Everything is possible

  To understand the digital economy, we start from the day when I was a child.
  At 7 o’clock, she raised her hand to turn off the alarm and got out of bed to wash. Before leaving the house, she glanced at the mobile app and showed that the online car-hailing will arrive at the gate of the community in 5 minutes. She still has time to buy an early breakfast. I hurried downstairs, picked a box of fresh milk at a convenience store on the street, and brushed my face to complete the payment. Get in the car on time and watch the small video on the phone. When you reach the company without knowing it, the fare will be automatically settled in the system. After clicking on the APP to sign in quickly, turn on the computer and start the day’s work.
  Order meals online at noon, have meetings in the cloud in the afternoon, study online in the evening, turn on the phone before going to bed to reply to work group messages, and check the alarm settings for the next day by the way… This is Xiao A’s day, and it is also the daily life of most office workers. All aspects of this daily life are unknowingly wrapped in the torrent of the digital age, quietly changing our way of life.
  Most people have forgotten how long they will not withdraw cash, and do not remember when the last offline payment was completed. Online shopping has become the norm. Walk into the restaurant and scan the QR code to order self-service food; walk into the supermarket and scan the QR code to self-check out; you only need a mobile phone for food, clothing, housing and transportation…The blessing of computing power, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, and the Internet Emerging digital industries such as security are booming, and the digital economy is advancing rapidly. A few years ago, friends who came back from abroad exclaimed: “In China, life is so convenient!”
  On the other hand, in the jungle of the digital economy, ordinary people blindfolded can also release huge energy. With the bonus blessing of the live broadcast platform, the individual commercial value can be highlighted. The leading anchor’s ability to carry goods is comparable to a shopping mall in the center of the past; the distant life can be seen. The anchors walking in backward areas have revitalized the economy and promoted poverty alleviation. …In the great earthquake of the digital economy era, everyone is revalued, and everything is possible.
  Accompanying opportunities are challenges. Yuval Harari said: “The nature of the economy has changed, and technology is the real core asset.” Everything is being changed by technology, and there will be greater breakthroughs in the future. As digital technology advances by leaps and bounds, how to ensure data security? How to avoid platform monopoly? How to prevent wealth and power from being concentrated in the hands of a small group of elites? These are all new issues facing the new era.
  Today, the digital economy has become a future industrial high point for global competition, and it is also a new driving force for China’s economic development in the new era. In the big era, where individuals are not allowed to make choices, make good use of opportunities, deal with problems, and adopt an open attitude to accept everything brought about by the digital economy.

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