What happens if drink ice water for a long time?

It makes sense for mom to not let you drink ice water

  What do you think is the most “Chinese” thing Chinese do? Under this question on the Internet, the most praised answer is-drink hot water. But to be honest, long, long ago, it was not only the Chinese who were afraid of drinking ice water. The foreigner’s statement is even more scary-drinking ice water will kill people. It sounds sensational, but it was a fact at the time.
  Before the discovery of microorganisms, people didn’t know why drinking ice water made them sick, but found that boiling the water before drinking it seemed to stop sick. After the discovery of microorganisms, the mystery was revealed-the key to the problem is not temperature, but hygiene. The industrial revolution, technological innovation…Foreigners began to drink clean ice water, and they became a habit.
  Then why is Dudu China still drinking hot water? Because it was not until the Republic of China that microbiology was introduced into the country, coupled with the spread of infectious diseases at that time, people began to realize that boiling water can prevent diseases. And this incident is only a hundred years ago, and the habit of drinking hot water has spread to the present. As for the ice water, it naturally becomes a bad thing in subtle changes.

What happened to the body after drinking ice water?

  We all know that the body must maintain a certain temperature in order to work normally, too high or too low will not work. Cold is a stimulus to the body, just like when we go outside in winter, the body will agitate, erect hairs, and chill… Drinking ice water also has a similar effect.
  Will drinking ice water make the body cold and affect normal body temperature? The answer is yes, but only a little bit.
  Researchers have done similar experiments for a long time: let several experiment participants eat a catty of ice cream in 10 minutes. Finally found that their core temperature only dropped by 0.8 ℃, while the body surface temperature did not change at all. You know, the body has a strict temperature regulation mechanism. In non-extreme situations, although body temperature will be affected by various factors such as external (such as air temperature) and internal (such as inhaled gas, food eaten) and other factors, it is always maintained at about 37°C.
  This is actually due to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the body’s temperature regulation center. Once it receives a signal of temperature change, it will guide the body to respond immediately. Just like when the weather is getting cold, we can obviously feel that our hands and feet get colder, sweat less, and go to the toilet less often… This temperature regulation mechanism does not cause ice water to be drunk into the body. what’s the difference.
  After drinking ice water, the core temperature drops, and the body activates this set of body temperature regulation mechanism: the blood vessels on the skin surface constrict more blood to return to the internal organs; the erector pili muscles let the hair branches rise to reduce heat dissipation; muscle contraction and tremor produce More calories… During this process, body temperature will not be affected much.
  But when it comes to this, some people may have to ask-the body temperature has not changed, but the ice water enters the stomach directly, can the stomach withstand this temperature?
The ice water that I drank doesn’t have much effect on the stomach

  In fact, as early as more than 100 years ago, a doctor named Gilman did a tragic, scientifically realistic experiment: let patients undergoing gastric lavage drink water of different temperatures, and then immediately draw gastric juice to measure the temperature. It was found that after drinking two large glasses of ice water for 5 minutes, the temperature of the gastric juice was only about 2°C lower than the body temperature. The temperature in the entire stomach is more stable: whether it is eating cold or hot food, the temperature in the stomach changes within 0.3°C. In other words, if you drink ice water, it will turn into water close to body temperature within a few minutes. It won’t be iced after drinking it, let alone how it hurts the body. For most people, drinking ice water daily is not an absolute health taboo. But it is true that some people feel uncomfortable when they eat cold or drink ice water, so don’t be greedy for cold.

Why do some people get sick when they drink ice water?

  There are certainly not a few people who have experienced diarrhea and colds after drinking ice water.
  On the one hand, as mentioned earlier, the key to many problems is not temperature, but hygiene. Many bacteria and viruses are known to cause diarrhea, and colds are clearly caused by viral infections and have nothing to do with ice water.
  On the other hand, some people get headaches and diarrhea as soon as they eat ice cream. It is likely that they are more sensitive to cold every time. Cold is a kind of stimulus to the body, just like some people can eat spicy food, some people can’t, different people have different reactions and tolerance to cold. Diarrhea occurs as soon as I eat ice, probably because the smooth muscle of the digestive tract is relatively more sensitive to temperature, and the ice I eat caused the gastrointestinal tract to spasm.
  And as soon as I eat ice, I get a headache. There is even a special term in English-ice cream headache. In the final analysis, the head dilates blood vessels in order to maintain temperature, which causes headaches.
  However, although ice water makes these people uncomfortable, it does not cause any real harm. And the phrase “don’t eat raw or cold stimulating food” that the doctor casually said after seeing the illness is usually to avoid unnecessary irritation. It does not mean that what happens if you eat cold or drink ice water.
  In short, whether to drink ice water or not, the body knows best. If you feel uncomfortable as soon as you drink ice water, don’t drink it. After all, we don’t need to do things that make ourselves uncomfortable. If you feel happy to drink ice water, drink it with peace of mind. Whether it’s hot or cold, there is no absolute answer. Your comfort is the most important thing.