Waiting for a butterfly to fall on the flower

  The sky was high and the clouds were light and the wind was refreshing. I took my daughter for a leisurely walk on the country road. Both sides of the road are full of wild flowers, colorful, gently swaying under the breeze, with a variety of gestures. We wandered in the beautiful scenery, walking and admiring, relaxed and happy.
  Suddenly, my daughter stopped and took my hand and said: “Mom, shall we leave later?” I asked in confusion, “Why?” The daughter pointed a butterfly and said, “Look at that. A butterfly is flying, and I want to wait for it to fall on the flower.” In an instant, I was touched by my daughter’s pure and beautiful thoughts. Her meticulousness and gentleness made my heart soft.
  The white butterfly flies in the low-altitude model, stops everywhere, sometimes on the grass, sometimes on the roadside stone, waiting for it to fall on the flower is not an easy task, maybe you can’t wait It fell on the flower and flew away. However, seeing my daughter’s look full of expectation, I am willing to stop and wait patiently with her. We held our breath, not daring to disturb the free-flying butterfly, quietly watching it fly around, dancing a brisk and graceful dance.
  After waiting for a long time, the butterflies were still flying in the air, and there was no possibility of falling on the flowers. I became a little impatient and wanted to take my daughter away. At this moment, the butterfly suddenly fell slowly and approached a flower. We were pleasantly surprised. Seeing it lightly fall onto a small flower, the daughter’s eyes widened and clapped her hands, but she didn’t dare to clap her hands.
  The butterfly stopped on the flower for about 10 seconds, then flew away lightly. The daughter jumped up excitedly, waved her hand and said to the butterfly: “Butterfly, goodbye.” Then, the daughter sang a joyous ballad and jumped forward. Because of a butterfly, my daughter is so happy. I can’t help thinking that happiness is not so unattainable. There are sources of happiness hidden in the minutiae of life, as long as you are good at discovering and diligent in observing.
  In the busy life, if you have the patience to wait for a butterfly to fall on the flower, you will be able to reap the joy and touch of that moment, baptize the soul and relieve the pressure.
  We always complain that the pace of this era is too fast and the pressure is too great. Every day is busy and busy. Before we have time to enjoy the present, the time passes in a hurry, so we miss the “previously slow” leisurely life. In fact, as long as you are willing to slow down and carefully experience the bits and pieces of life, you can live the ordinary life full of fun and lively. My friend raised the epiphany, and the flower was about to bloom that day. She stayed up at night and said that she would wait for the flower to bloom. She arranged the room, brewed jasmine tea, put on light music, and waited for the flowers to bloom, quite like Su Shi’s mood of “I only fear that the flowers will fall asleep late at night, so I burn high candles and red makeup”.
  In the middle of the night, the epiphany finally bloomed. My friend took a photo and fell asleep in the faint fragrance of flowers. Even the dream was sweet that night.
  Not long ago, my best friend posted a photo of a cicada molting in her circle of friends. It was taken after she waited for more than an hour in the park. She waited so long to see the cicada breaking out of her shell, and I admired her.
  Waiting for a butterfly to fall on a flower, waiting for a flower to bloom late at night, waiting for the moment of a cicada’s life transformation… These quietly waiting moments in the rush of life seem insignificant, and they can bring us pleasure and enjoyment. matter. If you are willing to stop the hurried pace, the poetry of life is to bow your head.

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