Better to run

  Every day that I have never run is a betrayal of life.
  I like to run. Running under the vast galaxy, running in the boundless wilderness, running on the straight track, running in the busy streets…
  I enjoy running. Enjoy the hearty thrill, enjoy the vigorous rhythm of life, enjoy the unruly walking against the wind, and enjoy the boldness of measuring the earth with your feet… I
  have been running for several years. From being afraid of hardship at first, to not running or having fun now, running has long become an indispensable part of my life.
  Running is a sport with the least threshold. A pair of shoes and a road are the world of a runner. All I have to do is to fight against fatigue with a strong will and rush towards the new scenery at a vigorous pace.
  Haruki Murakami said in “When I talk about running, what do I talk about”: “Running has several advantages. First of all, it does not require partners or opponents, nor special equipment and equipment, not to mention specially. Hurry to a special place. As long as you have a pair of shoes suitable for running and a so-so road, you can run as long as you like when you are in your place of happiness.” When
  running, even the noisy wind is gentle. of. It will gently brush your sweaty forehead and bring you a moment of coolness. When I ran, even the stones on the road were lovely. It will wake your mind from exhaustion and remind you to continue to fight steadily. When I ran, even the sounds of insects and birds near my ears were poetic. It will make you in the prosperous city feel as if you have come to the boundless wilderness, broaden your heart, and refresh your spirit.
  Some people say that it is appropriate to think when running, but I like to temporarily close the gate of thinking and enjoy this moment of wanton and indulgence. The head was emptied, and all the pressure, confusion, grievances, and worries disappeared without a trace like sweat evaporating in the air.
  At that moment, I was completely in charge of myself. I just had to run hard, not thinking about the past or the future. Under the sky, I am just a light spot that keeps moving forward. In the time and space of history, what is the personal sorrow and joy!
  Running can not only eliminate negative energy, but also a good medicine for laziness. Whether it is a sleepy morning or a slightly tired evening, as long as you run up, you will immediately be full of blood and resurrect. Running is not difficult, but perseverance is difficult.
  When you want to be lazy, there are always countless excuses to persuade yourself to stop; when you are determined to go forward courageously, “go forward courageously” is the only reason.
  When the sweat is dripping down, when the breathing is gradually short, when the will is near the limit, when the retreat is quietly emerging, I can always hear the inner call: to break the limit, to refresh myself!
  If you are tired of the unpredictable mediocre life and want to be your own hero, you might as well go for a run!