond’s heart, he gained the understanding and love of the audience. Fantasy and adventure are realized by Marvel and DC. The audience needs a contemporary Bond, a realist, and a person who really walks on the street.
  New Bond is strong and rough, leaving blood stains and wounds when fighting. He is tender and cruel, and he even has contradictions and pain. Because of love, he wrote a resignation letter to M, because he knew that the agent was guilty of sin and that there were very few souls that could be saved. He was deceived by a woman and eventually lost his favorite.
  The most unique thing about Craig’s 007 movie is that Bond has a sense of time. Before that, Bond and his world were only reborn in one movie after another: he walked into M’s office to accept a new task, he completed it, and he returned to M’s office.
  But Craig’s five 007 movies run through Bond’s childhood (“The Great Destruction”) and death (“No Time to Die”). Bond will grow old, and Britain will grow old. When M debated in Congress to retain the 00 codename agent, she quoted a poem by Alfred Tennyson: “Now we are old and weak. The person who can shake the earth…this heart will still struggle, seek, discover, and never surrender.”
  Bond was changed. A symbol that was once empty has been injected with inner vitality: the ability to experience sadness and loss.
Beginning and ending

  For Barbara, 2012 was a dream year. Craig’s third 007 “Desperado” was released, which is the 007 movie with the highest box office and reputation so far. “We also invited Adele, there will be the Olympic Games that year, which is incredible.” She said. Adele Adkins sang the theme song “Skyfall”, which is one of the few theme songs sung by a British singer in more than 30 years. At the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Bond (actually Craig) was ordered to go to Buckingham Palace to accept a mission from Elizabeth II, and then took the queen into a helicopter, flew over the Tower of London, passed the London Eye, and stayed at the main Olympic stadium. The sky above the London Bowl. Bond and the queen (actually a stand-in) jumped down, the 007 theme song sounded, and the queen appeared in the arena.
  ”Breaking the Sky” not only has a blurry and magnificent visual effect, it also raises the theme of 007 to a new level: the world war has ended, does the country still need special agents? The world is no longer a simple opposition between evil and justice. Why do ordinary people do evil? The secret service system hatches demons. Who will bear this responsibility? The agent is guilty, how can he confess?
  The new generation of Bond has transcended nationality and ideology. Former US President Bill Clinton may know this best. Like Kennedy, he is a loyal fan of 007 movies. “Fleming has already hinted that one day non-state actions will destroy the world. In today’s world, we still worry about terrorism.” He said, “Presidents like Bond movies because good people always win. One has full support. The warriors with high-tech tools are able to prevent the outbreak of a huge crisis, which is indeed a great comfort to people.” Clinton said.

  Craig is the Bond actor who is deeply involved in the creation of 007 movies. When filming “Casino Royale”, he designed the scene of showering with Vespa in the bathroom. He believed that Bond should not take off his clothes. What Bond should do is to walk to Vespa and leaning against each other. , Two hearts love each other at that moment. When preparing for “No Time to Die”, he designed a lot of character dialogues. Screenwriter Phoebe Waller Bridge said that he has an incredible passion for work. “His heart is with Bond, a fantasy character In real emotions, he struggles for the integrity of this role every day.” Bridge said.
  When the shooting of “Casino Royale” ended, Craig had a clear idea about his 007 series: “About love, tragedy and loss, this is what I instinctively want to present.” He said. Bond and Vespa have a true love, and in the relationship with M, Bond reveals fragility and desires to be cared for. “M is mother.” Craig said.
  In Craig’s vision, Bond would close himself after losing Vespa and M, then lose everything, and finally through several adventures, gradually find himself back. He felt that “No Time to Die”
  ended all this perfectly: “Bond has rediscovered his love, he can be loved, he can also be loved.” Resigned as Bond. The most direct reason is that his body can no longer match Bond. In the time when not shooting 007, Craig will spare no effort to exercise. “For Bond, you didn’t get the script. Training physical fitness is a kind of preparation. I always think in my mind that this is what Bond is going to do.”
  But the shooting hurt him too much. He had two teeth broken; he tore his right shoulder while performing a rapid landing stunt from an airplane, and then slammed his shoulder when he jumped through a window in Italy, and his arm almost fell apart. In the early stage of filming “Departure from the Sky”, his two calf muscles were torn and he had to do rehabilitation training in the swimming pool. “The problem is not physical recovery, you know that you can recover, the problem is mentally, you have to do this kind of action again.” He said.
  The most serious injury appeared in “The Ghost Party”. He fought with a former professional wrestler on the train and broke his knee. The doctor asked him to rest for 9 months. “It may be 9 months for a 22-year-old athlete, but it should be more than for people my age.” But Craig didn’t want to stop filming. That had too much influence on the crew. Two weeks after the operation, he wore a heavy knee pad and filmed the rest of the scene, including the action scene. “The worst thing is that I am seriously distracted, I have to take care of many things, and I have to use willpower to overcome my physical condition,” he said. In the beginning of “The Ghost Party”, Craig turned out the window and jumped on the rooftop, “I tried to pretend to be calm, because I was really hurt, I have been thinking about whether to wear a helper or not to wear a helper.” He said.
  Before “The Ghost Party” was finalized, Craig really felt that he was too old, and he had reached the deadline for playing Bond. “We shot this series in such a way, and I also took on this burden and devoted myself to it. If I didn’t shoot that way, I would feel that there was no point in it, and the whole feeling would be wrong.”

