Don’t let the imaginary years of life be exhausting

  Many people living in the city cried out that they are too tired to live, work pressure, life burden, and interpersonal communication. They are always exhausted by fame and fortune, forced by life, trapped by love, and lost in career. This is because many people let go. Not less utilitarian. Fame and fortune is a kind of vanity, just like the shackles of our inner desires.
  Academician Yuan Longping once said in an interview: “An authoritative evaluation agency assessed that I was worth 100.8 billion. What do I need so much money for? That’s a big burden.” “I don’t want to be an official.” Longping Hi-Tech’s’ let me serve as the chairman of the board, I find it troublesome and inappropriate. I’m not a business person, and I don’t understand economics, and I’m not interested in stocks. My biggest interest in my life lies in hybrid rice research. Concentrate on scientific research.”
  Einstein worked at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study in the United States, and he voluntarily asked for an annual salary of US$3,000. People were puzzled. He explained: “Every excess property is a stumbling block in life; only a simple life can give me the driving force for creation!”
  A person’s energy is limited, Yuan Longping and Aiyin The reason Stan regards money as a burden and a stumbling block is because they regard fame and fortune as water and career as a mountain. If their desires swell, and they are greedy for fame, fortune and status, they will inevitably be burdened by them, and they will not be able to achieve great achievements for the benefit of mankind.
  In the tropical jungles of India, people use a peculiar way to capture monkeys: in a small wooden box, put the monkey’s favorite food, a small opening on the box just allows the monkey’s front paws to reach in, once the monkey grabs the food , The paw can’t be pulled out. People often use this method to catch monkeys, because monkeys have a habit of refusing to let go of what they have already obtained. The monkey’s refusal to let go eventually became its fatal burden.
  ”The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit.” Many people are constantly chasing and comparing for this moment. Wouldn’t they not be well-known for their status as clouds and endless glory and wealth, which will only load too much for life and life pursuits. The heavy and burdened. Tagore once said: “When a bird’s wings are tied with gold, it cannot fly freely in the blue sky.” And people’s hearts are filled with temptation and desire, and it is impossible to make a difference in career. . Fame and fortune will only make people constrain themselves, constrain the true nature, and block the pursuit of ideals and careers.
  However, there are few people who are not “tired” in life. As Zhuangzi said: “Big pieces carry me to form, and labor me to live.” It is not easy to be truly uncontested and indifferent to fame and fortune. Therefore, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou. I hate this body, when I forget the camp”.
  In this regard, “Cai Gen Tan” gives an answer from the perspective of liberating the “desire” of life: “Life is only tired by the words of desire, and it is like a horse like a cow, listening to people’s network; being an eagle or a dog, letting things flog. If you have a clear mind, you will be indifferent, the world can’t turn, nor can the ghosts and gods coax me, besides everything else!” The so-called “clear mind with a clear mind” is a tranquil heart, indifferent to fame, gains and losses, and let impetuous. The heart can calm down in the face of numerous temptations.
  Lao Tzu’s “Tao De Jing” says: Dao is simple. The intention is not to advocate detachment and passive avoidance of inaction, but to remove the illusion and burden of money, fame, wealth, power, right and wrong, do more subtraction of utilitarian desires, let go of selfish thoughts, and maintain a clear pursuit of ideals Mind, use limited energy on the “knife edge” and on the right path, before you can climb to the peak of life. In this way, even if there are “burdens” in the road of life, one will walk lightly and firmly.