Cilantro’s Internet Outing

  Recently, a friend accidentally complained to Li Qin about a “Coriander Lemon Tea”, “It’s amazing! There is still coriander.”
  But Li Qin is a coriander lover, and his friend’s complaint aroused his interest. He ordered a cup of takeaway, delivered it to his hand for 16.8 yuan, and took a sip, “It feels like a drama.”
  Although this cup of tea is called coriander lemon tea, on the whole, coriander and lemon are beautiful, and the taste is not complementary. It feels like drinking a sip of lemon tea, a bite of coriander, another bite of lemon tea, and another bite of coriander. There are totally two separate flavors, very weird.”
  With everything you can get into milk tea, today’s social platforms are still I can see many netizens evaluating coriander lemon tea and coriander milk tea.
  Those who like it said, “I want to try it out for some reason.” Those who don’t like it said in shock, “Coriander finally started with milk tea” “The diarrhea trick is here again” “I’ll vomit for respect”…
There are some things that coriander lovers want to run after seeing…

  Even for bean curd and rice dumplings, between sweet and salty, there is always a wave of people who love both sweet and salty. But coriander is different, it can always divide people into two opposing factions, making people unable to see the middle ground.
  Those who resisted coriander chanted “If there is no trade, there will be no coriander.” They not only hope that “coriander will get out of the farmers’ market,” they even hope that “coriander will disappear from the earth forever.”
  For them, just seeing the picture of coriander has reached the level of nausea. If you encounter it unfortunately, you will feel “immediately going to be sent away” by smelling your hand.
  This complex nasal experience can be summarized as the top note of “bug smell”, the middle note of “soap + mud smell”, and the back note of “mold smell”.
  But as many “coriander slaying groups”, there will be more “coriander-loving groups”. Whenever a netizen says, “When I get rich, I will trample all the coriander fields in the world”, more netizens will respond, “When I get rich, I will grow all the lawns in the world into coriander.” ”
  For those who love coriander, they really cannot understand why some people reject the fragrance of coriander that strikes the soul. It is fresh, straightforward, and unpretentious. To borrow the comments of netizens, “it is the soul of all dipping sauces” “It would be meaningless to make soup without coriander.”
  Eating beef ramen? Please add more coriander. Eat cold skin rice noodles? Please add more coriander. Appetizer before meals? Trouble go directly to the cold coriander!
  Two people who love coriander came to the hot pot table, put a big tick in front of the word coriander on the menu, smiled at each other, and nodded for each other’s love and understanding of coriander.
  Gradually, humans can no longer stop coriander, coriander lemon tea, coriander milk tea, coriander smoothie are nothing more than… Recently, many food bloggers have also shared the practice of coriander cake online.
  Cilantro squeezed juice and egg yolks are mixed, and low-gluten flour is added to the cilantro cake, which makes many cilantro parties “cruel heart.”
  There are also brands that have launched cilantro-flavored lollipops, which are called sweet and sour. , But the later you eat coriander, the more it tastes, and gradually reached the level that coriander lovers “want to run after seeing it”.
  In addition to eating coriander paradise, coriander chocolate, coriander crisps, people who love coriander even developed coriander peripherals, such as coriander-flavored perfume, facial mask, shower gel… 360-degree, no dead ends surround the coriander Among the fragrance.
  These products with coriander gimmicks have also attracted the attention of many consumers. But in Li Qin’s view, these things are okay to taste novelty, and it is not known how far they can go. “I think coriander should still appear in the right place at the right time.”
Even if I practice repeatedly, I still can’t

