British father and son crossing the English Channel with electric surfboards

Australian sheep shears earn nearly US$4,000 from cutting 1,000 sheep a week

  Shanya Starrick from Adelaide, Australia shared a video showing her boyfriend’s work and income. In the video, Starrick’s boyfriend stated that he is a sheep shearer, working 38 hours a week and earning nearly $4,000. Then Starrick also showed a video of his boyfriend participating in a game. He cut two sheep in more than a minute. According to Starrick, it takes about 2 minutes for her boyfriend to cut a sheep, and he can cut more than 1,000 sheep a week, and each sheep can be cut for approximately US$3.8.

British father and son cross the English Channel with electric surfboards

  A British father and son used an electric surfboard to cross the English Channel in 1 hour and 44 minutes. 51-year-old Rob Wylie and his 19-year-old son Morgan used an electric surfboard that can reach a speed of 32 kilometers per hour. They set off from Cape Grisnets in France and reached Foxton in Kent, England in 1 hour and 44 minutes. The coast is about 37 kilometers. When they reached the coast of Foxton, Rob’s surfboard had only 4% power left, but they successfully completed the challenge.

A small mirage island in Alaska, USA, floats on the sea like a “flying saucer”

  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska recently shared a rare mirage scene on social media. The video shows that there is something that looks like a “flying saucer” floating on the water in Glacier Bay. It is reported that this “flying saucer” is actually an isolated island in the middle of the bay. After being distorted by the “mirage” effect, it looks like it is floating on the water.
A 2-year-old girl lost her way and spent three days and three nights in a bear-infested forest

  A 22-month-old girl lost her way in Smolensk, Russia, spent three days and three nights alone in a forest infested with bears and wolves. After being rescued, the little girl was sent to a hospital for examination. She is currently not in danger of life. Liuda Kugina was playing in the garden, her mother went to talk to the neighbor, and the little girl got lost and walked into the forest while looking for her mother. Approximately 500 people from the local area joined the search team. One of the teams heard a faint voice when they stopped to rest. After searching, they found Liu Da. She was found in a forest 4 kilometers away from home, where wild animals including brown bears and wolves appear. The temperature in the forest at night was about 20 degrees Celsius, which helped her survive.

Pet turtle “escapes” slowly crawling along the highway

  A Sulcata tortoise weighing about 76 kilograms in Arkansas, USA was found by the highway, and then it was returned to its owner’s home. Chelsea Hartway, the owner of the tortoise, said that the Sulcata tortoise named “Potato” escaped from the enclosure, and they put up a notice asking people to help find it. The neighbor discovered that “Potato” appeared beside Interstate 40, and it was then returned to the owner.
The man makes coffee calmly in the kitchen, the lion roars outside the window

  When a man from KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa was making coffee in the kitchen in the morning, a lion roared at him outside the window. When 46-year-old Dylan Panos was making coffee in his unlocked kitchen, a lively male lion stared at him through the mesh window and roared. There was a female lion lying in front of the kitchen door, male lion. In order to pursue it, stay in Panos’ camp and do not leave. Panos is entangled whether to continue boiling water, he said that this is a dilemma. The two lions stayed in the camp for about an hour. Panos was not afraid because of the relevant training, but he was still very cautious because the lions were prone to be aggressive when courting.
An Italian student tattooed the “New Crown Digital Certificate” on his arm

  An Italian student recently came up with a novel way to carry his “new crown digital certificate”-tattooed on his arm. According to reports, Andrea Colonneta, a 22-year-old boy from Reggio Calabria, has completed two doses of the new crown vaccination, so he recently decided to tattoo his “new crown digital certificate” on his left arm when getting a tattoo. Colonneta said: “This is definitely an original, I like to be different.”

A man performing “handstand surfing” in a huge wave in Mexico

  A surfer in Oaxaca, Mexico recently shared his “handstand surfing” stunt, and his subversive performance surprised people. The video shows that 25-year-old Taylor Joseph first stood on the surfboard with his feet on the surfboard when the waves hit, then squatted down and supported with both hands, raised his legs into the air, surfing in an inverted posture, he can keep his body upside down for as long as 15 seconds. According to reports, Taylor is originally from Canada and now lives in Oaxaca, Mexico. It took him three years to master handstand surfing.