“007: Casino Royale” 2006

“007: Breaking the Sky” 2012

“007: Ghost Party” 2015

  In such a way, Craig became the tough guy Bond with the most extreme moves, fisted to the flesh, always full of mess, even the audience can feel pain.
  Barbara firmly opposed Craig’s resignation. She told Craig that we still have things to do and the story to tell.
  ”It’s not easy to refuse Barbara, and I don’t think I can step down after “The Ghost Party” and just end like this.” Craig said, he felt that he had a serious responsibility to Bond, and he needed to have a beginning and an end. .
Great part

  Talking about the end of playing Bond is talking about the end of Craig’s past 15 years of life.
  ”I gave everything for it. Maybe I will be remembered as a violent Bond, but this is my Bond, and I am very satisfied.” Craig said, “When I look back at my work, I can Say, this is the same series as “Golden Finger”, even I can’t believe it, I am related to “Golden Finger”, I am related to “Dr. No”, and “Life and Death”. My work is this great series. I’m very proud of every work. I know that we did our best. We really did our best.” The
  007 movie brought Craig money and fame. He is now the world’s highest paid actor, a single film. The remuneration is more than 50 million U.S. dollars. Before that, Craig believed he was a good actor, but never thought he would become a superstar. Earlier, he grew up in Liverpool’s L7 area, where poverty and violence are everywhere. When his parents divorced at the age of 4, his mother raised him and his sister alone. He has poor grades in school and is bullied by his classmates. Until he was 14 years old, he participated in the performance of “Orphan in the Fog” at school, playing the funeral mourner Thorbury. He received an unprecedented emotional impact and realized that the experience on the stage belonged to him. In his life For the first time, I have something that I can claim to be my own.
  ”I have fame and fortune. The things that Bond has brought to me in this life far exceed my expectations. I am really fortunate to be able to play this role. Not only that, but more importantly, the spiritual connection, Bond. It took me 15 years, but I want to get rid of all this, it is very difficult, but I think we have a beginning and an end. ”
  Craig has many new opportunities. He will star in “Macbeth” on Broadway next year, and there will also be a second and third film in another movie, “Knife Out of the Sheath” starring him. “Other projects will bring me rewards, but nothing is more special than a Bond movie. What I miss most is this team, which is an incredible process.” He said.
  Probably no one is more sad to lose Daniel than Barbara. When repeatedly asked how to face the 007 series without Daniel, she said that she did not know and did not think about it. “Next year we will start to think about the future of 007.” She said in a recent interview that she will not give up letting Bond stay on the big screen, but it does not rule out that Bond may appear on the online platform. A more critical challenge may be that Michael is 79 years old and Barbara is 61 years old. There is no younger person in the Broccoli family participating in the 007 movie.
  Craig is the first Bond to appear on the big screen in China. Although before that, Chinese audiences had known Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan through CCTV6 and CDs, but for the younger generation of audiences, Craig was their bond.
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