  Wang Zengqi once wrote a story about himself and coriander. He boasted to the people around him that he could eat everything, so someone made a big bowl of coriander (cilantro) and asked him to eat it, and teased, “Don’t you eat everything?” But
  he actually couldn’t stand it. The thing, coriander is one of them. He said, “I didn’t eat coriander because I thought it smelled like bugs.” But this time when I gritted my teeth and ate it, the magical thing is, “I will eat coriander. From here in Northland, every time I eat mutton, the seasoning is always sprinkled. Lots of cilantro.”
  In the eyes of many cilantro lovers, people who don’t like coriander are not used to eating it, or have not eaten it in the right way. After all, there are not a few people who do not eat durian or snail noodles at first, and after a few attempts, they are deeply in love with it. But for coriander, not everyone can easily fall in love after eating it a few times.
  There is a blogger, Downey, who bought 5 catties of coriander and wanted to try to force him to like coriander by “eat more”. But it turned out that he was yue at the first bite he swallowed. He said, “It’s not a pretense, it really smells like a scumbag.”
  He didn’t give up, and started to shabu hot pot with coriander and mutton rolls. After eating several bites of mutton rolls, he thought he had adapted, so he confidently put a lot of coriander into his mouth, and immediately he was yue again.
  Regarding coriander, some people even practice repeatedly, but the result is still not good. This situation is not “hypocritical”, it is more likely to be related to genes. Some researchers have analyzed and pointed out that for many people who hate coriander, they particularly hate the smell of coriander-a strange smell described as “soap”, “mold” or “insect”.
  The unique smell of coriander stems from more than 40 compounds contained in its leaves, of which 82% are aldehydes and the other 17% are alcohols. There are also many gases or materials containing aldehydes in life, such as motor vehicle exhaust, building materials, soap, and the gases released when the smelly lady is threatened…

  ”Researcher Nicholas Eriksson and others have investigated and studied nearly 30,000 subjects and found that there is an OR6A2 gene related to olfactory receptors, which is very sensitive to aldehyde compounds, causing people with this gene to be more sensitive. It’s easy to perceive the special smell of coriander.”

  Researcher Nicholas Erickson and others have investigated and studied nearly 30,000 subjects and found that there is an OR6A2 gene related to olfactory receptors, which is very sensitive to aldehyde compounds, which makes it easier for people with this gene. Perceive the special smell of coriander. Once accepted the setting of “coriander flavor = smelly sister”, it is really difficult to taste coriander well.
  Another 2012 study showed that there are many factors that affect whether people like coriander. In addition to genetic factors, they also include social and cultural factors such as ethnicity. For example, 21% of East Asians dislike coriander, and Caucasians. 17%, 14% of people of African descent, 7% of South Asians, and 3% of Middle Easterners.
If the restaurant owner is reluctant to use it, is it…

  In Li Yue’s view, coriander is the “soul” of many dishes. The milk-colored fish soup is sprinkled with coriander powder, and the spicy noodles are covered with coriander. All you need to do is add coriander, minced garlic, and soy sauce. With the soul dipping sauce made with vinegar, any dish of plain cold dish will become alive.
  As a condiment, you buy a small amount of coriander every time you buy it, so consumers are often not too sensitive to price fluctuations of coriander. But in the summer of this year, Li Yue felt more and more, “The price of coriander is so high that I can’t afford it.” In the
  past, Li Yue bought vegetables at the vegetable market. Sometimes when he finished picking vegetables, he asked the boss to give another handful of coriander. Or a head of garlic. But in July of this year, Li Yue discovered, “The boss is reluctant to give coriander. I said he wouldn’t sell it if he bought it for one yuan.” She asked the price and found out that the price of a catty of coriander had risen to 15 yuan at that time.
  Some consumers have complained on the Internet before. This year they wanted to buy some coriander to make dumplings, but it cost more than 20 yuan for each one. So I suspected that there was something wrong with the merchant’s scale. After checking it several times, I found that coriander was a lot more expensive. .
  The national agricultural product wholesale price system shows that during July this year, the price of coriander started to rise, and the price also rose compared with the same period last year. In some consumer markets, some consumers reported that “coriander is 20 yuan/jin, or even higher, and more expensive than pork.”
  News of high prices of coriander in previous years is not uncommon. In August 2018, there was a report that the price of coriander that year even reached 6 yuan per tael, which is 60 yuan per catty, and it has jumped from “side dishes” to “noble dishes.”
  Although coriander has already been supplied in four seasons, summer coriander has often seen price increases in recent years. According to analysis by industry insiders, because the planting area of ​​coriander in summer is not too large, coupled with the continuous high temperature and rain in some areas, coriander is not resistant to waterlogging and will rot when encountered with standing water, resulting in a reduction in production and a significant seasonal increase in the price of coriander. .
  Of course, for many coriander phobias, it should be a good thing that the price of coriander has increased. After all, restaurant owners are reluctant to sprinkle them a lot, so they don’t have to pick one by one.
  As the growth of autumn vegetables has improved, reporters have also seen from multiple platforms that in September, although the price of coriander on many fresh food platforms is still not cheap, it has fallen from before.

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