Golden Retriever sits in the same place every evening to watch the sunset

  The golden retriever of Caitlin Naxal in Texas, USA, has become popular on the Internet because it sits in the same place every day to watch the sunset. In Caitlin’s video, the Golden Retriever sits quietly on the porch and looks into the distance in the sunset. Caitlin said that he will sit here every evening to watch the sunset. Caitlin posted the Golden Retriever’s video on social media, which attracted more than 9 million viewers. Some netizens said that it has a mature soul, and some people say that it knows how to take care of their emotions better than most people.

Australian farmer pays tribute to his aunt with a flock of sheep in a heart shape

  Ben Jackson, a farmer from New South Wales, Australia, shared a touching video as a tribute to his late aunt. According to reports, due to the lockdown restrictions of the new crown epidemic, Jackson was unable to attend the funeral of his aunt in Brisbane, so he paid tribute to her in his own way. He used grains to form a heart shape on the farmland, then released the hungry sheep, and used the drone to capture the image of the sheep slowly forming a heart-shaped pattern. He wrote:
  ”I did this for Aunt Deb. We said goodbye yesterday. I hope you can take a look from the sky and see this sheep painting.”

The python swallowed the entire cow’s belly and burst to death

  According to foreign media reports, an appalling incident occurred in Phitsanulok in northern Thailand. A wild Burmese python about 4.5 meters long swallowed a whole cow, but was unable to digest it, and its stomach was broken to death. A farmer found this braced python while searching for a cow that had been missing for three days.

The husband spent 4 hours building a bar in the garage

  According to reports, during the closure of Sydney, Australia, a wife missed the happy hour she used to go to a bar, so her caring husband spent 4 hours building a bar in his garage. Kailin Ruhr and her husband Daniel purchased materials worth about 2,000 yuan and recorded the process of building the bar. Daniel only took less than 4 hours to build the bar. Kailin told the media: “We usually go to the local bar with friends once a week, but because of the epidemic, we have to stay at home. We really start to miss it.” Some netizens commented: “This is the most romantic I have ever seen. thing.”
British 10-year-old girl pulls a 2-ton truck 10 meters

  According to the British “Metro”, a 10-year-old girl from West Midlands, Elin-Egina Atkinson, defeated an adult to win the gold medal in the “Superwoman” competition. Erin pulled a 2 ton car 10 meters away in the competition, and also lifted a 96 kg barbell in the weightlifting competition and won the gold medal. Erin’s weight is only 32 kilograms, she is the athlete with the largest difference between the weight and the weight of the moving objects.
Injured Swiss cows were hoisted by helicopter and airlifted to the foot of the mountain

  The 12 injured cows in Switzerland were airlifted by helicopter to the foot of Mount Clausen. These cows were hoisted by safety belts, hung under the helicopter, and transported from the alpine meadow on the mountainside to the foot of the mountain. The farmers helped the cows land safely, then put them in a trailer and transported them away. In addition, more than 1,000 healthy cows will walk down the hill by themselves.
Man dressed as kangaroo mother

  Australian social media user Nicholas Irwin posted a video showing a man dressed as a kangaroo and let a little kangaroo jump into his “baby bag”. In a yard in Temora, a young man dressed in a kangaroo costume, then knelt in front of a little kangaroo and opened his “baby bag”. The little kangaroo slowly jumped in front of the man, and then got into the “baby bag” outside his clothes. Finally, the man and his friends happily watched the little kangaroo play comfortably in the “baby bag”.

An Australian python mistakenly swallowed the carpet as a pet dog

  According to the “Daily Mail” report, a snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast of Australia rescued a python that swallowed a carpet by mistake. When the snake catcher Stuart McKenzie arrived, he saw the python devouring a carpet. The snake catcher said that the python may have smelled the smell of the pet dog on the blanket, so he swallowed the blanket by mistake. Stewart scratched the snake’s belly and it induced vomiting. In the end, the snake vomited a carpet about 50 cm long, and then it was put into a bag and released into the wild.