British Columbia, Canada

  Many people think of British Columbia, Canada, and there will be such a picture in their minds:
  rough sea waves, one after another hitting the rugged coastline, the edge of the land is high and lofty mountains; the peaks are snow-capped, and the cold glaciers are like huge horses. Practicing and spreading to the distance; the ridge line is high and low, and the slope is covered with lush ancient forest; in the valley, waterfalls roar, the river rushes into the distance, and merges into the clear blue lake; at the edge of the mountain, it is full of modern atmosphere , But also a city that is perfectly integrated with nature. Wanjia’s lights are shining in the night sky, and the port sings the melodious and long sound of siren…
  British Columbia, or British Columbia, or BC for short, faces the Pacific Ocean in the west and Ai Ai in the east. The province of Berta is bordered by the Yukon Territory to the north and Washington State in the south. British Columbia has a vast area of ​​more than 940,000 square kilometers. The province is divided into 29 regions with a resident population of approximately 4.4 million. The provincial capital is Victoria on Vancouver Island. As one of the most livable areas in Canada, British Columbia has the most beautiful natural scenery and highly developed socio-economic culture, so it is loved by tourists and immigrants from all over the world.
  Geographically, British Columbia has a long and tortuous coastline (8850 kilometers) with islands all over; the whole territory is penetrated by the majestic Rocky Mountains, forming a rich geological form and a complex and changeable climate environment. The combination of these people has created a primitive and pure natural scenery, as well as hundreds of large and small parks and reserves. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and countless rare plants and animals.
  From the perspective of humanistic environment, Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, is an internationally renowned metropolis, with a developed economy, profound technological and cultural heritage, and strong core competitiveness; the capital city of Victoria is known as the “Garden City”, climate and environment Beautiful, with extremely high satisfaction with residents’ lives, it is the benchmark for small cities in the world; in addition, British Columbia also has a series of distinctive cities or regions such as Kelowna, Richmond, Whistler, and Tofino. Up to the south is close to the American city of Seattle, where economic and cultural exchanges are frequent, and it is full of vigor and vitality.
  British Columbia is beautiful all year round, but if you want to judge a season with the strongest colors and the most beautiful atmosphere, it is autumn. In autumn, British Columbia is warm and warm, and the autumn is high and refreshing. The golden and red maple leaves embellish the clear sky with beautiful colors. In the colorful sky, it is the best time to experience British Columbia. Therefore, in this bright golden autumn October, “Global Human Geography” and the Tourism Bureau of British Columbia, Canada, jointly planned this issue. We will interpret British Columbia from different aspects such as physical geography, urban landscape, and cultural customs, and lead readers to appreciate this unique world.
  Turn the pages of the book, the beauty of British Columbia is coming to you.

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